The antidote for poisoning

Ancient legends give wormwood miraculous and healing properties. In our complicated and overloaded with information and food time, Artemisia is a great "cleaner" narrow-minded life.
With daily admission vysokouglerodistoy food (sweets, pastries, fast food products) is a violation of metabolism towards obesity. Stagnation of bile in the liver has become commonplace in healthy people. And here is the best will help the infusion of wormwood before meals. More recently, just before lunch, took a glass of absinthe – the bitter tincture of wormwood. Absinthe contributed to the digestion and disinfection of the digestive tract.
The great physician of antiquity Avicenna wrote that she can save life in severe poisoning. Sagebrush competes with the poison and stimulates the liver: the poison comes out unchanged.

Aroma of wormwood cleans aura and space

Wormwood should be taken in small doses, but for a long time. Her soft and deep. It is believed that the older a person is, the more useful it becomes wormwood. The smell of wormwood powerfully cleanses the human aura and surrounding space from someone else's mental dirt, promotes the entry of a person into prayer, exalted state during Great lent.
In the old folk healers of the sick and fumigated the room with wormwood. The smoke of sage not only cleanses the energy, but also improves the darkened conscience. Even birds protect its Chicks from parasites in their nests.
In Chinese medicine mugwort is used to ablate the active points on the human body. Cigar of mugwort is lit independently, until it is paid off. The heat generated by wormwood cigar coherently, i.e. as the emission of the laser, it penetrates deep into the tissue and activates the biologically active points. This increases the vitality of man. Moxibustion popliteal point E-36 (zu-San-Li), point of longevity, helps to prevent senile diseases. First of all - arthritis.
It is useful to keep in the house at least a sprig of sage at the entrance, above the door. It not only repels insects, but also protects from negative influences.

Wormwood recipes

  1. Fresh infusion of wormwood helps in reducing the secretory function of the gastrointestinal tract, in the absence of appetite. Cup of boiling water to make 0.5 tsp of wormwood. Drink the tea half an hour before meals.
  2. Wormwood tea is used for rinsing for any sore throat and sore throat. Thus it is necessary to take a full teaspoon per Cup of boiling water, to insist before cooling.
  3. Pads of aromatic herbs, which includes wormwood, effectively used in the treatment of nervousness and sleep disorders (tarragon, thyme or peppermint - 1 part, hop cones - 3 parts). This tool is very useful to our tortured school children. Instead of computer and TV - a walk with my parents before going to bed and this magic pad can save the child from mental fatigue. When resistant insomnia to add another wrap head with a towel soaked in sage infusion.
  4. When the pain in his legs and thrombophlebitis. Three tablespoons of crushed herb wormwood mixed with 500 ml of curdled milk. Apply the mixture on the gauze or a bandage and put it on dilated veins of the legs, and top cover with cellophane. The legs are slightly loose, to put under their pillow to lie down for half an hour. The procedure is done daily until recovery.
  5. For female disorders: dysmenorrhoea, inflammation, infertility apply six days before the cycle at night as a tea, 0.5 tsp. per Cup of boiling water.
  6. Cleansing of the room. In the censer, in addition to wormwood, add one third of the root of calamus. Close to the time of the Windows and doors to fumigate the room, everyone out for a few hours. After airing the smell will remain, which will not give back ailments back.

Extract from an ancient treatise of Odo of MENA":

"Whatever her to accept it, is strengthened soon, the stomach;

Better, however, grass, if I cook with the water of rain.

And before the adoption will cool under the sky open.

...It also drives the worms and softens the stomach, and if

You take this decoction is the inordinate pain calm.

...And the spleen will help since the vinegar will be consumed.

In addition, if accepted, mushroom expel the poison..."

Vladimir BOLSUN,
the doctor-the neuropathologist.