Prolapse of the uterus - is a violation of retention of small pelvis organs and their moving outwards under the effect of intra-abdominal pressure with the formation of protrusion of the vaginal walls. Symptom omission is drawing pain in the lower abdomen and lumbar region, incontinence, constipation, loss of body cancer of the genital slit. There has been a violation of the history of pelvic floor prolapse of the vaginal walls or the uterus in natureway. On the walls of the vagina and cervix often have ulcers. The main reasons for the omission and the loss of the uterus are congenital failure of the pelvic floor, injury of the pelvic floor, heavy physical labor, severe loss of body weight, atrophy of the tissues in old age. To the development of ptosis and prolapse of the uterus and vagina can cause damage to the pelvic floor muscles in the result of childbirth, when the fetus is very large, the child is born agodicnae, tearing of the perineum. Often these injuries occur in women, women giving birth for the first time after 30-35 years: they tissue crotch already largely lose its elasticity. Sometimes the occurrence of this pathology cause chronic diseases of respiratory organs, accompanied by a strong cough. Structure of the pelvic floor are hormone-dependent, i.e. their strength depends on the presence of female sex hormones (estrogens). By reducing the amount of estrogen as a result of natural menopause or other reasons strength of structures in the pelvic floor is reduced. A dropped uterus also occurs frequently in nagaragawa women due to sagging anterior abdominal wall, when the wrong position of the uterus (bend backwards). There are incomplete and complete prolapse of the uterus. In the process of omission are formed hernia front and rear walls of the vagina, which fall into the front of the bladder and sometimes the urethra, and rarely loop of the intestine; and behind - the front wall of the rectum, rarely loop of the intestine. In the complete loss of the uterus wall of vagina, turn inside out, and in formed bag down on the bladder, the front wall of the rectum, loops of intestine. All these bodies can be felt through the wall of the vagina. It is clear that the violation of the structural relationships of the pelvic organs entails urination disorders. With the uterus and vagina often falls bladder wall (cystocele) and rectum (rectocele). When significant cystocele and prolapsed uterus urination becomes difficult, sometimes it is possible only after the reduction of the uterus. With the development of rectocele may experience difficulty urinating and incomplete emptying of the rectum. Due to constant trauma fallen genital arise sores, swelling, bleeding. The presence of residual urine in the bladder when expressed cystocele creates conditions for development of cystitis.


This therapy consists in special remedial gymnastics, gynaecological massage, the use of medicinal herbs and aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvis to prevent the loss of tissue. Another means of uterine ring (pessary), which is inserted into the vagina and keeps the uterus neck in the correct position. A pessary is put into the vagina to cover the cervix, it keeps the uterus in the raised position. In General pessary use only with little or omission in fairly late age, in the hope that senile changes will lead to the natural reduction of the diameter of the vagina and weight of the genital organs. But uterine ring has its disadvantages, for example, it inserts a doctor, it descends after administration inwards and need to inflate it to such a state that it was convenient. Royal ring must be frequently cleaned. But, if in a sexual relationship you are not very active, it can become for you the output. You also need to wear the armband: to sew ring towel and folded twice. This bandage is kept by means of a belt or suspenders. Applies also wearing a bandage. Patients do not lift anything heavy, and in the menu you need to add more lemon. Menopause is also desirable to carry out substitution therapy estrogen, which helps improve blood flow to the vagina.


