Shingles is an infection of recurrent type, caused by the varicella zoster virus. The source of infection are the mucous membrane of the pharynx and tonsils. This is where the virus under the influence of the various reasons (illness, injury, and so on) enters the blood, selectively affecting the nervous system and skin. Shingles can occur in any man who has had chickenpox.

Approximately 5% of people who have had shingles, it occurs again. The rash consists of painful bubbles appearing on the one hand. Most often affected skin of the trunk, at least - face.

There are skin, eye and ear, gangrenous and meningoencephalitides forms of the disease.

The most common is the cutaneous form. It begins with fever, symptoms of intoxication and sharply expressed burning pain at the site of future eruptions. On a rash occurs first hyperemia skin, which then bubbles filled first, transparent, and then turbid contents. Music industry, the bubbles become brown. Sometimes the rash is missing is a disease characterized by intoxication and neuralgic pains.

When eye and ear forms localized rash along the branches of the trigeminal nerve (on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, face skin). Pronounced neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve, which can last several weeks. When ocular form there are specific viral keratitis and glaucoma. When gangrenous the form of shingles is celebrated deep skin lesion with scar formation. Meningoencephalitides form is rare. Symptoms meningoencephalitis (ataxia, hallucinations). The disease is of heavy current. Death in this form - more than 60%.


In the first days of the disease shingles doctors conduct activities aimed at combating intoxication relieve and prevention of infection.

For this intramuscularly give 5-10 ml of Immunoglobulin. At occurrence of a secondary bacterial complications prescribe antibiotics to fight intoxication impose 5% glucose solution and a solution of sodium chloride. Appoint vitamins. Good effect is observed from leukocyte Interferon, a solution which is applied using a glass stick to the lesion 5-6 times a day. After acute nephritis effects appoint ultraviolet radiation and autohemotherapy, to relieve the painful pains used analgesics. Additionally spend electrophoresis novocaine.

Depending on the severity of the disease pain may remain even after heal blisters. Facilitates its long-term use of Chlorpromazine in combination with Amitriptyline.

For strengthening immune system and inhibit the spread of the virus shingles advise 5-6 times a day to take vitamin C, a complex of b vitamins, multivitamins containing zinc, as well as the drug "Lysine".

The main treatmentm is the nerve blockade. The pain pass 75% of patients, if it is made not later than 2 months from the moment of onset of rash. In case, when the disease has been established, will help these types of treatment:

a) to the affected area make the bag with tolerant of hot sea salt. Then 30 minutes to take a warm (37 C) bath with sage tea and chamomile (1:1). After the bath to sore points to make bags filled with hot poultice made of potatoes, watered with vodka;

b) rubbed the sore spots swab dipped in table vinegar, then smeared them with protein blend eggs with white clay and fresh salted pork fat, taken in equal parts.

In both cases, before you sleep do warm enema of 1 l of chamomile infusion. To prepare 4 tbsp owers ought to brew 1 l of boiled water, to insist 0.5 hour and to filter.

In an hour after meal take 1/3 Cup of broth from hawthorn, Valerian root, and peppermint. Take 1 tablespoon of each plant and cook in 0,5 l of water 7-8 minutes.


Don't do anything, if zoster in the stage of bubbles. Start treatment only when blisters will turn into the crust.

Do not annoy the skin of various cosmetic creams and ointments. Order pharmacy melaminovoy liniment. If phenol is too strong or menthol cools too, spread the ointment equal amount of water. Use it as often as you want, up until the blisters will not dry up and will not disappear brown. Then use a lotion containing phenol and menthol, such as Nutridar.

Try chloroform-aspirin paste. RUB 2 tablets of Aspirin in powder, add 2 Art. L. chloroform and mix. On a clean cotton swab apply the paste and blot them deprive the affected area. You can do this several times a day.

Copious rash put a towel soaked in cold water. Than compress colder the better.

Avoid anything that may cause heating of the skin, covered with blisters.

Take a bath with starch. To do this, throw up a handful of the starch in the water bath and soak for a while. To make the procedure for 20 minutes before sleep. After the bath to take pain.


Until the blisters normally, it is around 2 months, take herbal pharmacy drug "Zostrix". It blocks the chemicals necessary for the transmission of pain impulses through the nerve cells, and is designed for longer healed skin with a heightened sensitivity to pain, but not for open, oozing infection.

At this stage of the disease recommend 1-2 times a day to grease zoster 4% solution of propolis. Then sprinkle the powder Likopodija or bergenia. You can lubricate broth peppermint (1 tablespoon of herbs on 1 glass of boiled water), and then an ointment made of 100 g of honey and 1 tablespoon of ash from garlic.

