Today many people and children in particular, have banners and excesses of the gallbladder. What is the cause and treatment of this disease? Sincerely, Irina. , Kiev.

The letter says the Director of the club "Healthy-e" doctor, phytotherapeutist Boris Skachko.

Some trouble with the gallbladder may occur due to any of the disabilities of the authority during the prenatal period, and we had to influence can not. Also bend, or hauling can be a consequence of acute or chronic inflammatory process. For example, a child caught somewhere Giardia, developed acute or chronic cholecystitis, gallbladder then came spacca, which, actually, and can be deformed. This is a surgical pathology, but it often does not operate, recommending therapeutic treatment. Given that at the bend and redrawing the gallbladder bile outflow is deteriorating, its accumulation provokes pain in the right hypochondrium when walking, running, affect the liver, it is necessary to apply a system of frequent power. Preferably every 3 hours to eat small portions and with a small amount of fat that contributes to the reduction of the gall bladder and bile secretion. This will help prevent the stagnation of bile, inflammation in the gallbladder and liver. People with this disorder gallbladder good to eat cereals, dairy products. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten in steamed or stewed, for example, salad. Well affect the function of the gall bladder and in General on the digestive system sauerkraut (but without the use of various acids and vinegar), is particularly effective juice out of it, improving digestion. Facilitates the flow of bile use (1 teaspoon three times a day) of oil from the seeds of pumpkin, which you can give and children already from 3 years of age 0.5 tsp several times a day.