Painful to have dental implants? The installation uses General anesthesia or local anesthesia?

Local anesthesia is applied, with numbed only place that is implanted. The use of anesthesia during implantation absolutely not shown. I can assure You that in the modern anesthetics this is a painless procedure.

What is an implant?

The implant is an artificial root, made in 99% of cases of titanium. Structural they are different, with different carvings and design, but one idea - to repeat the lost tooth root.

How long is an implant? it need to change?

We put an implant for the unlimited string. For a long time, probably forever. Strings of his service depends on the owner of the implant. I do implantology 10 years, and not once during those years with implants which I have established nothing happened and change them was not necessary.

What implantation better than other types of prosthetics?

Implantation is definitely better than any kind of prosthetics. When a bridge prostheses are used own teeth as a support, to do it they need to be faced, what is harmful to Your family dental. When a bridge prostheses between artificial teeth and gums is formed washing, which is often clogged with food that gives people a lot of discomfort when using implants such, of course not.
In the case of a non-existent end bearings, used removable prosthesis that much neudobnoj, more difficult for the patient than the crowns on implants.
As the implantation of the most aesthetic prosthesis.

What is the procedure of implantation? how long it lasts?

I often hear that the implant is placed in the gums. This is not the case. As the natural root of the tooth is in the bone, there is installed and the implant. Ie implants are artificial tooth root in the bone.
In the most simple and common method implantation procedure usually lasts no more than 10 minutes.

Is it safe implantation? could this I somehow hurt?

Perfectly safe. People no risk, placing the implant. There are such notions as complications after implantation ( in rare, one could say, is exceptional cases), but the procedure itself is performed by the hands of a master in a clean, prepared zone, will not bring any harm.

How soon after tooth removal it is possible to install an implant?

Should wait 1.5 months after tooth removal, but it is not Axioma, for something to avoid double pain and unnecessary visits to the dentist you can install the implant directly into the hole of the extracted tooth, some noticed contraindications currently not nablyudalos

What type of prosthesis implantologists prefer to install yourself and your family?

If you can avoid alternative types of prosthesis, it is better to use traditional methods. But implantation by far the best, progressive and attractive way to return the lost teeth. And it is much easier, than it seems to most people that refer to some rumors or other people's opinions. So I prefer implantation any other kinds of prosthetics.

Implants which firm is the highest quality?

I use in my work 5 types of implants, price and quality are pleasantly combined. The results with the use of these implants are just wonderful. To say which of them is better or worse it is impossible, as for each clinical case fits a separate type of implants.

How is the rehabilitation after implantation?

There is a medical Protocol is postoperative medication prescribed by the doctor for the patient. It includes the behavior of the patient's examinations in the clinic, medications and so on. Wound healing occurs within 7 days. Sometimes for 1-2 days more or less.

Is it possible to implant rejection?

The concepts of exclusion does not exist. There is an inflammatory process that emerged after implant installation. The process that ended with healing of bone wound, integration of the implant, and ended with the exclusion of the implant. But it's a clinical case that happens very rarely.

How to care for implants?

For implants do not need to care. The implant is in the bone. To take care of the crowns and caring for them is as easy as your own teeth. Once a half-year have to go to his doctor in implantology for inspection.
We also give our clients set to care for the mouth during the postoperative period. This set includes a special soft brush, a liquid for rinsing a mouth ointment and bandages, which are active and contribute to the accelerated healing of postoperative wounds.

What are dental implants safer?

All implants, which are certified in Europe and the USA and TK-passed fiscal admission is absolutely safe.

How soon after the installation of the implant is installed, the tooth(crown)?

It is desirable that it took 1.5 months, but this period is not indicative. It all depends on the particular clinical case, the type of implant, age and physical condition of the patient, the presence in lifestyle habits, proper or improper nutrition, etc. in short, surgeon dentist with the help of special equipment must determine the moment when the implant can be loaded by the crown sometimes this process can take up to six months

Are there unsuccessful surgery? if Yes, how often? Returns whether the money then?

I can guarantee that in case of a failed operation failed prosthetics, any clinic regardless of where it is located , in Moscow, London or new York - money back. But we try to work without such cases and I don't remember that we've had something similar.

Is it true that implantation is the best solution with severe periodontitis? Is there another option to solve the problem?

Periodontal disease is a chronic disease that cannot be cured completely. Therefore, if the teeth are lost due to a long running periodontitis then of course, the best solution is implantation.

Can I put a bridge prosthetics on implants?

Of course you can. On implants possible any type of prosthesis, they (implants) are under any of the specific type of restoration that is agreed at the planning stage.

Is it true that Smoking and alcohol can cause complications after implantation??!!!

Alcohol at the household level, for example, if a person had a fight or fell in alcoholic intoxication, and this led to tooth loss. But Smoking is really very affects the settling down of the implant and the lines of his service.

In some cases, implantation contraindicated?

