Most therapeutic diets based involve frequent meals. Thus the person does not feel hunger, and the body does not include the saving mode, putting something in reserve. Through frequent meals improved production of digestive enzymes, normal blood sugar levels or even decrease of cholesterol level. Therefore, you should not indulge in healthy snacking. However, there are a few simple rules.
• Snacks should be made between meals. If you are too busy that you forget about it, set the reminder, for example, in your mobile phone.
• Those who eat Breakfast are very tight enough to eat fruit. You can use any fresh and sweet. It should only take into account that, for example, bananas and grapes enough calories, so it's better not to get involved. Minimal portion of snacks, as a rule, is one fruit or a handful (about with your fist) is cut. Maximum three handfuls. For example, the second Breakfast may consist of a large Apple or orange, two tangerines or kiwi. It can be any fruit.
• If in the afternoon wanted to eat dried fruits such as apricots or prunes, do not forget that one dried fruit in their calorie content equal fresh fruit. By the way, to eat dehydrated apricots or plums difficult, so for a few hours before lunch fill it with boiling water, that they were swollen. This will create the required volume.
• If your Breakfast consists of coffee or a mug of tea, the tea should be enough calories and dense. For example, cottage cheese cake, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, scrambled or porridge - oatmeal or oat.
• In the second half of the day, towards evening, you can have another useful snacks - afternoon tea. For those who work long hours or gets home in the dark, such snacking better to do at the end of the day. Thus you can avoid acute hunger.
• In the afternoon perfect milk products: cheese, yogurt or kefir, yogurt. They contain calcium, which is best absorbed by our body that night. Mandatory for late snack should be slow food consumption, it contributes to the saturation. For example, kefir not drink in one gulp, and eat slowly teaspoon.
• Of course, healthy snacks to better find yourself in a calm atmosphere, but in our rapid time sometimes everything is done hastily. In this case, do not make major mistakes, namely: do not eat or fast foods! Besides the calories and injury, will get nothing. For a quick snack best drinking yoghurts with bran, bananas, bars with cereals, beans or nuts. All this contains slow carbohydrates, so in small amounts permissible and even those who keep to a diet for weight reduction.
• By the way, you can afford even a sandwich, but it should be "right": bread with bran, a thin slice of boiled or baked beef, on top of lettuce and a few sprigs of dill and parsley.
In some diseases of the digestive tract, liver, heart, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, snacks extremely necessary. Due to frequent eating small portions reduces the load on a particular organ of the digestive system, the digestive juices are allocated certain rhythm, it is possible to avoid sharp fluctuations of glucose and insulin in the blood and other

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.