The International day of protection of children the employees of the State institution "Ukrmetrteststandard" conducted a spot check of the quality of some baby food, clothes and toys. Purchases made in the trade network "Auchan", Megamarket S. Hodosivka (Kiev region), Megamarket "Magelan" and on the market. I hope the results will help readers navigate among a variety of products and choose quality.


By design, the fruit or vegetable juice, especially designed for baby food should be safe and healthy product. You cannot add any preservatives, aromatizers and colorants. However, even if the package is marked "100% juice", restored or made from concentrated juice, this does not mean that your child will really useful to drink a drink. Due reusable heat treatment of a number of vitamins and minerals in this juice is significantly reduced. But it can be assumed. The danger is hydroxymethyl furfural - a substance produced in the juices under the influence of high temperatures and long storage of raw materials (freshly prepared its not). It has carcinogenic properties, and in high doses can lead to convulsions, paralysis, even slightly surpassed oxymethyluracil depresses the nervous system. In Russia (and Europe) are the standards by which the content of oxymethyluracil in the juices strictly regulated: there is a norm, which is not recommended to exceed. In particular, in our tested juices mass fraction of this substance should not exceed 20 mg/kg Of checked 8 juices domestic and Russian manufacturers 2 had a high content of oxymethyluracil: Apple and cherry juice with sugar unclarified pasteurized for baby food brands (T.M.) "Karapuz" (Association of infant food, Dnepropetrovsk) - 28.5 mg/kg, and the juice of apples and black currant restored sterilized for baby food "Fruto nanny" (JSC "Progress", Russia) - 29,7 mg/kg And quality vegetable puree for baby food pleased with their results. From 6 instances of different brands and manufacturers: T.M. "Babe" (Belarus), T.M. "Bebivita" (Russia), "Semper" (Sweden), "HIPP Kft (Hungary), "HIPP" (Germany), all meet the requirements.


The specialists of se " Ukrmetrteststandard " checked and sausage products for the small consumers. In sausages with touching names "Babe", "Baby" with soothing as "top grade" were identified components, which according to GOST 4436-2005 "Sausages, sausages, meat loaves. General technical conditions" should not be there at all or to be in a small amount. So, for cooked sausages "Baby" (JSC "Alan", Dnepropetrovsk) and sausages "Babe" (FSC "Ukrprommetal-95", S. Pristrom Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky district, Kiev region) mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms considerably exceeded the permitted limit: 1 g of not more than 1,h (3). In addition, agile manufacturers of meat products from Dnepropetrovsk invented at the same time water sell - mass fraction of moisture in their sausages exceed admissible norms. And caring employees of PE "Kolos", Chernivtsi) "enriched" sausages "Baby" such harmful substances as artificial coloring tartrazine (E102) and yellow sunset (E110). For example, tartrazine belongs to industrial waste, it is used as synthetic food additives, by their nature, are coal tar. It is a powerful allergen, which is extremely dangerous for people with asthma and children who become overly excitable, irritable, they disturbed sleep. May cause headache, itching (hives), disturbance of vision.


Usually manufacturers of dairy products most of all sin by the use of vegetable fats. As a rule, the actual figure is lower than advertised on the packaging. However, the latter may test group plombira was pleasant for gourmets - almost all experimental plombira good quality and fully comply with the labeling. So on a hot summer day quietly locates "Plombyr # 1" T.M. "Rud" (JSC "Zhytomyr butter plant"), "ice-Cream" T.M. "Hercules" (CJSC "Hercules", Donetsk), "ice-Cream" T.M. "Agur" 12% (Smelyansky branch of "Elite", city of Smela), "Cream 19, Hladik" (JSC "Khladoprom", , Kharkov), "Cream in waffle Cup" T.M. "Your ice cream" (OJSC Lviv Khladokombinat", Lviv). Of the specimens tested only ice cream "Super cream" 20% fat T.M. "sweet Tooth" (OJSC Lviv Khladokombinat", Lviv) - has summed up its brand and was not "super". According to GOST 4733-2007, this cooling product must contain milk fat, however, in its composition found 15% of non-dairy fats. Although common sundae this brand met the standards.


