In the spring, when comes to us warmth, blooming nature, increases light day, people often instead feel cheerful and joyful, becoming ill and depressed, many people feel tired, starting to remind myself old and neglected diseases. How to restore your health, improve overall health, to regain strength and vigor, says the physician Love SHAPOVAL.


- Lyubov why in the spring of most people complain of feeling bad? Winter is robbing the human body, causing an imbalance of all types of metabolism. First, under the influence of low temperatures, the body has to spend more effort on the maintenance of life processes. Secondly, traces of catarrhal and viral diseases, which often people get sick in the cold season. Third, in winter we often overeat (due to the large number of holidays with traditional rich feasts, and also due to the lack of heat and sunlight). Fourth, move little, again because of frost and ice, and spend a little time in the fresh air. Fifth, by the end of winter in the body limited supply of vitamins and minerals, because the food in this period depleted on berries, fruits, vegetables, which are the main suppliers of biologically active substances. All this leads to poor metabolism, blood and lymph flow, the accumulation of mucus, toxins, the emergence of congestion, inflammation, beriberi. That is why there is a surge in the spring aggravation of all chronic diseases (digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and urogenital system, musculoskeletal apparatus, and so on).


- What can you do? How to restore good health, improve health? - A few years ago I discovered the unique Ukrainian phytocomplex company "Choice"made on the basis of development of the Ukrainian scientist, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, laureate of State prize of Ukraine in science and technology Vladimir Lapshin. They differ from many others by the combination in the structure of Prozorov - sprouted wheat grains, oats, corn, with various medicinal herbs. This results in multiple effects of cleansing the body, restoring the functions of different organs and systems, as well as food the most important substances - vitamins, minerals (macro - and microelements, amino acids and other valuable substances. People since ancient times knew about emergency healing properties of sprouted grains, cooked it at home, was added to the food, getting away with it from serious illnesses. It contains essential amino acids (the building blocks to build and repair tissues of all internal organs), vitamins (need to fight free radicals that damage cells, causing various diseases and premature aging), minerals (indispensable for proper functioning of the internal systems), polysaccharides (the main source of energy). But not everyone is able to properly grow the grain. Besides, not everyone has the time and patience to do this for a long time. So I think that Ukrainian scientists have done for us a great gift. We can get rid of illnesses, and to saturate the body is needed for its proper functioning components. It should be noted that people who use the phytocomplex do not need to take vitamin-mineral complexes. Especially because most of them are synthetic. As research scientists, the body responds differently to natural and synthetic vitamins, last absorbed in small quantities. The problem of Hypo - and avitaminosis inherent in the vast majority of the population. But often underestimated people. Outwardly it manifests weakness, abundant hair loss, brittle nails, blacklist skin, but we do not see, what happens inside the body: run destructive processes, which can cause very serious illness. The fact that vitamins and micronutrients help organs and systems to perform their functions. Usually it is not about one individual biologically active the substance, and their complex. Because they support and complement each other. And in the case of lack of any one vitamin can not take part in the work of all the others. It is therefore very important to use not just a specific set of vitamins and minerals, and their natural complex, which is picked up and balanced nature in the most optimal for us. Exactly as we get them in Prothero that are present in all the phytocomplex company "Choice".


- What illness is often exacerbated in the spring? - Almost everything. Everyone is their sickness, because first of all suffer the most weak points of the body. Therefore, the company has developed preventive health programs aimed at the restoration of all organs and systems and the prevention of aggravation of various diseases. For example, one day I was approached by a woman whose cholesterol level is reached 14,5 mmol/l at the rate of 4.5. Of course, she had problems with blood pressure, heartm, plagued headache, a feeling of constant fatigue. All of a woman's body was covered with brown spots, which are also called senile spots. So the first thing I recommended to her, the program for the normalization of the functional state of the cardiovascular system. Was recommended, without cancellation of pharmaceuticals, the complex of unsaturated fatty acids, made on the basis of flax oil (has immunomodulating properties, promotes the dilution of the blood, normalize blood pressure, cholesterol), oil pumpkin (normalizes the work of the heart, prevents the occurrence of tumors, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-oxidant), oil sprouted wheat grains (improves blood supports the endocrine balance, has antioxidant properties), concentrated fat cartilaginous fish (prevents thrombus formation, deposition of cholesterol plaques, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves brain activity), cottonweed marsh (peripheral vessels, lowers blood pressure, slow heart rhythm) Donnik medicinal (increases circulation, reduces swelling and elimination of inflammatory processes), horse chestnut ordinary (reduces the density of blood capillary property). After 1.5 months of application programs cholesterol in women decreased by half, a month - up to 5, 5 mmol/L. it has significantly improved overall health, she got a job, go to the pool. I would like to dwell on autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune thyroiditis, lupus red and other. They are quite heavy, also in the spring are often exacerbated, complicating the condition of patients. I remember how I was approached by 23-year-old girl who had severe rheumatoid arthritis and was forced to take large doses of the hormone. She admitted that is not how the phytocomplex can help her, even if strong medicines not stop the progression of the disease. However, after 4 months of application of phytocomplex aimed at normalization of the immune system and joint status, managed to achieve a positive result. Her condition improved so much (was subfebrile temperature of 37.5, reduced pain, swelling, inflammation in the joints, increased mobility)that she was able to halve dose of hormones. This is very encouraging.

