Time-tested method of folk - rubbing garlic and sour green Apple problem areas of the body for a week or two to help get rid of corns and warts. For procedures you need to cut slices and turn to grease hard place. Do this four or five times a day. Sour Apple enhances the fungicidal effect of garlic as a similar tool, much better work at low pH value. As practice shows, in a week netoptix softens and excess skin comes off layers. This way you can remove the hard calluses and even the wart. However, if the corn should be lubricated garlic and Apple juice week, warts - 10-12 days. According to doctors, such a method has a clear scientific justification. As is known, garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties (suppresses activity or kills 13 strains pathogenic to humans fungi). Apples, in turn, is an old object herbal medicine. As external means a paste of fresh apples is applied to the weakening of inflammatory processes to baked and frozen parts of the body and is used to treat slow-healing ulcers. Apples, pureed with fresh butter or fat are ointment-"lipstick" (from the French word pomme - Apple) for rapid healing of scratches and cracks, especially on the lips and nipples.

Prepared Love FIELD-SHANDA