There once was a king, and tormented him all his life three questions: what is the biggest time who the most important person, what is the most important thing?
Thought the king: "Knowing the answer to these three questions, the whole world will win, whatever you wish, sverchu, and will be the people for the great sage me to read.
Countless individuals went before the king, a host of pundits, but no one on these questions are never answered. Came again to the king rumors that lives in the distance a hermit and glorious he is wisdom. The king commanded to saddle his horse and rode himself hermit to find. He goes by the thicket of the forest and saw a is found, and by it the old decrepit land motygin. Barely with fatigue don't collapse, but hoes produces. Jumped the king of the earth, came and bowed himself to the elder.
- I came to you to answer three questions to get. What is the biggest time? Who the most important person? What is the most important thing?
She listened to his hermit said nothing in reply, let the earth digging.
"You must be tired, let me help you, " said the king.
Took the hermit hoe and started to work. Then again my three questions repeated. And this time not answered the hermit, only said that hoe returned. But the king of it and does not wish to listen, hoes does not give himself decided the case to the end to finish.
Suddenly, he sees that goes to meet people face all covered with wounds, blood drenched. Stopped him king, a kind word comforted, went to the Creek, the water was brought, washed the wound is bandaged. Asked the wounded man to drink the king of his drink. Then I was taken in a shack in the bed laid. Yes himself to sleep to come was already evening fell.
In the morning again to the hermit went. Looks - the seeds of plants in the soil that yesterday was israhell.
- Wise hermit, " cried the king, " do not answer my questions?
- Full of you, " said he, " you are already replied.
And still no response had ever heard of, ' said the king.
"You, seeing my old age and infirmity, took pity on me and offered to help. Don't you stay here yesterday, would kill you robbers on the road, the ones that the traveler face was mutilated.
King astonishment words not able to speak, and the hermit continue it leads to:
- The main time that when you dug the ground, helped me. The most important at that time the person that I am, and your help is most important thing. Come wounded - and the most important was he, and the most important thing was your help him.
Little by little understood the king the meaning of the words of the hermit.
"Remember, " the hermit said goodbye, is the most important time - today, the most important person is the one who is near at this time. And the most important thing - to do good for those close to it, because that's exactly what we were born.
Stopped hermit, began to sow the seeds, and the king jumped up on a horse Yes Palace jumped. For life farewell hermit he remembered, and the glory of goodness and justice that king spread around the world.