I recently the third time lucky enough to attend a teaching seminar in Tibetan lamas in one of the Tibetan monasteries. It is located at height of 3500 meters above sea level. And it is reachable only on foot. The road is difficult, but the knowledge, which gives the monks, are to make efforts for their receipt. They have no expensive diagnostic equipment, nor pharmaceutical factories, but almost accurately establish the diagnosis of the patient, provide very useful tips on nutrition, lifestyle, necessary internal changes and prepare highly effective medicines based on herbs, resin trees, mushrooms growing in the mountains. Therefore, those who managed to get on to the lamas, believe that they are very lucky, because those are not always accept visitors. A very long time (sometimes weeks and months) they spend in prayer and meditation aimed at internal improvement, knowledge of the world.


One of the most common diagnostic methods by which the Tibetan monks examined person, is the pulse diagnosis. On it they determine everything from the spirituality of man, his life's purpose, character and ending with the condition of the internal organs, diseases, developing in the body. It should be noted that Lama attach importance to all aspects of the existence of the patient. Believe that the disease originated in the body because of the undeveloped consciousness. Because people 80% of its vital resources spent on satisfying the material and consumer desires, and only 20% - to spiritual development. This stretch and other distortions of our being. In particular, according to Lam, we eat more than we need, in 8-10 times. This is one of the important factors of the malfunctioning of the body. Every man comes to Earth with the mission, the - tell Tibetan lamas. Each is individual, but must bring into the world of good and to help others. Even the slightest evil least substance causes deformation of fate. Often if a person dies suddenly, he fulfilled his mission. And take away the souls of those people who can't improve and do not want it, but only trying to enter a negative, thus burdening their fate and the fate of the whole family (children, grandchildren, great grandchildren) and people with associated professional and otherwise.


That is why Lama, teaching us, doctors and specialists involved in the field of health, a lot of time was devoted to meditation. This practice relaxation of the body and enlightenment of consciousness. Such processes are extremely important. They allow a person to reprogram their lives to achieve harmony, to restore health. This method is essential to achieving positive changes in their own lives and in the lives of our children. Tibetan lamas taught us that to begin meditation it is necessary with prayers. They believe that every person should know at least 100 prayers by heart. Reading the lyrics, we belong to a certain state, which can create their own miracles. After configuring with the help of prayers, you need to mentally plunge into your childhood, for example, to recall an episode when you feel joyful and happy. And stay in this state for a certain period. At this time in our body will begin the process of rejuvenation and recovery "memory" of the internal organs and systems of youth and health. They will adjust to the healthy functioning, will happen and external changes: will razglazhivaetsya wrinkles, the skin will become a fresh shade. In this state a happy child, you can shape their future. To do this from the perspective of the child mentally send yourself an adult, love, health, prosperity, material wealth. If you do it regularly, at least for 10-15 minutes 1-2 times a day, be sure to start the desired changes. We can and should work with their children. To submit them small (even if they grew up), happy boys or girls and fill and send them love and all the best for what they want. Then they will be healthy and successful people.


Of course, few people can live without errors and diseases. And that's where man must come the doctors. To teach psychological recovery, and to assist the body. Tibetan lamas taught us that all disease must begin to treat the spine. As all the internal organs are associated with a specific segment of the spine. And the slightest disturbance in the trunk of life will cause disturbances in them. I too have seen more than once in their medical practice. For example, me for advice asked the woman of middle age. She from time to time there was a pain in the liver. "Is that going to bend and unbend cannot, in the side of something very tunic", - she complained. Ultrasonic research showed that in the gall bladder was formed two small pebble. The surgeon appointed surgery to remove the gallbladder. However, I doubted that cause suffering to women are the stones in the gall bladder. They, as shown by ultrasound, were quite small, moreover, not hardened, and soft as clay. In addition, I noticed that the patient has the spinal column, in those segments that are associated with the liver and gallbladder. After the correction of the spine pain in his right side was held. The same operation to remove the gallbladder could not solve the problem, because it did not eliminate the cause. Another case. A patient from Borodyanka came to me complaining of heart attacks. Meanwhile, the ECG she were normal. But about the condition of the spine that it was impossible to say, I saw violations in the thoracic spine. It is known that breast radiculitis aggravation produce symptoms similar to heart ache. And indeed, when we have eliminated the use of acupuncture of the spinal column, "cardiac symptoms in women passed.