You should begin with the tone of smooth muscles of the uterus. Increases tone broth viburnum ordinary. Brew 50 g of berries in 0,5 l of boiled water, heat the water bath for 20 minutes. Take 1/2 Cup. Still the best means - infusion of herbs dymjanki. Rent 2 tsp. dry grass, with 2 cups of cool boiled water, leave for 12 hours, strain. Take 1 / 2 Cup 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Continue treatment broths. For the first course of treatment (36 days) prepare the collection. Take in equal parts Highlander serpentine and centaury. Use broth from calculation 1 tablespoon of the mixture of herbs on 0,5 l of boiling water. Drink 2 tablespoons of broth, 2 times a day 20 minutes before a meal. This broth use and for douching. The next day drink broth viburnum ordinary 1/2 Cup as a means of increasing the tone of the uterine musculature. Preferably in one of the techniques to take a bath or better yet, go to the sauna. Then begin the second course of treatment. Two tablespoons of this collection of herbs: mother-and-stepmother - 100 g, oregano - 75 g, lemon balm - 75 g, evenings put in a thermos and poured two cups of boiling water. In the morning, strain, divided into 3 parts and is taken one hour before a meal. And so 18 days. Next 18 days use a slightly modified collection. Take two tablespoons of chopped herbs centaury, lemon balm leaves and flowers jasnotka white, pour one liter of boiling water, insist wrapped 2 hours, strain. Drink the entire infusion during the day. After a break for a period of not less than two weeks use Melissa: 2 tbsp. lemon balm from the evening put in a thermos and poured two cups of boiling water. In the morning divided into 3 parts and is taken one hour before a meal. If prolapse simultaneously dropped and stomach, mix the crushed shell 5 eggs and 9 chopped lemon peel, insist 4 days, add 0.5 liters of vodka. Drink after taking a bath or sauna 50 ml while receiving herbs make irrigation, enemas, special procedures and exercises, take baths, and then the application. For enemas best quince. A decoction prepared from 50 gr or quince per 0,5 l of boiling water. Enemas are conducted periodically, but not more than 1-2 times a week. Douching spend a decoction of oak bark. To do this, 75 g of the material is poured into the pan 2 liters of water, put on fire, bring to a boil and lower the heat, boil for 2 hours. Navara will last for 3 douching. To douche need each day during the entire course of treatment for a period of 36 days.


In 1 l of water temperature 37 C diluted manganese pink and dipped in a solution of 2 pieces of foam the size of 4 matchbox. To survive the day. After that take out one piece, squeeze, lie on your back and enter the foam into the vagina as far as possible. There he stood, and will support the uterus. To walk like 4 days, then remove the foam, wash it with soap in boiled water, to rinse clean boiled water again and put in a jar of solution of manganese, and another piece to be removed from the solution and insert into the vagina. To change up until the uterus is not going to place. For baths use cypress. 1 Cup cypress nuts put in an enamel saucepan and pour 2 liters of water. Simmer on low heat for 1 hour. After removing from heat, leave for 30 minutes. This broth and used for baths. To be in the bath should not exceed 15 minutes. After a bath on the lower abdomen put on 2 hours clay applications, make douching clay with water. It is also useful to enter 2 hours vaginal tampons soaked in liquid white clay. If, however, with the uterus falls and rectum, then additionally take more and sedentary tub. Radical tool in partial deposition of the uterus and rectum - the dope. For sedentary baths take 10 g of dry leaves, pour 3 l of boiling water, insist 1 hour in a warm place.


