The cherished dream of mankind – to find the elixir of youth. To 60 look like 40, but 70 to 50. Yes, that was plazalos at this age! But how many scientists never try and find such a remedy is not possible. Vivifying cream Yes miracle drinks, except that you can hide decay. But Lyudmila Grigorieva a "elixir" found. He is in the dance. And in this she is not only confident, but have learned the dance group "dance Theatre "Revival" of the Palace of veterans of Kiev, which was created 5 years ago. The more a person receives positive emotions, the more moves in the rhythm of music, the younger and healthier. Younger soul and therefore the body.

Dance - a powerful Wellness tool

It is an axiom. The dance attracted the attention of many researchers not only as a cultural phenomenon. Since antiquity, it was considered in the medical aspect. At all stages of human evolution, it was used as a powerful health and healing. In primitive societies this function of the dance was activated on full power. After all the dancing normalized breathing, digestion, trains and stabiliziruemost cardiovascular system becomes healthy sleep. Dance strengthens the spine and cures to its curvature. Besides, dance classes are of great importance for the prevention and treatment of mental disorders. Why is this happening? The whole universe, all life on earth, including man, is built according to the laws of "Golden section" (a certain ratio). That is, all human beings are comparable. If there are deviations, for example, a very large head, hands, extended to the knees, is evidence of the disease.

True art, which, as already proved by scientists, has healing properties, is also built on this basic law of life. Music folk dance is no exception. In itself it carries inherent healing. And the movement in the rhythm of music is a powerful property increases significantly. After all, muscles are able to respond to sounds, like the strings of the instrument. Dance movement or "PA" (connection of several movements) are "tied" to the structure of the musculoskeletal system of the person and his individual abilities, training of muscular and ligamentous systems. This dance kinematics are also amenable to mathematical calculation. And in General it is possible to calculate the "Golden section" of folk dance and bring the ratio of its size with the rhythm of human heartbeats, number of breaths per minute. And it's safe to say that folk dancing is the dance of health. However, Lyudmila Grigorieva decided this aspect of ancient art to study deeper and find the "Golden mean", which will enable the people of the third age themselves to experience this art, and other charge healing positive. And proved that could those people dance, and how!

A good way to postpone aging

Crunch your knees? Jumps heart? No, members of the dance group "Revival" do not notice. And they, incidentally, from 55 to 78 years. And who has ever seen their performances, I do not believe that dancing pensioners. Grandparents in this role, and even in national costumes, will come on a concert of grandchildren. Bald head hidden under a hat, and grandma's wrinkles still try to find – both smiling, as if rejuvenated, and cheeks blush burn. Such enthusiasm, such energy, so much positivity can radiate really happy, not oppressed by the old age people. Yes about old age here and never comes up. During rehearsals Lyudmila Fedorovna calls them only as "boys", "girls", and the names only nicknames: Vanya, Lyuda... At the time she not only learned the basics of folk dance, not only performed solo, but also carefully studied the psychology. Passed all the circles of hell, before you undertake organization of such a unique team. Because the participants of "Revival" are not professional dancers. Someone didn't potenzial in childhood, and we just learned to put one foot on the floor in the training hall of the Palace of veterans. But when these people stand before an audience, the audience in their professionalism not in doubt. It is his skill, love of the audience (concert halls are always crowded), lots of performances, dance theater has earned the title "national". And considering the age of the dancers, this band is simply unique and singular in Ukraine. Therefore, Lyudmila Grigorieva proposes the establishment of a methodological centre to share its experience with other regions.

The revival and artistic realization

The Palace of veterans, primarily social services, - says Lyudmila Fedorovna. Our aim is to help older people not to fall into depression. Many, after retirement, just shocked. This is a different role. The role of a pensioner, person, useless to society. So I invite even those who have not yet reached retirement age. So with the retirement of such a man was ready morally and mentally to ensure that he is not thrown overboard, that he is not confused. And able to realize themselves in art. Many elderly people are lonely, homeless, of whom forgot their children and grandchildren. When they come to us – reborn. After all, the name of our band is not accidental – we are reviving it, you might say, from the ashes, many single. Some even find have not only friends, but also love. And it's not that someone will learn to dance or enjoy your leisure time. We give these people the opportunity to feel that there is a future. Otherwise you can really get sick from despair. Because, as a rule, the role of self-importance for our health is underestimated. And health, among other things, need to make himself, with his own legs. Foot is the second heart. Dance is the only art in which we ourselves are a tool. Many people come to us not ballet. But if you want to learn to dance, here it is necessary to work.
In the warm period of the year those perky, self-confident people can be seen in the water Park at the site for veterans. Here they are practicing up to 2-3 hours two to three times a week. Training focused on the music, motion, emotion. And the fresh air cleared and healthy circulatory system. As a former doctor, and his career Lyudmila Fedorovna began in medicine, she carefully monitors the hygiene training so that dancers are not overtired and not overdone, so the job was under force. And in the end gives valuable advice on how to protect joints, not to tear the muscles, ligaments, how to eat and what makeup not to wear out your face.

