Headache is one of the common symptoms of our technocratic century, with its crazy speeds and constant stress. At first glance it may seem that this symptom can easily handle. Went to the pharmacy and bought without a prescription pills for headache. But the headache may be only "the tip of the iceberg", and the reason to lie much deeper. And to treat in the first place, not the head, but quite other bodies (to fight not with the investigation, but the reason).


The pain points in an eyeball - to high acidity; in an eye-socket - for gastritis; in the superciliary arches - inflammatory process in the stomach; in the frontal areas for ulcers; in the front (hairy) of the head, just above his forehead, is in disorder bowel function; in the parietal region on the violation of the fallopian tubes or disease of the uterus; in the crown of the head - on kidney disease; the nape of the neck - a disorder of the urinary tract; in the rear, upper neck for neuralgia; in the temples - violation activities of cranial and spinal nerves; in the lower jaw is possible inflammation and infection in the gums and the teeth; in point (hole) in front of the entrance of the ear hole - best cataract formation, on the right side of the head-a possible violation of the liver, on the left side of the head is the possible disruption of the spleen. Indian traditional medicine believes that to diseases of the head and brain are excessive desires that cause disorders of the sense organs. So it will be much more useful before treatmentm head to additionally examine suspicious organs and systems of the organism and, if necessary, adjust them in the first place, and to reduce their desires. Suddenly, the headache itself will be held.


Headache certain force and localization can be typical for some types of temperament, especially when they came out of balance. Pain, localized mainly in makuleke or temporal area, typical choleric and sanguine. Choleric - people, temperament which is characterized by a high level of mental activity, energy actions, sharpness, speed, force of movement, their rapid pace, impetuosity, they are hot-tempered, impatient, prone to emotional breakdowns, sometimes aggressive. Sanguine person - people with high psychoanalytic activity, vigor, stamina, speed and agility movements, variety and richness of facial expressions, rapid speech. They tend to change often experience, easily and quickly respond to environmental events, sociable. Emotions in the sanguine predominantly positive, they appear quickly and quickly replaced. This type of headache begins at the temples and covers the Central part of the head. Often the pain is felt as if behind the eyes and sometimes accompanied by dizziness. It is characterized by shooting, verssimo, burning or piercing painful sensations. Pain increases from bright light, when the air temperature is high, when used very spicy foods, sour fruits and marinades. On headaches these temperaments affected by the state of gastrointestinal tract. Potomu they have to follow the work of the intestines. The chair should be daily. With constipation should take a laxative: 1 tbsp. Senna leaf brew 1 Cup of boiling water, insist 20 minutes to Drink before going to sleep on a half-glass. As a laxative, you can use rhubarb. Herbal medicine. Tea from coriander, based 1H. L. per Cup of boiling water. Before drinking the tea to cool to room temperature. Well take 2 tablespoons of aloe juice three times a day. Cooling paste. Take 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, mixed with a little water to form a paste and apply it to the forehead and temples. Leave the paste on the skin for about half an hour, then wash off. Drops of oil in the nose. Useful instillation into the nostrils of a few drops of warm ghee (especially shown choleric). The power on. Choleric should avoid fried and spicy food (especially spices). Sometimes a headache is choleric, if to eat some ice cream or something sweet. Sanguine exclude all salty and sour, marinades, limit consumption of meat products. Wellness samomassaj: - briefly a few times quickly press the grounds of the palms on a point that is in recess at the temple of approximately 2.5 cm behind the outer end of the eyebrows. - Eyes closed. RUB hands until hot condition. To impose the base of the palms on the eyeballs. Do massaging hands in opposite directions (horizontal) 8 times. To stretch your thumb and index finger eyelashes along in the direction from the inside out 8 times. - Carry massage outlets, located in a recess behind and between interphalangeal joints of the first and second fingers of legs. Bedtime RUB into the scalp rose oil, diluted in sunflower oil to 50 ml of sunflower-seed oil mixed with 15-30 drops of oil rose).


