What should be the nutrition of patients with pancreatitis and is it really better to put vegetable or butter in the beginning of cooking soups? With respect Yulia P. , Fastiv, Kyiv region

The letter says the Director of the club "Healthy-e" doctor, phytotherapeutist Boris Skachko.

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. During episodes of pancreatitis there is one-time or repeated vomiting, often bile, bloating, constipation, rarely the diarrhea. Often, the body temperature rises to 38-38,5 C. the mainstay of treatment of functional disorders of the pancreas is proper nutrition. Fasting diet begin with starvation during 1-2 days and drink enough alkaline mineral water such as Borjomi, or Essentuki # 4. On the second day you can drink unsweetened weak tea with biscuits, mashed, boiled in water cereals, mucous soups without fat. On the third day you can eat steam protein omelet. Further impose potato, beet, carrot puree, adding a small number (10-15 g) plant or butter for a few minutes until ready to fats did not loose its useful properties. For example, if prolonged heat treatment oil turns into a drying oil. After a week add to the diet of fresh cheese, steam burgers and fish, with a 17-day - in a small amount of vegetable and fruit juices. In a month you can eat boiled beef, chicken, dairy products. All eaten in small portions. From the diet we need to exclude or limit products that have choleretic and sokogonnym action, especially on an empty stomach. This raw vegetables and fruits, cabbage, spicy seasonings, meat and fish broth, canned foods, cocoa, chocolate, ice cream. In acute pancreatitis on the upper part of the abdomen can put an ice pack, wrapped in a towel. Recommended bed rest. In chronic pancreatitis apply moderate heat, exciting wraps belly. To improve the functions of the Central nervous system and digestive processes recommended therapeutic exercise, in particular the walk. In order to alleviate pain apply this mixture: the herb ordinary, peppermint, motherwort (20 g) and leaves ruty sweet (10g). Two tablespoons of the mixture pour 400 ml of water, to stand 10 minutes on a water bath in a sealed container. Drink warm on a quarter-to a half Cup for 30 minutes before eating. In chronic pancreatitis effective such funds: 1) infusion of the herb common cocklebur. 2 tbsp raw materials pour 400 ml of boiled water, to insist in a clay pot in a warm place for 2 hours. Drain. To take over a quarter-to a half Cup 4 times a day before meals; 2) powder mixture of dandelion root, rhizomes Aira reed (50 g), herbs of nettle, thyme ordinary, peppermint and hop cones ordinary (25 g). 5 tbsp of powder mixed with 200 g of honey. Use 1-2 tsp. a day during the month.