who have children after school

So ended the academic year, the last bell has rung, and began a long-awaited vacation. It is important that this time children spent at the computer in the room, and actively improved their health. After all, in addition to knowledge, the school gives a whole bunch of diseases. Over the last decade, the incidence among school students has grown by almost 30%. And already in 5-th class chronically ill are considered half of the children, and in the 9th - almost 70%. Due to overwhelming heavy backpacks and inconvenient desks championship among "professional" student's disease is the pathology of locomotor apparatus. But in the Arsenal of the summer there are many miraculous health funds. Sun, air and water - these are the three pillars that support the health afloat. Swimming not only improve, help cure the initial stages of many diseases, but will raise your child's leader. This on their own experience honorary guest editorial - the world champion and Europe, four world Cup winner in swimming, silver medallist of the Olympiad in Sydney - Denis Silantyev. He is the author of Ukrainian record in the 200 m butterfly for 1 minute 55.42 seconds, which is still not able to surpass none of Russian swimmer. In 2009 he completed a career, but has not left the swimming - founded the Fund for the support of the youth and Olympic swimming and opened a children's swimming club, which is already three years free in summer teaches kids to learn the nature of water. Today he is ready to share the benefit that has swimming, and give advices to parents through this sport to raise healthy children.

- Denis Olegovich, now, after graduating from school, the children into adulthood go chronically ill patients. How You consider, whether swimming lessons to help to remove these negatives, to raise healthy children? - It is true: now schoolchildren suffer from those diseases that earlier people had in 40-45 years. I had a case when a session in the pool grandmother brought her granddaughter, she is 6 years old, she still did not go to school, and she has scoliosis. And that is why to fix the spine, her doctor and was sent to a float. - Is it possible, scuba diving, to correct the initial stage of spinal curvature, in particular scoliosis, without any medical interventions? - For this and lead since when I swim and try to keep yourself in balance and involve in the work those muscles that are earlier not worked. Joints and muscles begin to recover and think about my natural flexibility. They strengthen and smooth, uniform motion, and well coached additional burden to overcome the resistance of the water. This allows you to correct the initial defects in shape: posture, malformation of the feet, flat feet. - And what is the healing effect of the water? It is believed that swimming is almost a panacea: it swimmers for the most part do not get sick. Is it true? On what organs and systems of healing acts swimming? - Swimming affects the body in a special way. Unlike other sports when I swim, you are in a horizontal position. The density of water 769 times more than the air, therefore it is well supports the body, enabling you to swim in polurasslablennom condition. Overcoming the resistance of cool water, so do yourself a wonderful massage and tempered the body. Colds - forget about them. I know that from experience, as he was fond of swimming in childhood because of the fact that often prostojala and the temperature was 40 degrees. Twice a year I was constantly quinsy. But for 3 years sailing I forgot about them. Of course, thanks to her parents and grandmother, as they insisted that I went for a swim. I was too lazy to get up in the morning, but I still made. Another advantage of the swimming - it creates vital capacity of lungs, as it requires a deep breath and provides for the retention of air. And also prevention of cardiovascular diseases, strengthens muscles, has beneficial effect on the internal organs and emotional state. It relieves stress, relaxes the body, removes fatigue, improves skin elasticity. And for a long time, you can list its advantages. Swimming, I believe, is one of the sports that eliminates 90% of the diseases that get to do after school. - You, as a father, probably also had problems in health son-student. How fought with this: too alienated him to swim? Roma since the childhood was engaged in sports. First football. But after he had been injured, went for a swim. And I didn't have to force him to do, he was fond of active sports and studied well. Now he has grown quite healthy, confident and hard-working boy. - Taking into account Your personal experience, parents who doubt as to which sports section to give the child and in General whether to return, what would You call the pros that they chose swimming, and not something else? - Swimming teaches children to set a goal and achieve it, i.e. teaches to work and well-disciplined. Because you need to get up at 6 in the morning, go to the gym and to carry the load. Swimming primarily strengthens the muscles of the spine, thus not burdening the spine and joints. So if athletics, Boxing traumatic, swimming Vice versa. We sent for rehabilitation of sportsmen after injuries in other sports. Accordingly it is a sport for those who want to be healthy. From a small, thin, lazy, insecure boy swimming can educate champion - But some parents may say, my child is afraid of water, and in General, how much and taught, and he never learned to swim. Is it necessary to consider whether there are children that cannot be taught to swim, or just them incorrectly taught? - There are children who are afraid of water. To my training also come these children, who for two months afraid to get your feet off the bottom of the pool and just go. I say, well, walk, otprygivat that they felt that the water supports them. But all children can learn to swim. The only question of time and skill of the coach, who should, as a good psychologist, to approach the child is not to blame (you're bad, don't know how), and the first to praise him, and then tell - that's just make it a little differently. - But when You come to swim, You just saw the Olympic champion, was worried whether You like challenges? - I am the last in the group learned to swim, since six months could not break away from the side and was afraid of water. And then I could not think that I can learn to swim, not to become an Olympic champion. So I want to tell my parents that they are not afraid to send their children to the sport, even if they feel that their child is small and weak. As my example shows: from a small, thin, lazy, insecure boy can grow up champion. - How much is the right choice of a mentor in General could be fatal, so that the child wanted to do, and perhaps in the future and become a sportsman? How to be a coach? - At the first stage, when the child learns, qualification of the trainer is not significant. The only thing you need to be patient, as children are all different and the approach should be his. Coaches for the most part become not random people, and those who love children, the coach should be born. Over time, if the swimmer wants to improve their skills, to become a master of sports and above, there is need trainers of different level, which not so much know how to teach, how much help you improve your endurance, your power as an athlete. - Can there be in swimming too large load on child? Professional sport is the load that a body without help, not able to bear, but in the professional sports is a few people. When a child is just learning to swim, strain not will be. Yes and I after 25 years of sailing do not feel discomfort. Now I continue to swim, but more for themselves. I take part in competitions of veterans, as strange as it sounds, I am a veteran. What would you recommend as a child you want to swim, to be healthy? - One American coach and scholar held gradation between different kinds of sport: how much to move, to feel good. So here it is calculated that in order to maintain vitality, a day to swim 800 meters. I was not afraid to set ambitious goals, as the main thing was my desire

