- Hi! Please do not put the tube!
What do you want? I don't have time on your talk!
- Today, I was at the doctor... the Pregnancy was confirmed, already 4-th month. What do I do?
"I don't want no trouble, sbavlyaya! And forget my telephone!
- How can I forget? Hello, Hello!
- The subscriber is not ...
...After 3 months.
"Hey, kid!
-Hello, who are you?
- I'm your Guardian angel.
- And from whom will you be my guard? I am here not going anywhere.
"You are very funny! How are you here?"
"I - well! But my mother something every day crying.
- Baby, don't worry, adults are always unhappy with something! You, most importantly, more sleep, nabiraya forces, they're still very useful!
"And have you seen my mother? What is it?
- Of course. Your mother is a beautiful and very young!
...It took another 3 months.
"What will you do? As if someone's arm pushes for the second glass spilled! - nervous future mother.
- Something today is my mom's bad. The whole day crying and swearing to herself!
"And you don't pay attention. Not ready even white light to see?
- It seems, is already ready, but very afraid. And my mother even more frustrated when they see me?
"What are you, she will be happy! Is it possible not to love this kid like you?
- Angel, and that there, behind the stomach?
- Here it is winter. Around all white, falling snowflakes. Soon you all will see!
Angel, I'm ready to see everything!
"Come on, baby, I'm waiting for you!
Angel, I hurt and scared!
- Oh Geez, this really hurts! Oh, help me, somebody... What am I here one can do something? Help, hurt...
The baby was born very fast, without any help. Probably, he was very afraid to make my mother hurt.
...A day later, in the evening, on the outskirts of the city, not far from the residential area:
"You, boy, no offense. So far I have with you? I have a whole life ahead. And you don't care, you just fall asleep and all...
Angel, where he went, mother?
"Don't worry, she'll be right back.
Angel, why do you have such a voice? Are you crying? Photoraphy mom, please, it is very cold.
"I will bring her! And you just don't sleep, you cry out loud cry!
"No, angel, I won't cry, Mama told me, you need to sleep.
...At this time in the near to this place five-storey building in one of the apartments, argue husband and wife:
"I don't understand you! Where are you going? Outside is dark! You became unbearable! Honey, we are not alone, thousands of couples have the diagnosis of infertility.
- I ask you, please, get dressed and let's go!
- Where?
I don't know, but I feel that I have somewhere to go!
- Well, go for the last time!
From the hall came out of steam. There was a quick step is a woman, then a man.
- Darling, I have a feeling that you are on a pre-selected route.
You would not believe but me someone to lead by the hand.
"You frighten me. Promise tomorrow to spend a whole day in bed. I'll call your doctor!
"Okay... you hear someone crying?
- Yes, from that party heard a child crying!
- Baby, cry louder! Your mother got lost, but soon you will find!
Angel, where have you been? I quite cold!
- I followed your mom! It's already there!
"Oh my God, this is really a child! He froze myself, rather go home! Dear God sent us baby! the woman could barely hold back the tears.
Angel, my mother has changed voice...
- Baby, get used to it, it's the real the voice of your mother.

Remember, your angel is always with you. Ask for his help and try to hear his voice.