There are absolute and relative contraindications.
Absolute - mental illness, severe blood diseases, diabetes which is not treated and is supported by the introduction of insulin, pathology of bone tissue into which the implant is placed. Relative can be difficult bite, Smoking and so on.
But the most important and essential, of course, are absolute contraindications.

Can I install multiple dental implants?

Of course. It is better at once to put the maximum possible number of implants. This is the explanation. In any case, the operation, no matter big or small, an injury to person, why should you experience it several times? Moreover, any operation must be accompanied by antibiotics, so why duplicate it and take pills to several courses? It is worth noting that the number of delivered at once implants result does not change.

What are the complications after implantation?

If the implantation of a well-planned, complications should not be. This casuistry, but it could happen. Usually complications are associated with the rejection of the implant , which is the inflammation in the bone, or the penetration of the implant in the anatomical cavities (nasal cavity or channels which are the nerves and blood vessels). But such cases are nonsense and I even do not remember that something similar happened.

Is it possible to implantation, if there is not enough bone for the establishment of an implant?

It is possible and necessary. In most cases, the bones are not enough, as tooth loss is often associated with loss of bone tissue. This or chronic inflammatory process, or operation that led to the destruction of the bone which was the root of the tooth, so installing the implant plus bone grafting, it is quite normal.

Put whether the implants of any discomfort? Will I feel it in my mouth?

Categorically, definitely NOT.

Responding implant on a metal detector?

No, not react.

I fear that the implant can injure nerves, is it true?

The penetration of the implant in the anatomical education and their wounds - it is almost impossible phenomenon. With current technologies and with the right implant planning is impossible.

Can I install implants pregnant?


How and what to eat with implants without crowns?

In the first 1.5 months after implant installation, we recommend patients to install the temporary prosthesis in the form of removable dentures or plastic bridges. c which is absolutely normal to eat. But first 7 days until heals, scar tissue, of course, there will be some discomfort. In this period it is better to take of liquid food.

What I need to do after the operation? Do I need to take some pills, injections or any other medications after implantation?

Of course. Poslerevolyutsionnye Protocol includes a course of anti-inflammatory, General-stimulating treatment. There is a special series of preparations, which I recommend in poslerevolyutsionnye period. This course covers the necessary antibiotics (soft enough, does not affect the General state of the body) , as I attribute vitamins and painkillers. Also we give our patients set to care for the mouth during the postoperative period. It includes a special brush, the solution to rinse the mouth cavity, ointment dressing that encourage active healing.

What crowns are placed on the implant?

Any existing crowns are placed on the implant. All depends on desire of the client. We can highly recommend certain crowns, but the right of choice, of course, left to the patient.

Why inserted teeth sometimes darken the edges?

With implants did not happen. But, for example, in the case of ceramic-metal denture is very natural process. Through thinning the mucous illuminated metal crowns, it happens over time, and this is quite normal. This can be avoided by putting himself all-prosthesis, or on the basis of zirconium or gold.

At what age usually start to fall teeth and how much it costs to put a mouth full of implants?

In General teeth start falling out all different. In 90% of this comes from periodontal disease. Dystrophic processes in the bone place after 28 years. Active tooth loss in the result of periodontal disease starts in 43-45 years.
Man has 32 teeth, 4 of them are rudimentary, people who were born in the 80-90s of them is not a priori. Remains 28 teeth. This is the norm. As a result of periodontitis man loses 10% -20% of the volume of the bone, it is still minus 4 teeth.. Such prosthetics, 24 tooth, 12 top 12 below, will cost the patient in our clinic about 10 000$.

Whether altering implants their appearance over time?

No, don't change, ons eternal. Can change the appearance of the crown. Although modern materials of which make crowns been perfected so that the lines of their unlimited service.

Chew implanted teeth as comfortable as usual?

In some cases even more convenient than their own.

Can the crown to fall away?

Yes, it may fall away, destroyed, recrementitious. But it is easily removed and there is nothing terrible. In fact if it happened through no fault of the patient, something that a safety case we do for free.

Can implant start to rot?

Titanium does not rot. Can be destroyed bone around the implant or inflamed mucosa, but the implant to rot can not physically. But again, these cases are not valid in our work.

Can the rod implant will be bent? for example, the blow?

There can't. Even the research was conducted, when in pork jaw implant inserted at that point were very hard hit. Now implant withstood 50 000 000 of such attacks. So it's unlikely implant may bend from the blow.

How much does implantation?

The cost of treatment is individual for each patient, the country in which you choose the clinic. For example, in developing countries the cost of implantation of a single tooth can range up to$1,000, In Israel-from$ 1500 to 2000$ in America$ 3000 to$5000. Although the exact price range nope, it all depends on the type of implant, its brand, etc. for Example, in Moscow it is possible to set implants and for$ 1000 but you can try and find over 10 000$ per tooth.