, the Object of this unusual attention known American became a Ukrainian scientist, Director of the Institute of information-wave technologies, doctor of technical Sciences, academician of the Ukrainian and European academies of Sciences, Professor Nikolai Kolbun. More precisely, the technology of recovery of a person ’ s information-wave therapy (IWT), and accordingly, the instrument through which this technology is implemented in practice. For the first time on the development of Nikolai Dmitrievich bill gates learned 5 years ago, when a scientist together with Professor Jaresko gave a grant for treatment multiresistant tuberculosisand with the help of ICT . And recently, bill gates sent a letter, in which it invited the International scientific-medical center - 5 grants for health.

the DISEASE IS a disorder of the constancy of the INTERNAL environment of the BODY

What is the information-wave technologies, and why many of them see the future of medicine? - Life is a threefold process: metabolism, energy and information, which happens all the time in our body, and tear it cannot. So, in violation of metabolism changes homeostasis, i.e. violated the constancy of the internal environment and the illness occurs. Every disease is primarily a failure in the transfer of information, but the focus of modern European medicine remains matter, - says Nikolai Kolbun. Pharmacy offers a chemical drug, herbal medicine - herbs etc. both injected substance to normalize metabolism and to save people from disease. Information-wave technology is based on the interaction of wave signals cells, organs, self-field body with external fields. Oriental medicine treats the body as a set of energy centers and channels, acupuncture points, the scientific medicine also highlights certain areas – different, so to speak, of the representative office of internal systems on the skin. - We have combined parametricheskie and scientific approaches, explains the scientist, and has developed a map of zones of information-wave interaction. If there is a violation in the organism, it is manifested on electromagnetic shell of a man (biofield, electromagnetic field, the aura of a biological object and the like). When, for example, they say, punched the aura is a violation of electromagnetic homeostasis in any zone (the land plot). Pretty in these places (or in places of power breakdowns, violations of the aura and the like) to offer information ’menu» (electromagnetic waves of different frequency and length), as the body chooses for himself those whom he lacks.


With a body like there's a fellowship ourselves "whispers" electromagnetic waves. If electromagnetic waves are high-power – it can hurt people, but for informational influence of informational interaction, 1 W (one watt) will be enough for the whole population of the globe. In the basis of the IWT, says inventor, rooted in two basic principles: first, non-interference in the body; second – “intelligence” of the living. The body itself decides that he needs: whether analgesic, whether vasodilating, anti-stress, whether the anti-inflammatory effect. Chooses the healing length and frequency of the waves it needs. - We honestly tell people, – says academician Nikolai Kolbun, - no one treats, IWT only helps the body to restore the normal functioning of its cells, organs and systems. Thus implemented the evolutionary capacity of the living to choose the needed signal from the external environment, if there is a conflict between them. As dog and cat know what grass they need to consume, though are not phytotherapists and the body chooses treatment, and not man, prescribing the pill in case of a disease. Not the device determines the dose, and intelligent body, filling healthy information energy holes, rather, sent her all the cells. Information-wave therapy has been working for the health of Ukrainians. So, in the Kyiv regional center of health of mother and child, doctor of medical Sciences N.A. Dankovic explored the possibilities of ICT in complex treatment of chronic inflammatory processes of pelvic organs: vulvovaginitis, chronic nonspecific oophoritis, cervicitis, endometritis, etc. According to various data, this pathology is 60-85% diseases of the female sphere and often becomes a cause of infertility, miscarriage, endometrial hyperplastic processes, etc. For the treatment usually use a large Arsenal of anti-inflammatory therapy. Despite this, many women, an increase in the number of relapses. According to N.A. Dankovic, were examined 60 women with chronic non-specific oophoritis in the acute stage. The use of ICT has allowed to improve considerably the quality of life of patients, contributed to persistent recourse inflammatory changes in the organs of small pelvis. Well established - and in children's ophthalmology. So, according to the doctors, the Children's territorial medical Association N.M. Tutukov and R.I. Sokulsky (BC Kyiv), this technology is used in ophthalmology Department since 1994, as monotherapy and in combination with traditional methods of treatment, for almost all types of ocular pathology. The best results were obtained in the treatment of diseases such as keratitis different etiology, the defeat of the eyelid edge, post-traumatic scarring of the cornea, etc. Positive results were observed in the application of ICT in patients with thyroid cancer who were treated in the Ukrainian scientific centre of radiation medicine. According to the head of the Department of endocrinology, A. Chaban, for several months he studied the efficiency of application of a method in patients with nodular goiter, diffuse toxic goiter, hypothyroidism, and hyperplasia of the thyroid gland. All the patients were conducted full clinical, laboratory, instrumental and other studies. The results of treatment in the majority of cases were positive. In the process of treatment of any complications or side effects were observed. Effective action is observed and in the application of information-wave therapy in ulcerative disease stomach and duodenal ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, colds and viral diseases.


IWT moves forward, although not so fast, not by leaps and bounds, but confident and reliable results. More and more doctors, paramedics and nurses acquire the latest technology. This technology will be very appropriate family doctors: the patient instead of the list of recipes and directions gets professional help immediately. Simply indispensable, it proved in palliative medicine and disaster medicine. Scientist and inventor Nikolai Kolbun says that in the Institute of information-wave technologies developed and proposed to the Ministry of health of Ukraine a lot of medical and social programs that can solve many problems facing the medicine. In addition, it initiates a creation in different regions of the public medicine centers, where volunteer will work as a medical assistant, nurse. The centres should be modern equipment, including devices of IWT. Basically here would be to work towards preventive medicine or maintenance therapy, everyone will be able to get medical care, examination, or to take a course of treatment.