I urge you to write in the newspaper, how else can you heal this terrible disease like gangrene. With respect disabled veterans Maria important papers in my briefcase. , Cherkasy.


Life is beautiful, if you're physically and emotionally healthy for your system recovery! Significantly reduced salt intake. Sol is only artificial sodium, i.e. the product, not the body needs, at the same time it is a natural poison, which has chlorine. Less use of sugar is refined product that has undergone a chemical treatment. Increase in the ration of the number of vegetables and fruits. Here is the first step to recovery. The body will respond with better health. Upgrade your diet fundamentally. It depends on group of blood. And in turn, the state of the cardiovascular system depends on the diet. Why study the power of blood. It is easy! And you will understand that the person with the first group of blood, for example, to eat veal is not only tasty, but also useful. At the same time for people belonging to the second group of blood, such food is not harmless procedure, and flour dish is quite suitable product, and there is no need to avoid it.


To use more of buckwheat and oat groats; fish - fresh, boiled; white meat (Turkey, rabbit, chicken); rye bread, white bread crumbs, cheese, sour cream, if possible: fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, melons, melons; at high pressure - red beets, radishes; with edema and swelling - pumpkin in any form; cabbage fresh regularly. Food must be free and be prepared for unrefined sunflower oil. On the second course of treatment, depending on the state of health, the diet can be extended, permitted the use of salt, but not more than 15 grams per day.


Attune yourself to a treatment without medicines, aiming to restore a specific body whose function has ceased to correspond to the norm. And do not rely on the use of drugs, for example, from China or other far from thee areas. To them, our body is unable to adapt: it requires hundreds of years. Various diseases will truly help medicinal plants, but only those that are close to you, - grass native land. To restore the function of the arteries, I'm using the powder of herbs and rubbing.


I see the only correct solution to the problem of lost functions of the body is a complex approach to the restoration of normal activity. The patient starts with cleaning the blood system from excess cholesterol, blood clots. Proceed from the principle that the incidence of - a sign of weakness of the body. Obliterating endarteritis and atherosclerosis suffer thousands of people, especially men. Official medicine unsuccessfully trying to defeat this disease. Although methods of treatment known since the time of Hippocrates. The herbs for better circulation of blood in arteries and veins, the dissolution of blood clots in the form blood clots, rubbing and massages for significant strengthening of the functions of the capillaries, the blood saturation with oxygen through drip of the above drugs is an integrated approach for a long time or forever forget about the disease. So, offers the recipe, which returned the health of hundreds of patients with gangrene of lower extremities. Take in the same proportion: herb Astragalus sherstistogo, periwinkle small, Hypericum perforatum, oregano, nettle; the young leaves (may)birch warty and mistletoe fruit; hawthorn flowers and immortelle. All mash up of powder weight. Store herbal collection (recommendations of Tibetan medicine) in paper bags. The collection is prepared in time and take strictly cyclically, in this one simple secrets of therapeutic effects. First day. In enamelware, boil 5 cups of water. Pour in boiling water 1 tablespoon of the mixture of herbs. Leave for 12 hours. In the morning, 15 minutes before Breakfast, drink one Cup of herbal infusion, then one glass 15 minutes before lunch and one drink before dinner. The remaining two cups of mixture to drink between Breakfast, lunch and dinner or night. The second and third day. To do everything exactly the same as on the first day, only add two tablespoons of the mixture. Then a three-day cycle is repeated for the entire course of treatment, which lasts for 72 days (24 cycle). It is prohibited for the period of treatment: freeze, sweating, smoke, wear clothes made of synthetics. Usually the patient is two courses recovery with a break of not less than one week. In parallel with the course of phytotherapy you can take homeopathic product - secale cornutum (LPV rye), on the inner thighs both legs to put leeches (under medical supervision).


No less effective are the help of bee-bites. Only their application have saved the lives of many of my patients. The help of bee-bites made on "Gorki". Belogolovaya performed also on hips, and in the presence of trophic ulcers in five centimeters from the edge of ulcers, along areas of skin affected by inflammation, except bullous form. Apply from 1 to 5 bees for 5 consecutive days in next 5 days dose reduced from 5 to 1 bees. The bee is taken with tweezers and placed on the site of the bite. Of course, you need to follow allergic reaction. By the way, stings more bees than one, tolerability almost like the sting of a bee, in connection with the adaptation of the organism. You can apply bites and with a break. Take a bee tweezers for wings to bite on thighs, and in the presence of trophic ulcers - at the Russian Academy of Sciences. The procedure is very effective. In the presence of purulent wounds necessary to treat the wound following solution: demuxed 50 mg, hydrocortisone, no-Spa, each solution 10 mg (5 ampoules). Then fill the wound lycopodiales powder. Instead, composition, you can use the cleared onion, which should be boiled in milk for about 15-20 minutes and applying the paste to the wound, but not more than 9-10 minutes. In the presence of trophic ulcers of the necessary course of treatment with the drug "Wobenzym" (10 to 20 days) and the treatment of ulcers liquid ointment-"mash", from wood limes and Acacias. Deeply penetrating into the blood, ointment organizes the process of cleaning in place of trophism and deeper into the vessel. This process of keratinization and rapid healing. The wound is not to roll! Many other ointments or applied in such cases, the harm or simply useless. The use inside of the above herbs allows you to restore the functions of large vessels - arteries or veins, external - allows to increase the effects of small vessels (capillaries. Thus, the entire vascular system undergoes a "capital repair" again able to perform its core functions: as normal arterial blood inflow or venous outflow.


