The holidays usually associated with pleasant meetings, gifts and abundant feasts. Often, after a diverse and not always the best food for our body feels hard. How to protect yourself from undesirable consequences, to prepare the body for the holidays and how to recover after them? Advises the doctor of alternative medicine (phytotherapeutist) Kiev city health center Evgeny SENICHEV.

The main load during the festive treats falls on the liver, because it is the main filter of our organism, which purifies the blood of many toxic substances that can get into the body with food or drink. It also produces bile - greenish-yellow liquid that is required for good digestion. To new year holidays have passed easy and light, I recommend properly prepare for the event, namely: clean the liver bile herbs. Thus you will speed up the metabolism, helping the liver to increase their capacities and work better. Start cleansing 2-3 days before holidays. You will need chopped grinder milk Thistle (this herb perfectly absorbs toxins and restores liver) and collection choleretic herbs. To collect take 2 tablespoons of ramanishka, nettle, field wormwood, horsetail, overground part or of the roots of the dandelion, crushed rose, sweet, mint, 3-4 tablespoons of immortelle, 1 tbsp. buckthorn. From the collection will need to cook liver tea. For this, 2 teaspoons collection should pour a glass of boiled water, to insist covered 15-20 minutes and drink warm. The use of milk Thistle tea and liver. Three times a day for 1 hour before eating, take the first 1 tsp. powdered milk Thistle, washed down with cool water. Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely Cup of hepatic tea. After the holidays to facilitate the work of the liver can also taking milk Thistle tea and liver 1-2-3 day (well-being). Can use these funds and on the feast day, two hours after the meal. If there flatulence (bloating from gas in the gut), add in the collection of fennel or dill, if there is pain or cramps, add more mint.