Pancreatitis do not overeat and periodically cistite pancreas

Type please the newspaper recommendations for nutrition and treatment popular methods of pancreatitis. With respect for your reader Olga. , Myronivka.

The letter says the author of a health system "possibilities of the person in extreme situations," Yuri BATALIN.

Usually by the inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) leads to the stagnation of the secret of the prostate. The reason is the excessive overeating, alcohol abuse, obesity, metabolic disorders, etc. Pancreas (mud) is well treated by fasting, what to do in an exacerbation of the disease. Who find it difficult to starve, you can go on fasting diet, for example: the first day only eat yogurt, second - broth hips, third - vegetable salads, fourth - fruit. In General, patients with pancreatitis should be administered in the diet teas hips, drink from the ground berries black currant, sea-buckthorn, boiled water with lemon juice. Food should be separate and small portions (100-150 g). Approximate diet: raw and boiled vegetables, dairy products (especially useful cottage cheese), porridge on the water (buckwheat, rice, oats, barley), pasta, cooked with herbs. Also recommended fish, low-fat varieties, vegetable oil, baked potatoes, bread, stale bread. For the normal functioning of the pancreas body needs vitamins, mineral substances, in particular cobalt, which is contained in the red beet tops, berries and leaves of red and black currants, strawberries, peas, liver, kidneys, milk, eggs, etc. In the pancreas can be deferred stones, which is not always possible to diagnose with the help of instruments. From stones and slagging intercellular space mud can be removed with cleaning.

Method № 1. Half a Cup of oats (cereals) and 1 teaspoon of flax seeds to fill in in a thermos flask 0.5 l of boiling water for 2-3 hours. Heat, drain hot and pour again in a thermos. Drink 2-3 times on an empty stomach. Take the infusion daily for months. If necessary, repeat the treatment in 2-3 months.

Method № 2. Mix in equal parts calendula flowers and grass immortelle. Two tablespoons of the mixture pour 0,5 l of boiling water, leave for night. In the morning boil for 5 minutes and infuse it for another hour. Take 0.5 cups 3-5 times a day for 20 minutes before eating.

Method № 3. One table spoon of the crushed grass, dandelion (even better with roots), pour a glass of boiled water and boil for about 15 minutes to Insist 30-40 minutes, drink 1 tbsp. several times a day before meals.

For the recovery of the pancreas can take advantage of such recipes. Chinese. A piece of onion (10 g, or 0.5 tbsp) pour over boiling water, chop, add vegetable oil. Be divided into two portions and is taken twice a day with a meal as a seasoning. Another Chinese recipe. The pancreas of pigs, cows or sheep wash, finely cut and dried in the oven. Grind into powder. Take 3-5 grams of powder three times a day before eating, squeezed water. Infusion burdock. One tablespoon of chopped root pour 200 ml of boiling water for 2-3 hours. Enjoy drinks during the day, a third Cup in the breaks between meals. This recipe will help both of pancreatitis, and diabetes. The infusion of nettles. Brew a Cup of boiling water 1 tablespoon crushed dried leaves. Insist in a warm place for 2 hours. Drink 0.5 cups three times a day for 30 minutes before eating. A decoction of Valerian. Brew 1 tbsp. roots in one Cup of boiling water. Boil for 30 minutes leave to cool. Drink 1 tbsp 2-3 times a day before meals. Compresses. When pain in the area of the pancreas to put a compress of urine, fresh or one stripped off.