Beautiful rehabilitation means in this case, without which the action of the above herbs are used orally, not enough is rastirka on Corciano". A powder of medicinal herbs for "rubbing": stinging nettle, bodyaga, celandine. Components take in proportion (3:2:1). Ideally carefully dried and crushed components are filled with sunflower unrefined oil. The mass is brought to the consistency of liquid semolina and infuses 24 hours in the enameled ware in a dark place. Rubbing do for the night. This spreads the bed, preferably on a solid basis. The patient lies first on his stomach. Rubbing cooked weight starts from the waist and ends in the feet for 15-20 minutes. Then the patient lies on his back. Rubbing continues with a groin to toe around 15-20 minutes. After all, the lower back and legs wrap paper (newspaper, but not finished). Over the paper the body is wrapped with a woolen blanket and sports wear pants. In the morning the patient gets up from the bed, laid on the floor any document ceases to it, disclaims all clothing, wipe the whole body with a dry towel. Collects all, that fall, pours into the same enameled ware. When done repeatedly rubbing (3-4 times) and rastirka becomes dense, add sunflower oil, so that consistency was the same as the original. Then pour in 5 l of water and 100 ml 5-9% vinegar. Wash the body with water. On the second day, also at night, to make dry body massage. It is in this case is done from the bottom up (starting from the toes to lower back, groin). This is the alternation: one day - rubbing with herbs, the second day - dry massage (see below). In the case of stroke, arthritis, gout simultaneously with legs rubbed his hands, from the shoulder and to the fingers when grinding and Vice versa - with a dry massage. The course of treatment is carried out in parallel with herbs (composition and the method of their application I described in a previous article "SD" № 17 2012) and lasts for 12 cycles - 36 days. Then is a break of not less than 10 days, and the patient goes to the analysis of blood from a finger on prothrombin index. The course of treatment can be continued, depending on the patient's condition and still not good enough above the blood. Prothrombin index - individual record for each person. The norm is 80-90%.


Besides rubbing recommend special massages for different parts of the leg. In the preparatory stage of a back massage and pelvis. Eastern massage is carried out for the front, back, thighs, feet and calves. Thigh massage. Leg to place in a horizontal position. Take, based on the fixed hard subject. Under your knees to enclose the platen. Then apply alternating stroking (6-8 times), shallow squeezing (3-4 times), kneading (3-4 times), shakiness (2-3 times) and again stroking (5-6 times) alternately one or the second thigh. Massage of the foot. Brushes grasping foot on the part of the ascent and the thumb-cushions provide rectilinear and circular rubbing. Rubbing lifting of the foot spend a thumb-cushions and pads four fingers straight and zigzag. Ends massage of feet stroking and lifting to the shins. Massage calf muscle, which is usually the main concern should be only sparing. While leg must have either a horizontal position, or to be raised. Is used stroking (6-8 times), lightweight squeezing (3-4 times), kneading (3-4 times) and again stroking(5-6 times).

Separately held the treatment of trophic ulcers with haematomas. Possible trophic ulcers and bleeding are processed by means of compatible blood. The most reliable and indispensable tool are liquid ointment made from the wood of a Linden. The use of other means of influence on the wound, for example, birch oil, aloe, is often temporary relief, but then can cause complications. Often, when such "treatment", as a result of leakage of fluid from trophic wounds crust is formed, which is increased. And to fight it becomes very difficult. This leads to the restriction of access of oxygen, and therefore the death of tissue. I insist that no oxygen starvation of the affected tissue. The wound to do this as often as possible should remain open, but of course should observe the necessary hygiene.


In severe cases, in order to saturate the blood with oxygen with the help lekarstvennyh drugs. Skin nutrition. The skin of the lower limbs, in the area of the foot, to mitigate its food 2-3 times a week it is necessary to grease the following mixture: 2 teaspoon of castor oil, 1 tbsp. vinegar, 1 tbsp. of protein. Removal of edema of the legs. One of the easiest methods is to wrap the legs hot pressed with a towel, soaked in a hot solution of vinegar (water should be slightly acid taste). To lie with such a wrap 10-15 minutes, higher lifting her legs. In complex cases, swelling (cardiac or renal my grandfather famous phytotherapeutist Vasiliy Korcan recommended, along with taking heart or diuretic herbs, dry leg wraps or for the entire body. The house had a bath filled to half of dried birch leaves, which were placed on 1,5-2 hours of the patient. Specially for legs gets quite high tank with such leaves. In General birch - universal "health". Sometimes to vascular problems are joined rheumatic pain. In this case it will be useful pure powder from bodage. It plant to density of sour cream and put on the sore spots.


Lie on your back. Hands and feet pull. Very slowly, without bending your knees, raise them up right angle with the body. Then just as slowly lower. Repeat 10-15 times. There, lying on the floor, make known exercise - "Bicycle". When varicose veins are very effective yoga pose "candle": lying on your back, raise up your socks and stay in this position for 5-10 seconds, then lift the body and legs, until all the weight will not go to the shoulders. Hands to support himself at the waist, chin push it to the chest, and then very slowly return to the starting position again, pausing for 5 sec. To improve overall body tone drink to the health of curative tea from hawthorn flowers, grass desertsrnika, herbs and color strawberries, birch kidneys. Herbs are taken in equal proportions. Three table spoons of a mix fill in 0,5 l of boiled water, draw for at least 6 hours. Add 0.5 H. L. soda. Taking 0.5 Cup 2 times a day before meals.

Vyacheslav VARNAVSKIY, doctor, phytotherapeutist.