Symptoms and treatment

The facial neuritis and neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve disease, poorly amenable to formal treatment, accompanied by painful, devastating pain. I had to literally "get out" of the problems with the facial nerve, terrible pain, lacrimation, salivation, set face. And it happened from drafts during the agricultural works and, apparently, being then in the car on the way home with the Windows open.


In General, neuritis of the facial nerve is quite a common disease that occurs, as a rule, in autumn, winter and spring. Contributing factors are hidden or chronic foci of infection, colds, local cooling of the face. In Oriental medicine, the disease is called a "distorting the eyes and mouth as a result of penetration of pathogenic factors." So, neuritis of the facial nerve caused by exposure to cold, but the reasons for it could be another. The defeat of the facial nerve to some extent depends on the anatomical features of the fallopian channel - winding narrow tube through which the facial nerve leaves a cavity of a skull. The disease usually develops acutely. Sometimes it is preceded by General malaise, fatigue, mild fever, pain in the ear and higher angle of the mandible. Usually paralysis of the facial muscles develops at night. In the morning, the patient may notice while you are eating. The fact that the defeat of the facial nerve causes paralysis buccal nerves. Therefore, by eating food enters the space between the cheek and jaw. The person becomes skewed. Frontal wrinkles on the affected side smooth brow lowered, eye slit expanded, not completely closed, blinking weakened. The eyeball when you try to close my eyes rolled upwards and outwards (the so-called "rabbit eye"). Lower eyelid drooping. There slezotechenie. Cheek hangs. His mouth twisted in a healthy way. When you smile, laughing all these pathological manifestations especially noticeable. Sometimes paralysis of facial muscles associated with the violation of taste, dry mouth, unpleasant sharp perception of the ear sore hand low (bass) tones.


The patient must know that neuritis of the facial nerve is not dangerous for life and, as a rule, is completely curable disease. However, as I mentioned already, the success of treatment depends on a timely visit to a doctor. We must remember that the paralysis of facial muscles may occur not only due to infection. It is difficult for such diseases as purulent inflammation of the middle ear infections, inflammation of the parotid, the salivary glands. Sometimes a facial asymmetry occurs when the skull injuries. In childhood defeat of mimic muscles may be a manifestation of polio. Damage to the facial nerve, as his disease, take the first place among the lesions of cranial nerves. Facial nerve is often damaged in surgical interventions on the neck, maxillofacial operations and operations in the parotid gland, and in injuries to the face and neck. As for the paralysis of the face due to the relaxation of muscles, then this movement become weak, sensitivity mostly dull, dry skin and muscles seem soft, tension is not felt, lower eyelid drooping.


The first course of treatment is usually 3-4 weeks, when the symptoms of the disease may not fully disappear. Lesions treatment of the facial nerve must be complex. The first period. Need special exercises, different procedures. This sharp face asymmetry requires immediate and strictly directed correction. It is achieved using two techniques: the treatment of them position using leykoplastyrb tension and special exercises for the muscles healthy side of her face. The plaster is applied on the active points of a healthy side of the face (the area of a square muscles of the upper lip, the circular muscles of the mouth) and with a strong enough tension pointing towards the patient side, attached to a special helmet-mask or post-surgical bandage, to her side straps. We consider separately the treatment position for circular muscles of the eye on the affected side. Here is applied plaster on the type of "goose paws" in the middle of the upper and lower eyelid and stretched slightly outwards and upwards. This eye slit significantly narrowed, which provides by blinking the almost complete closure of the upper and lower eyelid, normalizes tearing, protects the cornea from drying out and ulceration. Gymnastics in this period as mainly focus on the muscles healthy side - training for active relaxation of muscles, measured voltage main facial muscles.


