Spring holidays - good holidays. And they seem to go by stairs. First breath of spring holidays gives us the Meeting. The second step - palm (or, as we say, is sutkovoi) Sunday. As willow is also called a joke. I.e. the willow, which among their sisters - other willow - blossoms very early and has a very beautiful earrings-brush. And is celebrated palm Sunday here's why: our grandparents this celebration recall the day when our God, Jesus Christ, after various miracles performed Them, returned to Jerusalem. - Glory! Glory! - shouted people who came out to meet the great Wonderworker, and threw him his clothes, green branches. If you want to go back in time to celebrate palm Sunday as celebrated it once, then first you need to have your willow. Near the house grew Verba mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, and, of course, yours if you then lived there. Why? Because what man is and everything they touch his hands. Now, if a bad man planted a willow, a willow could be bad. And if you pick with bad willow branch, then you get ill, or some other misfortune to you can happen... So the little boy or girl, just beginning to walk, torn from my mom's small tree branch on palm Sunday, consecrated it in the Church in that day, and then they planted in the ground to grow... Our grandparents believed that sanctified verbova branch drives away all misfortune. Therefore one brush immediately eat to be healthy. And saying, since you already know what they did nothing without words: - Was leaning against Christ, Christ blessed, enter my womb, and cast harm. Let it be on years of happiness, health... Sanctified by twig tried to touch each to his evil never touched, saying at the same time: - "I did not beat - willow beats, Verba glest - beats to tears". The twig was beaten and livestock, too, to defend him from all evil: Christ blesses you harm turns. Wherever you are - God be with you... Further - old men were sitting near the house and was glad to God's day. And they gathered their children, who have with their families lived separately.

After dinner all together, at one table, read "Holy Letter", and then putting off this very wise in the world Book and began talking about how God loves us all, as he wants us to find peace and eternal life. And how to live so as not to offend God. Because whoever does evil, he is separated from God. God is angry at him... Let's think about it: do we not something that would be on us to be angry with God?..

In the book of narodowego "Golden wine from my grandmother's trunk" prepared Love Field-Shanda.