Pain blunt, coming from the depth of starting at the top and the front area of the skull, spreading to the forehead and sometimes sinuses, characteristic for phlegmatic. Phlegmatic is one of four basic types of temperament, characterized by a low level of mental activity, sluggishness, expressionless facial expressions. It is difficult to switch from one activity to another and adapting to new surroundings. He mainly calm and even mood, sometimes lethargy; his feelings and mood is usually characterized by persistence. The cause of the pain - imbalance people of this temperament (malnutrition, diseases of ears and eyes, cooling, long stay in an uncomfortable position, for example, work with a computer, neck strain and others). Headache useful for them inhalation: - to instill 10 drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water, cover head with a towel and inhale the steam; - to boil fresh or dry ginger and breathe on this decoction; - to breathe through the nose powder from Aira (contraindicated in pregnant). Warming pasta. Take a teaspoon of ginger powder, mixed with a little water to form a paste and apply on the forehead and a bit on the nose and cheekbones. Leave the paste on the skin for about half an hour, then wash off. When flushing make sure that the paste does not fall into the eye. Salt water. Drip 3-5 drops of warm saturated solution sea or rock salt in each nostril. Wellness samomassaj: - to Knead for about 1 min the end of the middle finger point directly above the bridge of his nose, just between the eyebrows. - Knead for about 1 min ends middle fingers point at the wings of the nose. To stretch your earlobe between thumb and forefinger. - Keep the fingers bent and spread as the teeth of a comb. To brush the skin of the head from the forehead to the back. - RUB hands until hot. To lay hands on the person (fingers to send up on both sides of the wings of the nose). Easy to caress his face with the palms 8 times down (as if you wash your face). Moving down to do more intensively than up. - Mash thumbs and toes. Useful intensive physical exercise. The power on. Within 10 to 30 days, depending on the state of the organism, to restrict food or to go over to one meal. Instead of Breakfast and dinner drink juices. Avoid starchy, fatty and sweet food. Herbal medicine. Used teas from salt and protivopolojnym herbs: Aira (contraindicated in pregnant), ginger, coltsfoot, Angelica.


Headache in the back field or on the left side of typical melancholic. Man melancholic temperament can be described as thin-skinned, tend to deeply experience even minor mishaps, but it looks sluggish reacting to the surroundings. He is prone to sadness. This is mainly vascular pain caused by spasm of intracranial or vecherami arteries. Painful sensations are moved, pulse, proceeding from the back of the head, and can reach his forehead. However sometimes there is tension in the neck and shoulder area, rigidity back, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, constipation. The pain increases when placed at a greater height above sea level, the motion of the body and calms down alone. The reason - lack of balance in this Constitution (various stress, anxiety, fear, anxiety, excessive physical activity and others). Headaches in people of this temperament is often due to the accumulation of toxins in the colon. For constipation during the headache, you need to make oil enema. To enter the colon half a Cup of warm (not hot) sesame oil and hold for at least 5-10 minutes you Can use a cleansing enema consisting of 1.5 liters of warm water with addition of 2 tbsp. lemon juice. Such enemas to do every other day for one month. Helps scalp massage and feet before bedtime. Before going to sleep RUB a little warm sesame oil into the scalp and the soles of the feet, especially in big toes. Bedtime should be made ginger paste (1 teaspoon of ginger mixed with a little water to form a paste) to mastogram the processes behind the ears. Wellness samomassaj: - Press and knead briefly pressing the thumb on the highest point of the crown. - Thumbs simultaneously press and knead briefly point to the left and right of the neck muscles, located in the hole below the parietal bones (point XI/20). - Grab the muscles of the back of the head with the fingers of both hands. Try at the same time compress the fibers of the muscles between the roots of the fingers. Hold them in that position for about 1 min. - Squeeze bone, located right behind the ear, the edges of the palms on the part of the little finger. To do compression 3 times. - Grab the fingers of his right hand a bundle of muscles, coming from the back of the head to the left shoulder and hold for about 1 min. - Stretch of protivogaze between thumb and forefinger. - Massage thumbs and toes. A good massage performed with essential oils of camphor or cedar. Perform the following exercises (pain with gaps): - raise your head up and go down - 2-3 times, then tilted to the right and left shoulder 2-3 times; - relax all the muscles of the neck and make a circular motion at one side. To do so several times, if the pain had subsided, to repeat again. Oil massage her shoulders and neck. When tension neck and shoulders should massage the neck and shoulder muscles, rubbing into the skin with hot sesame oil (olive, mustard). Then take a hot shower. Drops of oil in the nose. Helps to quickly resolve headache instillation 3-5 drops of warm melted butter in each nostril. Well also lubricate the nasal passages inside melted butter sweet flag (contraindicated in pregnant). The salt baths. 1 packet of food or sea salt for the bath. The water temperature 37-38 C. Water to pour up to the chest, lying 15-30 minutes in complete peace. Use this time autosuggestion. The suggestion: "to Me every day becomes in all respects better and better. I love and approve of yourself. I look at myself and what I do, eyes full of love." Repeat the formula of auto-suggestion 20 times. Before that, try to relax your shoulders and neck. The power on. Avoid foods that cause fermentation. To eat in a warm or hot. Herbal medicine. Tea made from Valerian, chamomile (contraindicated in pregnant), calamus (contraindicated in pregnant). It is also useful to take before bed, 1 teaspoon of Flaxseed with 200 ml of warm milk.