Vyacheslav VARNAVSKIY, doctor, phytotherapeutist


Each of us something from time to time of concern, and to the hospital, sometimes, to go once. Health should always maintain as possible, but today the treatment methods of official medicine is often expensive and not always effective. Here and saves folk medicine. Today our conversation about the treatment by means of traditional medicine such-like formations, as polyps. Official medicine is generally not cure polyps, and the surgery is complicated and there are polyps again let know about itself. In addition, surgery only brings us closer to cancer tumors. Benign tumors, polyps, often occur when the mucous membranes lining the all our internal organs, are growing. Sometimes they form a whole bunches. There are polyps soft and hard, "sitting" and "standing". Sometimes they are hardly noticeable, but there are also huge. The emergence of polyps and papillomas indicates a problem in the organism. They occur on the background of metabolic, and you should seek the cause of their appearance. It started gastritis, colitis, gynecological diseases, diseases of kidneys, and so forth. Fundamentally polyp may occur in any hollow organ, where the mucous membrane: the nasal cavity, throat, bronchi, the whole of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus, gall bladder, bladder, cervix and cervical canal. As observed in real life. In General themselves polyps are benign tumor formations, the appearance of which often lead to chronic disease.


Turning to the treatment, first of all I would like to give an example from my practice of effective and universal method of reducing the size of polyps in various organs - treatmentm mushroom Veselka. For use of curative properties of the fungus Veselka need to prepare the ointment. First prepare its basis. It consists of 25 ml triethanolamine 100 g stearic acid. Mix fill in with water and evenly heated, without leading up to boiling. Water add to education jelly-like mass without pieces of stearic acid. Then its cool, stirring occasionally, until then, until a white cream that is the basis for ointments. And the ointment is obtained when mixed part of the cream with the same part of sour juice of the fungus. To make juice fungi Veselka cut mushrooms close lay in the Bank up to the top, cover with nylon cover and leave for 2.5 months. Juice can save several years, sour as he persisted long. It can not be boiled to sterilize, do supplements. The souring of does not decrease the therapeutic properties of juice. Used for treatment mushrooms for children of different age, but young. They contain a lot of mucus, and produce more healing juice. Ointment necessary to RUB long and hard, massaging the body. This should be done every day for 3-5 months, depending on the stage of the disease. The course of treatment will require 0.5 to 2 l ointment. The mushroom juice drink inside: 1 teaspoon on 0,5 glasses of water two times a day after meals. In most cases in my practice treatment gave positive results. Side effects were observed. The recipe of this, I repeat, is universal. Buy and triethanolamine, and stearic acid is now easy. They are manufactured by different companies. Externally with all kinds of polyps recommend to use a rectal suppositories izatizoniy. To get these candles can at a specialized pharmacy. Izatizoniy - invention of our Ukrainian geneticists. I successfully used it in practice. Is it inside of instructions. Candle is introduced into the rectum in men and in women, the vagina through the day. The course of treatment is 40 introductions. Additionally, during such treatment also recommend to do the applications of castor oil. To this end impregnate castor oil, cotton napkin size of 30 to 90 cm, fold it in 3 layers, put the area polyp, cover with plastic wrap and put a hot water bottle with hot water. Lie with the parlor for an hour 3 times a week. The cloth with oil can be reused. As soon as you notice an improvement, do compress only once a week. These methods of treatment in each case, the location of polyps in a particular authority should be supplemented by other methods. Consider the most common polyps.


Most of the risk of development of polyposis, and paranasal sinuses those who long and hard suffer allergic rhinitis: nasal allergies to dust, animal hair. Until recently, polyps were removed with the help of loops. This operation demanded regular repetitions every 6-12 months because of the constant recurrence and re-growth of polyps to its previous size. Moreover, in patients with bronchial asthma such operations often led to the attack of bronchial asthma, or even the formation of asthmatic status (a whole series of attacks, which are almost impossible to stop). I suggest treatment and recommend for the beginning to use a simple recipe. One teaspoon of table salt dissolve in 300 ml of warm boiled water and add three drops of iodine. To lower the nose in a mug with a solution and turn right, then left nostril to involve the solution of the nasopharynx and spit. Then we have to take a match, a wound on her pad of cotton-wool, and wet iodine, then process polyps. It might hurt a little, but we should wait. Repeat the procedure every day, morning and evening. The course of treatment is three months. At the same time, you must use the anise liqueur. Pour 1 tablespoon of dry powdered herb anise ordinary 100 ml of alcohol and leave in a dark place for 10 days, shaking occasionally the content, then strain. When polyps in the nose prepared infusion, dilute with cool boiled water in the ratio 1:3 and bury 15 drops 3 times a day during all three months of treatment. Very often helped in these cases, and this method of treatment. First, take 2 tablespoons of chopped dried chamomile flowers and celandine, brew 0,5 l of boiling water. To insist under cover until cool. Drain and pull nostrils infusion 5-6 times a day for 10 days in a row. If polyps the child, then pour this infusion in the sprinklers and irrigate them each nostril. The course of treatment is 10 days, 10 days break, repeat 3 times. Then use this proven recipe: 2 tbsp finely chopped dry grass l pour one Cup of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, covered, drain. To pull this infusion alternately each nostril 10 times a day. The remaining water to drink at night. To prepare daily fresh warm infusion. The procedure is done 3 weeks in a row.