Regularly have to do some exercises. Starting position: standing on his knees, shins, feet and heels together. Sit on your heels and without changing the vertical position of body, begin to slowly shift the pelvis with heels on the right side while bowing his head to the left. The left hand should lie on his left knee and the right freely to hang along the body. The more slowly round the bottom of the spine, the more counteract stagnation in nemostul the uterus in place will help this exercise: 2 times a week after you Wake up to get on all fours and in this position to stand 15 minutes. There are exercises that prevents a dropped uterus. Lie on your back, pull your hands at your sides and bend your legs at the knees. Relying on foot, lift the rear part. And so to 10 times. To do in the morning and at night, each time to exercise "Bicycle". In addition, more should be done to swim and try not to raise more than 3 kg of weight. Helps to get rid of omission and such exercise: lie down on the floor, stand up and sit down, not taking his feet off the floor. And so a few times. Do exercise daily. In addition, we need the whole day wearing a tight belt. To put on and take it lying down. The course of treatment is 36 days. Sometimes for the treatment of prolapse of the uterus is enough of such complex: 1. Roll roll of small rug, get down on the floor and placed under the buttocks cushion so that they are on the roll, and spin - on the floor. The left leg lift at an angle of 90 degrees, not bending the knee, lower, raise your right foot at 90 degrees lower. Repeat 7 times. 2. Lift both legs together 90 degrees, without bending the knees, put on the floor, repeat 7 times. 3. Repeat the "scissors" 45 seconds. 4. Perform the exercise bike 45 seconds. 5. Feet together, straight, raise up 90 degrees. Pull the left leg to the side, follow the clockwise rotation within 30 seconds, then the same thing - the right leg. 6. Feet together, raise, without bending the knees, as close to the body, touch your toes, fingers dip your feet on the floor, repeat 7 times. 7. Tilt bent at the knees to the left, then to the right, make sure that the back did not off the ground, each way to do 7 slopes. 8. Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, hands to put under the buttocks, keeping your shoulders off the floor, raise the buttocks - repeat 7 times. 9. Complete the exercise "candle" 45 seconds. 10. To turn on the stomach, to enclose fabric cushion under his belly. Raise hands and feet above the floor, as high as possible, your knees don't bend - 30 sec. 11. To get on all fours. Arching his back up and down 7 times. 12. Standing on all fours - lift your right leg as high as possible in the knee not bend, drop, then lift your left leg - 7 times. 13. To get up. Standing, making sweeps your feet - first left, then right, each foot - 7 times. 14. Standing up, pull straight leg to the side, follow the rotation of the first leg clockwise for 30 seconds, then counterclockwise for 30 seconds. Put the leg, do the same with the other leg. Repeat 7 times for each leg. 15. Complete the exercise "swallow" - 45 sec. The exercises should be done daily on empty stomach. If you are unable to immediately perform a full range of exercise - reduce the multiplicity of each exercise, but gradually increase the load. The time required for recovery depends on the regularity and completeness of the exercises, the severity of the disease.


Many women helped this old recipe. Take a half-liter plastic bottle and go on it so that the belly button appeared in the center of the neckline. Although the pain prolapse and very strong, lying 3-5 minutes as you can. Then, without lifting, turn on the right side and lay still for 15 minutes. Finally, lie on your back and tie belly scarf, handkerchief or an elastic bandage. Then you can stand on his feet. The whole procedure should last at least 20 minutes. To know that the uterus in place, if the disappeared feeling pain when you are in the position of lying on the Bank. Naturally, weight lifting in this period are excluded. If you do not help all the methods described above, try to receive medical treatment. In the morning after emptying lie on a firm bed and lubricate water or petroleum jelly near the navel. Light the paper type for a second medical jar and quickly put last on the belly to belly button was in the center banks. Lie down with a jar 7-8 minutes, then by pressing your finger on the edge of banks remove it and even lie down quietly for half an hour. How many times should be put to the Bank depends on the degree of prolapse of the uterus. Prolapse, accompanied by inflammation of the appendages, good help and such a way. Heat granite stone, place it in the enamel bucket, get over it, wrap yourself and worry to cool. After warming up, drink 0.5 cups of broth wormwood and go to bed. Course - 10 sessions.