- Swimming develops and leadership abilities. For what? - Swimming is an individual sport, i.e. it is every man for himself. Will tell on your own example - in the school for swimmers we were a team, everyone was a leader. Maybe because there's only you are responsible for your result, you don't care how other train and presented here focuses only on itself - that is why swimming educates leaders, self-confident, because otherwise success will not reach. - Often sport pick up under the temperament of the child. But as in swimming? Should there be a child any special qualities? - To become a good athlete, indeed, need to have special qualities is resistance, ability to control his emotions. With me trained guys who had good results. But when left on start, so worried for a week before this event, so emotionally further, that to the competition they have no strength. But others who know themselves to configure and get pleasure from the fact that spoke that went all out, those were the winners. - How to configure itself properly? - I constantly struggled with fear. I have associations with childhood is a constant sleep deprivation and fear. Because they were hard training and competition. I went to the start and knew that in a few minutes I will have to give everything, roughly speaking, to die on this track. But I went. When you go to the competition level of the Championships of Europe, peace, the Olympic games, you know what result you have to sacrifice yourself that you will not feel neither arms nor legs. I was afraid, but was, as was preparing a year for those two minutes. And this struggle you so tempers that this stress think about how to work. In the future it helped me, when you left the sport. I was adapted to extreme situations, I knew what the eyes fear, the hands do, and was not afraid to set ambitious goals, as the main thing was in my desire. - Another advantage of the swimming - swimmers are formed fine, perfect figure. How is this achieved? Discover secrets. - In swimming harmoniously develop all muscle groups - work and hands, and feet. There are no priorities, as in other sports. No vertical load. Here everything is in a state of weightlessness, a lot of work the upper body, chest develops, smooth muscles are developed. So there's nothing overly developed: all, as Apollos. And because of low water temperature stimulates blood circulation and improves the metabolism, burn fat reserves. In water it is happening much faster than in the gym, half an hour you can burn 260 calories. So swimming is very good to balance the weight of the children suffering, in particular, obesity. - Where the children learn to swim in the pool, the sea or the river? - It's better to start with a pool, but they are there so few. So I and my Foundation is now doing children's swimming club, where free teach children to swim in the rivers and lakes of the country. Protected territory and for 2 months of summer, everyone learn. I often say that if we don't do something to create the infrastructure pools, they go to the river, where and went out. - How to join Your club? - The lessons of our club are held in July-August in 5 cities of Ukraine - Zaporozhye, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kherson, Lviv is a pool for children allocate social tracks. For 3 years we were visited by more than 9 thousand children. Our club in Kiev will act on Hydropark, in Zaporozhye, on a public beach. In all cities is mainly an easily accessible place - the city beaches. Parents bring their children, write them down, keep records of visits. At the end children pass the exam and get the certificate. - Were there cases of recovery? - Once grandmother brought the boy after the operations on heart, as the doctors recommended him for the rehabilitation swimming. He is very well go to classes, and during the summer months, his state of health greatly improved. I think that children in summer a good many and autumn will continue to walk at least a few times a week in the pool, in the new academic year will forget about many diseases, and even become calmer, more energetic and vigorous. Who knows, maybe someone will love this sport, that in Ukraine there will be new Olympic Champions.