An international team of doctors, psychologists and nutritionists have developed 10 "commandments", following which you can extend and make nicer earthly existence. 1. Do not overeat! Instead of the usual 2500 kcal settle for 1500. Thus you will spend in the discharge of their cells and support their activity. Cells quickly updated, and the body becomes less susceptible to diseases. 2. Menu should correspond to your age. The 30-year-old women first wrinkles appear later if they regularly eat liver and nuts. After 40 years of useful beta-carotene, in the 50 - calcium holds in the form of bones, and magnesium - heart. Men over the age of 40, necessary selenium (promotes low stress)contained in cheese and kidneys, if reached Cinquantenaire, often need to eat fish, protects heart and blood vessels. 3. Work on the soul. Work promotes rejuvenation, say the French. Some professions, according to sociologists, help save the youth. This, for example, the profession of a conductor, philosopher, artist and priest. 4. Find their "soul mate"! Love and affection is the best remedy against aging. During sexual intercourse in the body produces a hormone endorphins, also known as the hormone of happiness. It helps strengthen the immune system. 5. Keep all their own point of view. The one who consciously lives, much less depressed, and sometimes depressed than one who merely passively drifting. 6. Move! Even eight minutes of sport per day prolong life. In the process releases growth hormones, the development of which is especially reduced after thirty years. 7. Sleep in a cool room! Proven: who sleeps during 17-18 degrees, longer remains young. 8. From time to time to pamper yourself! Sometimes against all recommendations about healthy life, allow yourself a tasty morsel. And if you liked new clothes or bag, you should not immediately think about the economy. 9. Not necessary always to suppress in itself! One who is constantly making accusations itself (instead of telling that his frustrating, and at times even to argue, to exchange views with close people), more inclined to any diseases, including malignant tumors. As the results of the international test, 64% of respondents suffering from cancer, always keep anger in yourself. 10. Train your brain! From time to time, solve puzzles, crossword puzzles, play group games requiring mental work, study foreign languages. Read in the mind, not a calculator. Pushing the brain, you slow down the process of age-related degradation of mental abilities; at the same time activate the work of the heart, the circulatory system and metabolism.

Prepared Oksana OSTRENKO.