The second period. In this period in addition to the previous exercise is the need static tension of the muscles of the tongue and training swallowing. Voltage language is achieved as follows: the patient receives the instruction "to rest" the tip of the tongue in line closed teeth (3 seconds tension, and then relax again "hang back" in the gum is now above the teeth. After relaxation - the emphasis in the gum lower teeth. Such series of stresses (emphasis in the middle, up, down) applied 3-4 times a day 5-8 times within each series. Swallowing is also a series of 3-4 throat in a row. You can combine conventional swallowing drinking water, especially if the patient complains of dry mouth. Possible co-movement - static voltage language and at the same time swallowing. After such joint exercises need a longer stay (3-4 minutes)than after the exercises. In this period it is possible to recommend different types of restorative treatment - vitamin therapy and massage the neck area. The third period starts with the first manifestations of the muscles of laughter and one cheek muscles. In this period, the main focus is on physiotherapy. Continue static exercises for the muscles of the tongue and swallowing, however, substantially increases the number of lessons is 5-6 times a day, and duration of these sessions. Before the training and after it is recommended to massage the affected side of her face. Especially valuable is the massage the inside of the mouth. With increasing amplitude of voluntary movements are added exercises in symmetric voltage of both parties - both healthy and diseased. Motion of circular muscles of the eye appear much later. After reaching sufficient amplitude reduction circular muscles of the eye is necessary to achieve differentiated sharing of these abbreviations. This is achieved by the specific function of muscles and transfer of skill separate muscle healthy hand on the affected side. In the same period recommended treatment provision by well-known methods, however, the time is reduced to 2-3 hours a day. To obtain satisfactory results additionally used in acupuncture and massage, which normalize the blood circulation. This increases the sensitivity of nerve endings, it accelerates the recovery of the facial nerve. When treating it possible to perform such a simple procedure: glow red-hot steel sewing needle and pocelavat sharp end first healthy cheek, then sick. The microscopic traces of burns will soon disappear without a trace.


At all stages of treatment is accompanied by herbal medicine. First, it is necessary to constantly wash the face. This is best done weak acetic water. This amazing tool. It is also useful to sit, leaning above the boiling broth wormwood, yarrow or Lavra. Also used and chewing exercises, for example, you can chew air, nutmeg, which should be kept in the patient half mouth. Good to be periodically with the procedures in a darkened room. We have to learn to sneeze using medicinal plants. Tested Cihelny medicine are Chernushka-sowing or forget-me-not. Well put in the nose infusion one of them. Even better to use nasal 1 tablespoon of this infusion of 0.5 teaspoon of olive oil. At the same time to force myself to look in the mirror to seek to align the face. You must also ensure that the food was sparse, for example, decoctions and vegetable oil. If defecation is dry, then on the second day should be set them in motion by very soft enema; it will be good. You need to drink enough water, especially in the morning and evening. It would be nice to have broths ginger or calamus with honey. From my experience I recommend to heal the neuritis of the facial nerve dream-grass. In spring, soon after the snow, on reviving the hills appear bluish-violet bells wind-flower or the same large flowers shot yellowing. This is miraculous dream-grass, has always been by faith-the righteousness that was used for the creation of any kind of drink from all evils and afflictions. At all times the cross was treated functional nervous disorders, migraine, nervousness, neurosis, neuritis, neuralgia, juice rubbed his numb body parts. From the neuralgic pain persons with success can be applied ancient tested means. 2 tsp. dream-grass pour the cooled boiled water, to stand under the cover of night. Infusion drink during the day fractional portions. When using remember that fresh grass poison that can cause inflammatory processes on the skin and mucous lining of internal organs. After drying dream-grass becomes harmless. Simultaneously with the reception of a cold brew a dream-grass in the course of the patient nerve poultice made from thyme. Take 4 tablespoons, scald with boiling water, wrapped in cheesecloth and apply to the body. Soon the pain. With neuritis of the facial nerve caused by cold, can help white willow bark: 1 tsp., chop, poured two glasses of boiled water of room temperature and leave overnight. After straining drink for a day in 3 divided doses before meals.