Polyps in the uterus is one of the types of expansion of the mucous membrane of the uterus. The polyps have a leg, they can grow to considerable size (3 cm). They are like hanging pink education. Uterine polyps diagnosed rather complicated methods. Unfortunately, not always ultrasound provides the most complete information on the size and location of polyp. There are different types of polyps of the uterus. Glandular polyps develops from tissue glands. Glandular polyps usually occur in young women. Fibro - polyp, consisting of connective tissue. Together with other forms hyperplasia often found fibrous polyp - adenomatous, the polyp is manifested in the formation of adenomas. The doctors believe that these are the prerequisites of rebirth cells in malignant tumors. This type of polyp uterus is the most dangerous. The hormonal imbalance is one of the main causes of polyps. Women along with this can occur with other conditions (such as obesity, hypertension and even diabetes). The growth of polyps in the uterus promotes inflammation, the reason for its occurrence are various diseases that are passed directly through sexual contact. The development of polyps is due to abortions and use of intrauterine devices. I want to note that many women still believe that the polyps and hyperplasia of the endometrium is not that other, as a precancerous condition. Therefore, these diagnoses often cause confusion and fear. The view is misguided. Although the word "hyperplasia" and is translated as "a lot of Mature cells, this process is always benign. But it doesn't mean to treat you without due attention. Hyperplastic changes in the mucous membrane of the uterus, are associated with specific changes in the body and always manifested a strong bleeding, which in itself is adversely affecting the health of women. These bleeding are cyclic and acyclic character. Circular form of menstruation or immediately very rich, or increase to 2 or 3 days and last for 7 or more days. Sometimes the bleeding becomes practically constant: one menstruation changes in another, which prevents a woman to live a normal life and work, as it leads to anemia (anemia), weakness, dizziness. Cyclical bleeding indicates the presence of polyps, which become inflamed and rejected. If the reason lies in the inflammatory process in the womb, resorted to stop bleeding and subsequent anti-inflammatory treatmentmeters In acyclic bleeding treatment longer and more complex. Conventional medicine often recommend hormone treatment. However, inconsistent regulatory centers of the brain, ovary, in the situation when certain hormones much, the other little, possible active growth of tumors, both benign and malignant. I'm in my practice for the treatment as polyps, fibroids and polyps ovarian use broth from pine nuts, as well as the infusion of herbs that have proven their worth. First, take a decoction of nuts, three weeks connect ready by the time the infusion. To prepare the broth in a quart enameled mug or a saucepan, pour a glass shell cedar of nuts, add 0.5 liters of boiling water. To put the mug on a small fire, and hung about an hour with closed lid. If the water has boiled away, you can top up. Infusion will become brown with a very pleasant smell. To accept on 1/3 glasses before meals 3 times a day and instead of tea. To prepare this infusion you need to take 2 tablespoons of wormwood, 1 tsp. birch kidneys, one chopped leaf aloe Vera, red pepper bitter. Infuse 0.5 liters of vodka 10 days. Then strain. Drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for 20 minutes before eating. The infusion, dilute with water (1 tbsp brandy take 3 tablespoons of water). Drink 2 bottles. The course of treatment broth and tincture - 1 month, 8 days break, then a month. When polyps will begin to dissolve, and you notice viscous light allocation, and where there was a polyp - burning or pain.


In the treatment of polyps of the uterus and ovary also use extracts of herbs. For their preparation, the following two collection. For the first collection take root bergenia, clover flowers, leaves mother-and-stepmother, grass peppermint, tansy flowers, leaf bearberry, eucalyptus leaf - equally. For the second collection: Angelica root, calendula flowers, leaf willow-herb, leaf of cuff, grass peppermint, peony root, kidney pine, grass, parsley - equally. Preparation and use of charges following: 4 tablespoons shredded collection pour 1 liter of boiling water, drain together with grass in a thermos, to insist night. To take necessary 1/3 Cup 3 times a day before meal, the first collection, then after 1.5 months of the second collection during the same period. Thus, one course of treatment is 3 months. I recommend also to do microclysters of 50 ml of infusion. Remaining after straining infusion cake not be thrown away - it used for compresses on the lower abdomen. Often improve with such complex therapy occurs within 2 months of regular use of herbs. However lasting effect, as practice shows, is achieved only if at least 4 courses of herbs. There is also a very effective method of treatment of the education in the area of the cervix. Prepare special infusion of various medicinal herbs. For a start, mix in equal amounts chelidonii and lapchatki silver and shoots chicory ordinary. Three tablespoons of the mixture of herbs steeped in one litre of water and leave for 2 hours to brew. This infusion can be taken orally for 1 tablespoon 3 times a day 20 minutes before a meal, and use for douching. Worth noting is also the fact that the therapy in this infusion is very long (up to 3 months). The intake of herbs with polyps on the ovary and cervix recommend to Supplement rubbing above ointment of triethanolamine and stearic acids in the region of the liver, kidneys and lower abdomen. Also enter the vagina candle with izatizoniy - one candle through the day. The ingestion and rubbing need to be cured. Best for these purposes to use a mug esmarkha. It is first necessary to drip a drop of crealine in one liter of boiled water, and then, before bedtime, take a Cup of Asmara for douching. Daily add drop by drop until the number of drops will not reach 15. And then again to go to one drop, daily, reducing the dose. So there will be one month of treatment. You must use in the treatment and tampons. The first day in the morning, cook on a small fire or in oven onion, clean it, then it is necessary to pound. The resulting slurry placed in a built in 2-3 layers of bandages, to make plug and insert into the vagina. In the evening replace swab with a mixture of chopped raw onions and grated Laundry soap (1:1 ratio). The same tampons to use, and the next morning, and lunch.

(How to get rid of polypous stomach, intestines, jelcnami bladders, Cititel next issue).