One day a man had a dream. If Jesus said to him: "I will come to you tomorrow and visit." Waking up in the morning, the man began to quickly clean the house and cook on the table. When he finished his preparation, sat down to wait for Jesus. Then the doorbell rang. He quickly rushed to open, but it did not Jesus, and old grandmother, asking a few cents. Without hesitation, he sent her with anything, saying: "don't bother me, I am Jesus waiting for". Several hours passed, and again rang a bell at the door. Now on the threshold stood a man on crutches who sought financial assistance for the operation of the legs. But the man refused, saying, "I don't Have time, now, Jesus has to come to visit me". In the evening the bell rang for the third time. Men are more likely ran to open the door, but saw on the threshold of the little boy, asked to have. Man, as before, have refused him: "I cannot give you is, Jesus will come hungry. That's when I'll give it to Him?" Night came. The man went to bed, and not waiting for Jesus. And again he saw in a dream the Lord, and asked Him: "Why didn't You come to me today? I waited all day". Jesus said, "I never come to you three times, but you received me not".