In the phytocomplex for the improvement of the musculoskeletal system includes propery, horsetail (has detoxifying properties, promotes excretion of heavy metals that are harmful to bone tissue, improves circulation), calcium (is a building material for bone, participates in all processes of the body), magnesium (provides bone density, normalizes cardiovascular indicators), zinc (necessary for formation of the tissues of the joints, prevention of osteoporosis). Phytocomplex for the immune system contain propery, colostrum (source of biologically active substances, immune cells, white mistletoe (has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerotic effect), beta-carotene (enhances immunity, prevents the emergence of infectious diseases, malignant neoplasms, effect on the cardiovascular system). Because the phytocomplex tools that involve self-regulatory reaction, restore a natural dynamic equilibrium in the body. Phytocomplex to raise protective forces of the body helps with various health problems. Together with the herbal remedies aimed at improving the state of the respiratory system, it is necessary to use for the prophylaxis of catarrhal and respiratory diseases, which remain relevant in the spring, as well as to eliminate complications in those who suffered. Often rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, sore throat, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia are not in vain. In sinuses, throat, trachea and bronchi remain residual effects in the form of mucus, violations of microflora of these organs, chronic inflammatory process. It is very important to get rid of them in order to rid the body of chronic foci of infection, not to transform the respiratory weak areas of the body. Because through them there is a saturation of oxygen - substance necessary for ensuring the processes of life, without it, can't live 60 billion cells in our body. It should be noted that the company "CHOICE" is effective for prophylaxis and recreation programs on the basis of the phytocomplex for all body systems: of the digestive system (cleaning and normalization of liver, stomach and intestines), locomotor system (prevention and elimination of inflammatory processes, improving mobility), the genitourinary system (cleaning of the bladder and kidneys, the elimination of inflammatory processes), nervous system (normalization of sleep, stress, irritability and nervousness), to restore male (improvement of prostate enhance potency) and women's health (normalization of hormonal balance, prevention and elimination problems of menopause, prevent the occurrence of tumors). All of them are popular among consumers, as proved its effectiveness.


Spring often makes itself felt another problem is allergic rhinitis, have allergic reactions to the flowering of trees and grasses. According to medical statistics, from this disease affects about 10% of children and up to 30% of the adult population. Usually allergic rhinitis have a very bad move: running eyes, runny nose, itching, swelling of mucous membranes, nervousness. And because prevention is the basis of health, in March and in early April, for four weeks, it is desirable to conduct prevention with the help of the phytocomplex aimed at the cellular cleansing and normalization of functions of the immune system, people will have no unpleasant symptoms, enjoying the surrounding beauty, to experience the flowering period, which occurs in April-March. - Preventive health centers are plants that are not only aimed at restoration of functions of the organ, but to release it from toxins. The latter is a prerequisite for better health? - Exactly. For example, at the workshop, which was held recently in Kyiv, Professor Lapshin told that today, scientists came to conclusion: the extra cholesterol appears in humans, primarily because the liver is unable to cope with its processing and elimination. Therefore, to deal with cholesterol plaques, you need to clean not only the vessels, but the liver. The phenomenon of dysbacteriosis, which affect the body, occur only in sallabanda intestines, therefore, to eliminate flatulence, intestinal colic, improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients, it is necessary to get rid of fecal stones, products of decay, disease-causing bacteria. Is the main aim of the phytocomplex cleansing programs of the company. And one more interesting observation. The level of allergization of the population increases not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. Including successful in Switzerland, which is considered to be ecologically clean area, where the population is fed by pure products. Why so? Scientists and doctors explain it by the fact that very often the cause of allergies, as well as many other diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, nervous problems and the like)are parasitic defeat. Unfortunately, it concerns an overwhelming majority of children, and adults. In the spring of parasites also activated, hard multiply and even more toxinout the human body. Therefore, in this period it is advisable to spend prodigality activities. A team of scientists led by Professor Lapshin has developed a unique anti-parasitic phytocomplex, analogues to which, perhaps, no one in the country. And the company "CHOICE" made it available for Ukrainians. Antiparasitic phyto complex consists of 7 drugs, which include propery, as well as the most known and effective antiparasitic of the plant: leaves of a walnut, wormwood, tansy, pumpkin seeds and many others. It is aimed at gradual cleansing of all organs and systems from all types of parasites: unicellular (chlamydia), lamblia, round and tape worms, bacteria, etc. on all stages of their development (egg-larva-adult parasite). And time is calculated for 4 months of reception: that is how much time is required to help the body to release from intruders. I want to mention a very important aspect. To achieve the cleansing and improvement in health for any problems, people need to learn to drink. Without this it is impossible to get rid of the syndrome of slagging, to normalize the function of internal organs. Daily dose of the liquid - 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight, i.e 2-3 litres per adult. Of course, if you have not adhered to this drinking behavior, to accustom ourselves to it gradually, in the period of 3-6 months, gradually increasing the dose of the liquid, bringing them up to standards. In addition, you should drink clean water is not at a gulp, and SIPS, spreading her number evenly throughout the day. This will help prevent swelling and other unpleasant phenomena people who "learn to drink." Take the time and effort to restore their health, because it is the basis for a full life, realization of all plans, joy of communication with family and friends. I wish you good health and spring mood.