And they will protect the body from disease

Autumn came into its own: it was cold and eventually. Some people already had time to feel the weather and he was lying in bed with a cold. Whether will come! As, despite the whim of autumn, to protect yourself from respiratory infections? "To maintain health and vitality, you need to learn how to protect mucous membranes of the nose and mouth," says the doctor of the highest category, consultant consultative-diagnostic polyclinic Olga GOROSHKO.


As a condition of the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth affects the health of our body?

- Let's start with the fact that the nose and mouth is the entrance gate for the infection. To prevent all kinds of viruses and bacteria in the body, mucous produces special protective cells. When breathing nose air is cleaned from dust, chemicals, bacteria, allergens, it is warmed, moistened and in processed form comes into the trachea, bronchi, lungs. In the lungs, blood, oxygen, and it is very important for respiratory and circulatory systems, brain. Violation of nasal breathing causes the disease lower respiratory tract (tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia), could contribute to insufficient oxygen saturation, and this leads to disorders of the brain (headaches, fatigue, malaise, sleep disturbance). In order to protect the throat against infection, it is very important to sanitize (to recover) the oral cavity and teeth. Microbes that are "settled" in the mouth and destroy the teeth, produce toxins (acids and poisons)that every minute poison our bodies. Because of this, the mucous membrane is a constant "work" state, disinfecting germs, and gradually weaken (then it lacks the strength to cope with the usual responsibilities is to protect the throat from viruses and bacteria).

SALINE - IN the FIRST PLACE - What you need to do to prevent the occurrence and spread of disease?

- Now is the best means of protection of the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth - salt solutions. They can serve both children and adults. Why are they useful? They consist of salt, as it is known to consist of two elements: (-Na) and (Cl), each of which performs its health work. Sodium involved in maintaining water and acid-base balance in the transfer of nerve impulses and muscle contractions. At its lack there appears muscle weakness, drowsiness, poor coordination. Chlorine is involved in redox processes, disinfects microorganisms. Concentration saline composition is very similar to blood and lymph, so it could be used for a long time. Saline solution supports normal physiological condition of the mucous membrane of the nose, moisturizes skin, cleanses from dust and harmful microorganisms to the environment, restores the protective cells, liquefies mucus and helps its excretion, improves breathing bow, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects.

- This solution can be prepared at home?

- I advise to buy the finished product in the pharmacy. If you make a solution, as taught by my mother and grandmother (dissolve in hot water sea or table salt), i.e. the risk that the will not be able to correctly calculate the concentration. The mucous membrane of the nose is a very tender and sensitive organ. If you make the concentration of even one hundredth of a percentage composition of salt more will burn, if less - will be a purely mechanical washing. But we want the mucous membrane of the nose is not only were washed and moist, but saturated with useful substances. In pharmacy different types of salt solutions nose or throat as sprays (devices for spraying liquid jet air): normal, that is, with sodium and chlorine, and enriched with minerals. To use them just. Prevention enough 2-3 times a day (before you leave home, going to public places) to splash 1 time in each nostril and 1-2 times in the throat. If the tense situation with viral infections, frequently (when they came home from work, was surrounded by large numbers of people, usually this is enough). The process of applying such: spurted drew solution, spat out and blew his nose. For daily use suitable isotonic solutions. For treatment of acute and chronic rhinitis need to use the hypertonic solution.

TEA TREE OIL, USE a PROPERLY - How else do you need to protect yourself in the season of cold?

- Good effect has oxolinic ointment, as it has antiviral effect. During epidemics of influenza, it is necessary to grease the nose every hour and a half, otherwise it loses its usefulness. You can also use antiseptic (which prevent contamination by germs, killing pathogens) oils such as tea tree oil. Lubricate they need not all of the nose, and just ahead, it will pay special attention. The fact that the mucous membrane of the nose covered with tiny cilia (the so-called ciliary epithelium), which always are in motion, and their mobility depends on the way back to the surface of the mucous membrane protective cells (lymphocytes, white blood cells, macrophages). When the mucous membrane of the nose falls oil, it blocks the space between the bottom and hinders their movement. So oils or drugs that contain more or fewer of oil, long in use not recommend enough 5-7 days.

FOR the THROAT - ROTOKAN is Very sensitive to the cold air throat. How to take care of his health?

- For prevention of diseases of the throat, use gargle with tea tree oil (in a glass of warm water 2-3 drops of oil). I love pharmacy alcohol solution of Rotokan. It has local anti-inflammatory effect, helps to restore the mucosa. It includes all the herbs that are great for rinsing the mouth cavity: chamomile, calendula, yarrow. In a glass of warm water, 1 tablespoon of the solution. Use in the morning before going out on the street and in the evening, after returning home.

AVOID HYPOTHERMIA AND SUPERHEATING is Difficult to adjust to temperature changes. Someone is trying to dress warmly, and someone easier. But neither one nor the other is not immune to the disease.

- The total overheating, as hypothermia, violates the inner balance of the organism, reduces its protective mechanisms, has the same effect as stress, malnutrition. Instead perform normal "work"that the body should also take care to ensure that all systems were in normal condition, set the desired temperature. This loophole "feel" viruses and bacteria and use it, causing disease. If you ride in public transport which is very hot and you are warm clothing, unbutton coat or jacket, not to perspire. Of course, dress for the weather. Avoid cold drinks and ice cream, take care of the mucous membrane of the throat. This will only add strength to your body.

STRENGTHEN the IMMUNE system , Sometimes people complain that despite all precautions, they manage to cold. Why is this happening?

- Most likely, they need to take care of his immunity, that is, to strengthen your body so that it can withstand various disease. This should be given attention, of course, throughout the year: harden the body, eat right, get plenty of fresh air, move, take exercise. If you already have a chronic source of infection (chronic sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis), contact your doctor to get a course of preventive treatment: in the summer to prepare for the autumn-winter diseases, and in the spring, to remove that had accumulated. Twice a year (autumn and spring) useful courses to take medications that contain minerals and vitamins. Now it is advisable to vitaminiziruet your body with seasonal vegetables and fruits. Defender № 1 from bacteria and viruses - garlic eat a day at least one clove of this amazing natural medicine and do not be embarrassed that someone will feel its smell). Helps resist infections lemon, grapefruit, cabbage, wild rose, buckthorn (they are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system). In a drugstore you can buy vitamins in the form of a gel, for example Kinder biovitali gel (suitable for use both by children and adults), who heals the entire body, and also protects the mucous membrane of the mouth. It should be taken. Adults: 2-3 teaspoons 3 times a day to hold in your mouth, swallowing the small portions. Children: 1 tea spoon 3 times a day. Remember: your health is in your hands. Don't wait until there are early signs of disease, use simple means of prevention, of which we have spoken, and enjoy the Golden autumn and snowy winter.