This plant is called "universal medicine"


Dried and ground ginger can be purchased in almost every grocery store. And fresh root is usually sold in supermarkets or vegetable stalls at the Bazaar. Bring it to us from Jamaica. Despite the fact that our climate is very different from the climate of this country, to grow ginger in house conditions it is possible. Planted it right now, in the spring. So go to the market or to the supermarket and buy fresh and silky ginger root. The house is carefully examine it to find swollen buds. If the root is dry, put it at some time in the humid warm place, and kidneys will soon appear. Then cut the root into small pieces with the kidneys, and the cut handle crushed charcoal, then slightly dry and place.


Potty need to select wide (20 cm in diameter), but low (as ginger root grows in different directions), with drainage holes. In addition, at the bottom you need to put the drainage of a thickness of 3 cm, so that the plant did not die from water stagnation. The soil can be used such as growing vegetables, or make a mixture of taken in equal amount sheet and sod land, peat, sand. Spine for planting should be small (3-5 cm), with one or two kidneys, Gorny, dense. Place a root in a pot horizontally, at a depth of no more than 2 cm, kidneys up, lightly sprinkle the substrate. Most comfortable ginger will feel the warmth and light place, but not in direct sunlight. In summer, to grow ginger can gazebo, avoiding the open air and drafts. The temperature should be not below 20 degrees. In addition, the plant in the home need to systematically irrigate with water. As soon as will a little dry up the top layer of the earth, try to moisten. In the period of active growth of the plant need to be fed up of organic or mineral fertilizers.


Already in 1.5-2 months after planting root appears sprouts. In General, the stems grow to 1.5 m in height and become similar to bamboo, only a more direct form. If you are good you will care for the plant, already in summer it will blossom flowers that grow from the roots and reach heights of up to 30 cm During the season of the root will grow new tubers, which puts forth their buds. After 8-10 months the plant will begin to die above-ground shoots, which means the time of harvest. Don't forget that you need to immediately stop water the plant and you wait for the full drying of the stems. At this time, the roots are beginning to have healing power.


When will the autumn, the root to dig up and to use. Keep the root of crude and wrapped in the refrigerator. An important role in the fragrance of ginger played zingiberis, part of the essential oil. In addition, fundamentally there are many more ingredients that make ginger good agent of appetite, activating the processes of digestion. To use ginger recommended for people with diseases of the stomach, human vestibular apparatus. It is well eliminates nausea, dizziness. Ginger recommended for use in pregnancy, but before you make a decision, you should consult with your doctor. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Folk medicine uses ginger very widely. The list of illnesses and diseases, get rid of them helps this miracle root huge: headache, rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, pain and sore throat, colds, flu, nausea and motion sickness", skin diseases, ulcers and teals, allergies, hypertension, heart disease, intestinal and gastric disorders, constipation and indigestion, worms, menstrual pain, arthritis, radiculitis. Ginger warms up the body from the inside, dispersing and thins the blood. This unique root promotes weight loss, improves immunity, clears the mind and uplifting. The cuisine of different peoples of the world from ancient times ginger is used as an aphrodisiac. Ginger is widely used in cooking. Recipes with ginger doctor of naturopath folk healer Ellen Svitko. In medicine, ginger is used quite widely, this root is part of the collection for the treatment of eye diseases. Carefully grind and mix ginger (20 g), cinnamon (10 g), green tea (10 g), grass ochanki (30 g), calamus root (10 g), cornflower petals (20 g), oats (20 g) and fennel seeds (20 g). Use the tip of a knife 5 times a day, squeezed in the first half of the day broth hips: 50 g of crushed berries steamed in a thermos flask 0.5 l of boiling water, leave for night. In the second half of the day, to wash down with a mixture of aloe juice with honey and red wine, prepared thus: sprigs five-year Bush aloe leave in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Then squeeze the juice from them, add taken the same amount of honey and red wine. Powder take at least 3 months, and after that to have your eyes checked by a doctor. For the treatment of asthma is recommended to drink 5 times a day for 1 gram of powdered ginger, squeezed it in the morning broth flax seed (1 tablespoon of the seeds boil in 0,5 l of water for 20 minutes, strain), and the second - broth of a root licorice (1 tbsp. chopped root pour 0,4 liters of water, boil 10 minutes after boiling, to insist 30 minutes). "Biscuits" with ginger for treatment of joints. Melt 100 g of wax, add 150 g of lard, stir, add chopped ginger and stir again. From this mass to stick a small "biscuits"that must be applied to sore joints, rheumatoid nodes, etc. The ancient recipe that was used with mastitis, fibromyoma, nodular goiter. Minced ginger (20 g), hemp seeds (20 g), the grass of Xanthium strumarium L. (30 g), the grass wormwood (10 g). All components of the mix. A tablespoon of the mixture is diluted by beer to the consistency of thick cream and put to sick organ for 2 hours. From pyelonephritis is so ancient complicated recipe mixed with ginger. The grind, sift and mix ginger root (50 g), linseeds (20 g), grass Heather (10 g), parsley root (20 g), root ljubistka (20 g), burdock root (20 g), hemp seeds (30 g), the herb St. John's wort (10 g), leaves of currant (10 g), flowers of calendula (10 g), birch leaves (10 g), sage (10 g), the grass wormwood (5 g). Take a mixture of 1 tsp in an hour after meal three times a day, drinking cranberry: 20 g of berries to mix with sugar, pour 200 ml of very hot water, to insist, to filter. The course of treatment is to improve the condition. From this mixture is put compresses to the area of the lower back and kidney, until there is no pain. Compresses change when cooled. For compresses mix plant fuelled by beer to the consistency of thick cream.


In all diseases it is recommended that regular consumption of ginger tea. There are many recipes of cooking. We offer you one of them. Cut thin slices or RUB on a fine grater 0.5 cm ginger root, fill it 250-300 ml of pure water and bring to boil on low heat, cook for 15 minutes If you are preparing tea at work and you have no way to cook root, then just fill it with boiling water and allow to stand for. After a decoction or infusion has cooled to a temperature of 40 C, add a slice of lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey. In the preparation of ginger tea you can also add a variety of herbs: Melissa, mint, lime color, leaves raspberries and currants, etc.