Boris Alexandrovich Okhotsk was healed with the help of bees himself and healed thousands of people

Treatment of bee products has always been one of the directions of traditional medicine of Ukrainians. Today apitherapy more confidently declares itself and in official medicine, showing remarkable results in the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the body. Boris Alexandrovich Okhotsk - the people who made an invaluable contribution to the development of apitherapy in Ukraine, researching, studying, elaborating and implementing various methods of Chelopechene into medical practice. For the first time the possibility of apitherapy Boris Alexandrovich experienced. As military doctor he went through the Great Patriotic war, was wounded. After the war a long time it was restored in the Lviv military hospital. And here for the first time acquainted with PchelatreatmentM. It with a heavy trauma of the spine, feet, put the doctor Mikhail Bredikhin who treated by the help of bee-bites. Ensuring high efficiency of apitherapy own experience, doctor of Okhotsk started a huge job on introduction her in official medicine. It has been going on for about 50 years. And brings visible results. His invaluable scientific and practical experience he described in 60 scientific works. From his pen came out a few books. In particular, one of them - "Bee-healers", became a bestseller and is cited in the works of many apitherapeutic from different countries. And, most importantly, owing to developments Boris Okhotsk in Ukraine increased galaxy of doctors apitherapeutic, continuing the pioneering, eliminating suffering and restoring health at different ailments hundreds of patients. In particular, head of the Department of apitherapy National center apitherapy "Institute of beekeeping them. P. I. Prokopovich" Alexey Paschenko, associate Professor of the Odessa medical University Yuri Solodenko, candidate of medical Sciences Yury Solovyev, and many others. on 26 June 2012 honored doctor of Ukraine Boris Alexandrovich Okhotsk turns 95. Its name in Ukrainian apitherapy written in Golden letters. Appreciation for his good deeds he lives in the heartsx thousands of people, that through him and his disciples today live a full life. Birthday jubilee colleagues, followers, patients, readers want to Boris Alexandrovich good health, creative inspiration and further achievements. Newspaper "Health and Dougall" joins these requirements. All the best to You, dear hero of the day.

Health recipes from Boris Okhotsk Angina. 100 ml of aloe juice mixed with 300 grams of honey, 500 g of crushed walnuts, lemon juice 1-2. Take 1 tablespoon three times a day for 20 minutes before eating. Adenoma (integrated treatment). In 1 glass of pumpkin juice to add a 1 item of L. honey, take 2 times a day before meals. Diseases of heart, liver, obesity, constipation. 0.5 cups of beet juice add a tablespoon of honey, take two times a day before meals. Joint inflammation, bronchitis. Mix 2 parts of honey, 1 part of aloe juice, 3 parts of vodka. This mixture is used for compresses.