In addition to lubricating deprive the affected areas, to take the infusion of oatmeal (1 tbsp. beans, pour a glass of cold water, leave for night, and drain. To drink the Cup 3 times daily before meals), broth of a bark of elm may (brew tea, and to drink 1 glass 3 times a day), a mixture of Apple cider vinegar with juice burdock (mix 1:1. To use 1 tablespoon 4-5 times a day).

Wipe zoster 2 times daily infusion of Helichrysum arenarium (2 tablespoon of herbs to make a glass of boiling water and insist, wrapped, 1 hour), a decoction of buckwheat (1 spoonful of boiled buckwheat in two cups of water until tender) or garlic. After garlic RUB RUB in the same place for 20-30 minutes mixture of birch charcoal with juice burdock root (1 part of coal into 3 parts juice).

Even after the blisters will, may be left feeling some discomfort. In this case, cool place depriving ice. Put ice in a plastic bag and with power, pressing, Pat them sick place.

Even after the disappearance of blisters should be lubricated 1-2 times a day area affected shingles, a mixture of lemon juice and fruits viburnum (1:1). This lubrication reduces the course of the disease and promotes rapid healing. You can RUB a mixture of juices Kalanchoe and cut the bark of aspen (1:1). After an hour anoint affected areas broth or juice peppermint.

Help in the treatment of applications for the night of the leaf aloe Vera. Freshly picked a sheet of water, to remove the thin skin with one hand and put flesh to affected area. Secure with a bandage or plaster.

Wipe zoster 2 times daily of such therapeutic compositions:

a) the juice from burdock root - 1 tsp., juice from okoloplodnykh walnut - 1 tsp. vinegar Apple - 1 tsp. All thoroughly and this mixture to RUB deprive the affected areas;

b) 25% of pharmacy infusion of fruit purslane garden -1 teaspoon, minced garlic - 1 teaspoon of juice pericarp of walnut - 2 tsp. vinegar Apple - 2 tsp. All thoroughly and RUB the mixture deprive the affected skin;

in) 1-2 times a day vigorously rubbed into the affected area several times a day well sifted through the kapron fabric rye flour.

If the pain of shingles impossible to endure, go to the doctor. In early herpes zoster treated with Acyclovir. It inhibits the reproduction of the virus varicella, and shortens the course of the disease. Method - blockade nerve in the appropriate place.

Patients shingles need to avoid nervous shocks, as little as possible to be in the sun and not take hormonal medicines.


Better suited for this purpose sulphur or salt water.

During exacerbations of the disease a good curative effect of cleansing the blood. For this purpose, the bitter herbs decoctions, such as barberry and gentian. A teaspoon of a mixture of these herbs, pour a glass of boiled water, to insist in a warm place 6 hours, strain and take a third Cup of tincture 3 times a day before meals. This also required the taking diuretics and laxatives.

The cure promotes internal and external use of essential oils of geranium, sandalwood. Clean oil, grease the affected areas 5-6 times a day. Add it into the tub. The water temperature should be not below 36°C. As a rule, one bath is required no more than 6 drops of essential oil. Take it for at least 15 minutes.

At the early stages of shingles with external manifestations of the disease help to cope UHF-therapy and short-term impact on the affected area infrared laser of low power.


Very important for people with herpes zoster has the power. So, you must include foods rich in zinc and lysine (eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, potatoes, red meat, chicken, pork, fish, caviar black, soybeans, unrefined sunflower oil). To take the drug Lysine. Dose should be 1 to 2 g per reception with added vitamins a, C, E and C. vitamin a prevents the spread of infection, vitamin C, along with Lysine protects from virus, vitamin helps In the prevention of exacerbations of herpes infection, and vitamin E prevents its spread.

It is necessary to exclude protein foods with sugar, severely limit the consumption of chocolate, oats, wheat flour, peanuts, walnuts, figs, coconut, raisins, grapes and citrus fruits. To refuse fried, spicy foods, and alcohol. Limit salt and sugar.

In the summer recommend eat raw vegetables, salads and drink vegetable juices. From spices useful coriander, parsley. During exacerbation helps mono-diet, such as rice.

One of the causes of aggravation of the disease is emotional stress. Very good calming meditation.


The most important thing in the fight against shingles - strengthening immunity. Well contributes to this hardening. Start it gradually, but surely increase the intensity and duration of cold procedures. For example, start with 1 minute stay under a cool shower and gradually bring the procedure to 5-10 minutes.

Daily for 10 minutes massage of the foot. This you activate the immune system and help the body cope with infection.

It is also important to saturate the body with all necessary nutrients (vitamins, macro - and trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids, adaptogens type of ginseng).

Special attention should be paid to the drugs that increase immunity. Very much able to suppress inflammation and stimulate the immune system Echinacea.

And don't forget: "the Disease is the price that the body is paying for health". If you get sick, don't jump immediately after pill. Let the organism independently overcome the disease. And for this, keep it by natural means.

Strong all good health!