Recently, diseases of locomotor apparatus affect an increasing number of the population. Osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, arthritis, arthrosis and so on, lesions of hip joint currently occupy third place in incidence rates among all diseases (after hypertensive disease and ischemic disease of the heart). From regular back pain and joint pain suffers more than 60% of the adult population. Up to 80% of the references occur in people of working age 30-45 years old. Annually care about for the first time revealed diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus turn around a half million citizens of Ukraine. But these statistics are not complete. Because most patients engaged itselftreatmentm, bypassing the doctor's office. In the fight against diseases of musculoskeletal system are valuable achievements of folk and alternative medicine, based on traditions of different countries of the world. Among various methods (acupuncture, manual therapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy) occupies a special place apitherapy - treatment of bee products. So the organizers of the all-Ukrainian conference on apitherapy, which will take place in March of this year on the basis of the National scientific centre "Institute of beekeeping them. P.I. Prokopovich, decided to dedicate this forum mentioned above problems. It should be noted that in the forum will bring together leading experts on apitherapy, practitioners, pharmacists, beekeepers, and not only from Ukraine, but also abroad. The conference will be considered modern methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the spine, joints, and connective tissue. There will be discussion of various schemes of treatment with certain pathologies, will be held master-classes. Because apiterapevty have gained interesting experience and continue to explore, develop and introduce in medical practice a variety of high-performance methods. This was reported by head of the Department of apitherapy Institute of beekeeping Alexey PASCHENKO.

Speaking about the treatment of diseases of locomotor apparatus, first of all, you should think about Epitaciolandia, or treating bee stings. During this procedure in the acupuncture points is introduced bee venom, which has a unique effect on the body: eliminates inflammatory processes, normalizes hormonal balance, regulates Saraswati, improves circulation, increases the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints), launches recovery mechanisms, etc. It has a very strong antibacterial effect. If the joint is affected bacterial, fungal or viral agent (many problems of locomotor system is the result of viral, fungal and bacterial diseases), bee venom kills them, eliminating the cause of the disease. This substance is composed of hydroids, which softens connective tissue. It is also very important. Because with age and due to injury, many connective tissue condenses, forming the fibrous tissue that prevents the mobility of joints, causing pain. Fibrous tissue is the basic substratum of intervertebral hernias. Therefore, belogolovaya very effective in the treatment of intervertebral hernias. Soft tissue hernia (and this is a small part of the nucleus pulposus intervertebral disk that came out) becomes capable of coming back into place. Moreover, the vertebrae that with age dry and splashimages, made of elastic and miss ago convex fabric. In the result, released disadvantaged nerve roots, pain disappears. It should be said that bee venom is a very powerful analgesic agent. Cholinesterase, soderjaschihsya it interrupts the passage of the pain impulse. You need to remember another effect of belogolovaya - efficacy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. It is known that in autoimmune diseases, the body releases antibodies to its own tissues. With the introduction of bee venom he begins to produce antibodies to this matter and stops fighting against its own tissues. In my medical practice, there are many cases of people who, due to intervertebral hernias suffered from unbearable pain, poorly moved, after a course of belogolovaya completely got rid of unpleasant symptoms. Very well treated by belogolovaya arthritic disease. It should be noted that other bee products help in the treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system. We are talking about Royal jelly, pollen, bee obnozhka, honey that need to be taken in. In particular, they help fast restoration of bones, ligaments, muscles after injuries and operations.


Applications from Sabrosa on the affected joint or intervertebral hernia. Take a piece of fabric (natural fabrics), grease it with capping and apply for the night as a compress. The capping due to its physical and chemical properties helps relieve inflammation, swelling, resorption of fibrous tissue. It contains honey, propolis, wax, many litzina. If there is no Sabrosa, you can replace cell honey (mash together with honeycombs and put on the fabric). Diseases of the joints, heel sporah apply napar from the dead bees: take a handful of dead bees, add 0.5 liters of boiling water. When it has cooled slightly (people will be able to stand this temperature), to lower in it the heel and hold for about 15-20 minutes, gradually adding boiling water to maintain the temperature. The course of treatment - 10 procedures. Dead bees is used in the treatment of joints: pour boiling water, steam and put in the form of application on the joints (top fix cellophane and a warm cloth).