How to cure venous dermatitis? What you need to know about this disease? Ivan POLISHCHUK. , Tulchin.

The letter says the head of the Institute bionic medicine and Wellness center "Acute" Valery MIRGORODSKAYA.

Venous dermatitis is a disease in which violated venous outflow of blood from her "stagnation". Veins on the arms and legs are very visible, the skin takes on a bluish tint, veins around and through the body can be formed light brown spots, flaky crust, itchy. The reason - thrombosis (formation of blood clots of blood clots) veins due to physical inactivity, overweight, Smoking, immunity disorders. People with this disorder have less to spend time in the sun, to avoid excessive sun, sunburn, so as not to provoke the aggravation of the disease. The skin is very connected with air, so it is important to spend more time on the nature, in order to saturate the body with oxygen, also need to monitor the clean air at home, not to accumulate dust, to hold wet cleaning. For the cardiovascular system, and thus for the normalization of venous and arterial craveonline must movement: walking, running, swimming, regular morning exercises. The essence of muscular activity that, in the process, they form required for substances that are not in the pharmacy. Muscles are energy suppliers, top aides of the cardiovascular system and other organs. Fans of cigarettes if they value their health, we must give up this addiction. Nicotine narrows the lumen of the vessels, arterial, and venous, and causes many diseases, including venous and dermatitis. To cope with chronic dermatitis, need to improve blood circulation, to withdraw toxic substances from the body. For this I use reflexology (called reflexes, in response to which the patient normalize their status), put artificial "the leech" ("milking", not piercing the skin with a syringe without a needle "bad", stagnant, liquid, making room for healthy) and other methods. Impair immunity and, therefore, become a cause of venous and other dermatitis, nervous overload (rejected love, divorce, conflicts in the family, at work). So check the condition of the nervous system. Listen to nature, learn from it harmony, be merciful, and help people, do not be fooled. Man is not fully known planet, and each of us has all to be healthy.