Aching joints? Dance!

From the point of view of age - specific group, - says the artistic Director. - Changes occur in the musculoskeletal system, soft metatarsal bone, many people have creaking joints. And here it is necessary to observe moderation in exertion. On the one hand, not to hurt, on the other – do not give to relax. Often, newcomers ask me: but if I have sore joints, can I dance? Yes, not something that is possible and necessary, of course, if it's not an acute period of inflammation. Moreover, not the face determined by age. And do not wrinkle. Although... those who long time engaged in dancing, are produced by the proteins collagen and elastin (both are destroyed and stretched). These proteins are located under the epidermis and form a kind of "base" skin that prevents sagging, provides elasticity and firmness. Therefore, dancers tend to look younger than their years. However decrepit a man or young – it first of all says his gait. And it depends on the condition of the joints, which enable easy and young to move. Clearly, movement is life. So that the joints function properly, they need blood flow. They are not supplied with blood vessels. And only muscles that are attached to the joints, can provide the desired blood flow. For the spine is the deep back muscles. And nothing says can help the entire system of the human body as a movement in the rhythm of music. There is everything: the optimal training heart, blood vessels, muscles and joints. In addition, the legs is just a tool. Dancing man soul. Besides, dancing is very powerfully strengthen the immune system, which is especially important for people no longer young age. So you can dance at any age because of harmful them nothing, but on the contrary, they are able to bring a lot of vitality. No wonder Paul Bragg called to eat right, jog and more dancing.

"We live, not vegetate"

So talking about yourself members of the dance group "Revival". They do not belong to the category of those people who your health to sit on the bench at the entrance and their tongues swollen from the gossip. They wear beautiful outfits and "go to the people". The song festival grounds, Park of Partisan glory, Pirogovo, center, scenes of various palaces of Kiev. Without them there is no festive event of the city. In a very beautiful costumes, the participants of the dance theatre of themselves are transformed. And dance so, as once told by the famous dancer Lola Montez, "with all the energy of his body and fire the soul to shake out the livers of all longing". By the way, is not just a beautiful expression. Anger, sadness, envy, resentment, guilt, directly affect our liver. Liver disease produces a wide range of diseases, even such as senile glaucoma. So, the "revivalists" shake the depression not only from their livers, and livers of the audience. These people are so charged with positive energy I can and to help others be reborn. At their concerts the audience accumulate so positive that they still for a long time enough to support your body in good shape.
Over 5 years of existence, the dance theatre gave 300 concerts. This is a lot for pensioners. Prizes like the Grand Prix, which the team has twice earned the international Cup Chapkis, just for the beautiful eyes are not given. To achieve mastery, seniors have to do a hard work in training. However, dancers say that they do not sweat and burn. So it is just about the "revivalists". They are burning! In the literal and figurative sense of the word. Almost all of the participants significantly shed excess weight. Dancers admitted that some classes are not limited and do do every day, in fact, they faithfully follow the advice of Paul Bragg and his mentor Lyudmila Grigoryeva.
One of the dancers syumoril: And you know, we are not only here to lose weight, we are still growing! Jokes jokes, but, it turns out, even grown men, began to dance, could rise by 2 - 3 cm And it happens due to the fact that straightens the spine.
Dance compositions created for his team Lyudmila Fedorovna, is simple to perform (except for solo parts), but some of them lasted almost 15 minutes. One dance story into another. To memorize numerous combinations, the dancers have to string up memory. And this is the best prevention of the disease of Alzheimer's. Like a good psychologist, Lyudmila Fedorovna gives you the opportunity to open up to everyone, and for every dancer finds his role, even for those who are unable to move actively on stage, but is able and wants to participate in concerts, for example, Cardinale (backing dancers near the stage).
- We do not hold auditions, as is now customary, - says the artistic Director. - Come to us all who wish to touch the works. At rehearsals I try to create an environment that man can open. New separately repeat the movement for basic dance composition. They think I don't notice them. But I very carefully watch over them. Is there a potential dancer's ear for music, as it is plastic how sociable, what's his memory, physical ability, word, running diagnostics. If you hold the tail, will fly...
Is not just fun, but above all a state of mind - share their emotions the dancers. – Each of us has changed a lot during the work in dance theatre. We feel the strength to live, to dance, we see the future. And if so, then we are still young.
After an active speech at the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine, on the following day, August 25, on the Singing field in Kiev held a benefit of this original team. And it lasted almost 4 hours. And it's all pulled retirees? It is hard to believe. But... you can check for yourself. If all I have strength to dance, have the ability and want to really feel young and healthy, come to the Kyiv city Palace of veterans, which is located on Bastion street, 11. It operates on a voluntary basis.

Perhaps we should listen to Nietzsche: "Gait detects whether someone is already on the way - see how I go! But who approaches his goal, he is dancing".