Tibetan lamas to use in my work only natural methods of treatment. In particular, the effect of the acupuncture needles and other instruments. And a variety of herbs, herbal solutions for the injection, ointments based on the resin of trees, etc. They are prepared according to old recipes and very effective: reduces the intervertebral hernias, adhesions, help gynecological disorders, including infertility, chronic respiratory diseases and the like. Monks are not allowed to advertise or sell their assets, but only to apply for assistance to the patients. I had brought from Tibet, some of these drugs. And I was very pleased when before the new year two of my patients gave me a gift: called with good news about the pregnancy. Both for a long time could not conceive a child, although the medical examination did not show any deviations in their health. However, certain external signs, it was possible to make a conclusion about some irregularities in the body. For example, one of them, a young woman, began to grow big belly, testified hormonal failure. In the treatment of these patients I applied the method of the Tibetan lamas: on the acupuncture points related to women's bodies are put drops of a special mixture of resins, and then put the needle. He was fast.


If the treatment does not help, it means that the patient is correctly diagnosed, - speak Tibetan lamas. For example, in the female body lot of diseases are connected with malfunctions in the hormonal system. For example, the menopause, when the uterus begins to produce less of the hormones in the body metabolism slows down, which affects the work of various internal systems. This often involve problems with the knee. However, in many cases, treatment is directed only on the joints, despite hormonal background. In this case it is possible to achieve only a temporary result. Another example. One of the patients were referred with persistent cough and shortness of breath, from which he could not get rid of. Upon examination I noticed on the possible cardiac disorders. But he said, "Heart I don't care". I insisted on the need to do an electrocardiogram, which confirmed my suspicions. It is heart failure was the cause of the failure in the work of the organs of respiration. They began to treat heart, has become much better with light. I learned to Tibet and many other important things concerning the preservation and restoration of health. Happy to share them with readers of the newspaper in the following publications. Because I believe that the combination of modern techniques with ancient wisdom displays medicine to a much higher quality level.

The health councils from Valentina Koshevoy

- How many years have acquired the disease, so many years and heal her. It is very important not to give up treatment at the middle of the road. Persistence and patience will be rewarded with good health. - All keep the measure. Even useful medicines can be harmful if misused. Sometimes I treat patients with complaints cramps in the calf muscles. During the conversation it becomes clear that they months drink broth hips. He certainly useful as it saturates the body With vitamin C and other nutrients. But you should know that it displays the body of potassium needed by the muscles. That's why there are convulsions. In addition, it can affect the work of the major muscles of the human body - the heart. So I advise to drink broth hips courses - 2-3 weeks. Then replace it with a variety of other beverages, such as Uzvara. And not to do too concentrated infusion, insisting many hours in a thermos. We can use this recipe: 2-3 tbsp hips pour 1 liter of water, boil for 3 minutes, to insist 5 min, to drink as tea during the day. - Get rid of laziness. It is the cause of many diseases. Find a few minutes during the day to make massage of a backbone: to approach the jamb and the player rubs it back. - Activate the acupuncture points. This can be done by needle mats-applicators. Wake up, put on him for a few minutes on the foot. This should be done and while watching television, using the computer, etc. - Twice a week do the cleaning foot bath - soda-salt (in a bucket of water add polpachki salt, half a Cup of baking soda, 15-20 drops of iodine) and acetic acid salt (in a bucket of water polpachki of salt and a glass of vinegar), alternating between them. This is a quick and effective way of detoxification. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and antifungal activity, improves the condition of varicose veins with an extension, the state of joints, through acupuncture points on the feet activates the whole body. This procedure should last 30 minutes. In order to maintain the desired temperature, next, put a pot with boiling water, add it when the water begins to cool. - Fight fungal lesions. They have an adverse impact on the entire body. To this end should be typed in a syringe without a needle vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and well on all sides to moisten a nail (even under the nail plate). When it dries, spread iodine and go to bed. Repeat the procedure several times. The effect will be. - Get rid of extra pounds, they add health problems and spoil the appearance. Oriental medicine advises for weight normalization in the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of good warm water. As for the food, it is best to eat more often and in small portions. One meal, you can replace the use of dry rice. For example, in the morning to eat 1 tbsp. dry rice, chew it, and washed down with water. This way, you not only lose weight, but will get rid of toxins. More cleaning processes using magnesia: 25 g of powder to dissolve in 0,5-1 l of water, gradually drink small SIPS. Walk a little while, doing light exercises (hands up, make the stomach and so on)that water with magnesium penetrated into the intestine and well cleaned it up. Under the influence of magnesia will decline and gall bladder, bringing stagnant bile. After 1 hour you can eat dry rice or small cracker with unsweetened tea. For lunch and dinner we recommend eating meals with plenty of vegetables and fruits. - Drink clean and structured water. If there is nowhere to take, prepare yourself: first, freeze, and then thaw. - 1-2 times a week do fasting days with fasting: one day fast on the water, another stick of dry fasting.

Valentina KOSHEVAYA, a neurologist, reflexologist.