Buying food, clothes, household appliances, we most trust in the children's goods category, are convinced that their manufacturers will not rise hand to harm the kids. However, as it turned out, unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers of goods to our trust. As shown by studies of children's clothes, food, toys, conducted by Urkmenistan, even for our youngest children - infants, they can be dangerous. Choosing shirts, sliders, socks and other goods to the kids, pay attention to the marking indicating the name of the manufacturer and the product, address of the raw materials, etc. If you have any doubts about the quality of the chosen product, ask the seller a certificate of compliance to ensure that the goods are actually good. Unfortunately, not all of the goods for children of destination subject to mandatory certification, these include only underwear (shirts, hats, socks and the like), but there are requirements for the composition of the raw material to produce this or that thing. The results of the research of children's underwear and clothes for newborns and for older children showed that domestic and imported goods, produce and implement with numerous violations. To, so to say, minor flaws can be attributed to the absence of a mark or name of a material thing, but most misleading mismatch labeling and real parameters of goods. Thus, the indices labeling overalls for children up to 2 years and sliders with the trademark "flexi baby & kids" (Turkey, supplier FOP, Osmanian So) had differences with regard to the composition of raw materials. Analysis of tissue showed that instead of 100% cotton fabric were no more than 70%, the rest - polyester (polyester)that are prohibited to use for clothing for children of this age. Same story with children's panties, and with almost all the samples taken for examination. Besides cotton, they contained airtight elastan, which makes the perfect fit body of the child, constricting blood vessels, disrupting blood flow to the sex organs, etc. Given misleading marking with 100% cotton, need to look closely to such things, to test their strength. Usually natural fabrics: cotton, cotton, flax, almost no stretch when favourite thing stretches easily - without a doubt, includes synthetic fibers. ...Attractive Terry robe striped ("DaNa TM", on the order of FOP, Glodok A.V., made of PE Linovitskiy D., Ukraine) with the marking of 100% cotton proved to be harmful forgery of 100% polyester, which does not pass air, does not absorb water, delaying her body, causing hypothermia in the winter and the greenhouse effect in the summer. Certificate for goods not, because you should remember the manufacturer and customer this harmful things. There are some pleasant moments inspection, as noted by the head of the laboratory of analytical researches and tests of SE "Ukrmetrteststandard" Galina Nekrashevich, the good news is that this time when testing the quality for the first time in recent years, found no violations of the resistance of paint, therefore, previous work in this direction has already yielded results.


You cannot leave without attention and the children's shoes, especially for toddlers and preschool children. Sandals and flip-flops for such children are not allowed to make with an open heel part to prevent foot deformity in children. Therefore, buying summer shoes, you need to remember that the heel should be closed. Also, be sure to pay attention to the sole and insole: must be the main insole, usually made of leather or cardboard. Also, you cannot take for baby shoes insole is made of fabric pasted directly to the sole, except that the sole made of synthetic material, through the feet in the body will be harmful fumes from glue. Shoes must be marking (perhaps on a sole or from the inside or on the attached tag) with the specified manufacturer address manufacturer, the composition of raw materials and other characteristics. In addition, please note that all the goods: shoes, clothing, toys should be Packed into shipping containers and to have a national sign of conformity. Unfortunately, hardly someone's home is a laboratory where I could check the products, and not always we can be attributed to poor quality goods to where they were bought, even for the reason that just has eaten them. Meanwhile, the Verkhovna Rada adopts the law, which will be regulated consumer rights and provided for penalties to violators of requirements of national standards, the us remains to be extremely cautious and attentive to what we buy, and when signs of poisoning, nausea consult doctor, and then to the Society of consumer protection, there to make a statement about poor-quality goods, unscrupulous producer and maybe get some compensation. Make it a habit necessarily the purchase to keep a check, just in case, can be useful.