Recently, pain and heaviness in the right side. Perhaps it means that you have liver problems? Sincerely, Vitaly. , Kamyanets-Podilsky.

The letter says the Director of the club "Healthy-e" doctor, phytotherapeutist Boris Skachko.

The reader correctly operates as an independent assessment of liver function is the first step towards the prevention of serious violations of this body. So, one of the first signs of malfunction of the liver is a change in the nature. It has long been thought that people with increased irritability, evil have bad liver. In addition, in violation of the liver undue fatigability, accompanied by the heaviness in the whole body, loss of appetite. In fact, the liver performs in the body the role of the power plants of cells. Another sign of the "failure" of body - weight gain. This is because the liver ceases to perform its detoxification function, decreases its ability to remove a gall toxins, carcinogens and other Fatty tissue is formed from cells of the immune system, which is loaded with toxins. Often a sign of a diseased liver young people is low blood pressure (hypotension, h mm RT. century), caused by the weakness of the venous system. And venous system, in its turn, depends on the work of the liver, which produces a protein that increases the tone of the vascular walls. Cosmetically diseased liver is evident varicose veins in the form of venous mesh, in the system of the great saphenous vein, venous plexus in the rectum (gemorroy), etc. the Appearance of age spots also indicates the accumulation of products of metabolism in the skin, and this means that the liver is unable to excrete metabolic waste products. Another characteristic features of weak liver is the frequent development of colds, flu or acute respiratory disease, the increased propensity to allergic reactions, etc. Violation of the bowel bowel (often constipation, but may be upset stomach) should also be alerted. Constant pain in the right hypochondrium gives an indication of the diseased liver. About this testify and dysbacteriosis of the intestine, and red eyes. It is no coincidence that the representatives of medicine of the East believe that the eyes are the mirror of the liver. The intensity of the process irritation of the liver tissue reflects the red surface of the palm, than is often accompanied by chronic liver disease. In addition, the increase of the level of blood sugar, cholesterol, change of biochemical parameters of blood are symptoms of serious violations of the liver. If you experience such symptoms and have doubts about the work of this important body, you can seek advice from me. Contact phones learn as amended.