If the illness is running, sometimes not without operations, because the omission is a progressive process, concerning not only the sex, but also of neighboring organs (intestines, bladder). This contributes to the formation of disk anterior and posterior walls of the vagina. Over time, develop cystitis, falling of kidneys, jade. In total there are more than a dozen different types of surgery for prolapse of the vaginal walls and prolapse of the uterus. There are operations with small violations for young women, allowing to get pregnant and give birth. There's intervention for the elderly, not sexually active. With the development of endoscopic methods of surgery, laparoscopic operations allow to a minimum to reduce the trauma, the risk of complications, significantly reduce both the time of the operation, and the rehabilitation period. Young energetic working-age women who are faced with the problem of prolapse of the uterus in early age, it is enough to have the above-described procedures. If you have to resort to surgery, it may be romanticise - operation, which is today a gold standard. Its essence lies in the placement and strengthening of synthetic material (prosthesis) along the front and back walls of the vagina. When the operation is contraindicated applies therapy with the use described above uterine rings and vaginal swabs. With long-term wearing of uterine rings, the formation of bedsores. After the introduction of uterine rings required daily vaginal douching described above infusion or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Patients should be regularly examined by a gynecologist.


The regular work of muscles contributes to the prevention of diseases, connected with muscular activity. In connection with the progressive nature of the disease restorative treatment to improve the tone of the tissues (nutrition, water treatment, special gymnastic exercises) start with a small degree of prolapse of the uterus. Special attention should be paid to physical culture during pregnancy and after birth, the right to stitching tearing of the perineum during childbirth. Protect yourself against abortion and inflammation, reducing the elasticity of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Ensuring the vitality and energy of the muscles of this zone will help to avoid many problems in future. Training small pelvis, you strengthen the muscles that support the urethra, bladder, uterus and rectum, which, in turn, relieves the symptoms of urinary incontinence, assists in childbirth, reduces the risk of development of diseases of small pelvis and reduces painful conditions during menstruation. Pelvic floor muscles are responsible for holding all the small pelvis organs inside. Together with the strengthening and toning muscles exercises also increase blood flow to this area, which is the basis for cell renewal. Like all other muscles of our body, pelvic floor muscles are maintained in good shape through exercise regularly. The weakening of the muscles of the perineum can lead to a number of disastrous consequences. A woman may develop incontinence of urine and feces due to the lack of control of the bladder or bowel. What gives the development of intimate muscles? If the constant work of vaginal muscles supporting the entire reproductive system of a woman. This facilitates the process of childbirth - opening of the vagina during the passage of the foetus, subsequently integrity vagina restored faster. Due to the natural maintain blood saturated ovaries and the uterus, reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases and cancer. In the female body by improving blood circulation during operation vaginal muscles restored hormonal background, facilitated premenstrual syndrome, postponed the onset of menopause - this stage women's life is experienced painless. The body has absolutely everything that can contribute to human health. Using specific exercises a woman can develop sensitivity of the internal organs. Trained muscles of the pelvic floor, where are the female organs, to a certain extent, direct our way of life. The body has endless possibilities for their development and recovery. Technology training hardly changed over hundreds of years of its existence. First level - relaxation and tension separate parts of the vagina (input, the middle part, vaults); the second level is more complex: train vaginal muscles at change the position of the bodies, give a more intense workout. Developing the third level, the added energy (by the way, the chakras are located where there are many vital organs). Learning the fourth level, women are learning to create with the help of the vaginal muscles wave compression. However, before starting to vaginal exercises, you need to consult a gynaecologist. Being engaged in intimate physical exercise, it is important to remember that when you experience physical activity, automatically tense stronger muscles, in this case - the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Therefore, developing an intimate muscles, keep this in mind. One has to learn to feel your body, analyze why it is so, and not otherwise. But do not forget that a healthy person in my life is to eat a certain amount of food, drink your glass of wine and enjoy released to him the number of love Soiti. As popular wisdom says: do not leave for tomorrow, and intimate life in old age. All should be a reasonable start and sense of proportion. In order to understand all the secrets of their capabilities, you need to master the secrets of volberding. Volberding is prevention omissions of uterus, and the walls of the vagina, a non-surgical method of reducing vaginal volume. Currently, information about this can be found and to exercise at home, you can use the services of the instructor. The sexual revolution has led to the ancient knowledge, to go back to basics. Learn to analyze and feel your body and be healthy!

Vyacheslav VARNAVSKIY, doctor-phytotherapeutist.