Ordinary butter can make tasty and useful if enrich its different natural components. Peanut butter. To take 250 g of softened at room temperature homemade butter or standard pack shop from a reputable company. Add 2 tsp cocoa powder, containing antioxidants, necessary for a person to fight against free radicals factor for many diseases. You can add cinnamon powder, ginger, natural vanilla to taste. All beat until smooth mixer, blender or just fork. Smeared on bread, oatmeal cookies (the most useful among the store), pancakes, etc. If you like sweet - add the oil to the taste of sugar or grease on top of the sandwich with a thin layer of honey. Green oil. The basis is the same - the softened butter. Chop and add to butter, 2-3 leaf, dandelion (dripping pre-hour in salted water), 4-5 sprigs young nettle, a few sprigs of parsley, dill, a few feathers green garlic and onion can be grown on the window sill). Shake all mixer, blender or fork. The taste of salt can be. Smeared on bread or toast, eat borsch with, soups and as an independent food. Storing oil in the refrigerator.