If walking regularly and correctly - you can not only keep you healthy, but also to get rid of many chronic even incurable diseases. Sure in it and confirm it's own remarkable results, members of Ukrainian public organization "Association Alexander walk Shimko". Many of them are elderly people, who because of illness or injury personally experienced a state of helplessness and despair. The seventh year in a row without pills and mixtures with his students pensioners with sickness and old age successfully fights founder and the head of the Association honored coach of Ukraine Alexander Shimko. Of the dozens of Kiev citizens with the status of the STB (old-fat-aching ) in 2006 today hundreds Godunov "bred" in Ukraine: only Kiev group has about 300 permanent participants, and even created 32 cells in all regions of the country. What is attracting the walk of older people and why no weather conditions may not prevent it Wellness movement?


Candidate of technical Sciences, Kyiv Mykola Symonenko, who recently was 88 years old, in his words, always trying to deal with his body itself. So once felt the problem with health - looking for the cause. So, 70 years old when he was attacking hypertension and sore knee, began to experience different recovery methods, including yoga and Jogging. But finally rid of health problems helped the walk. By the way, the heartthat Nikolai Andreevich considers the smartest body-diagnostician, also confirmed: the walk is best suitable for recreation. "After running, - shares his observations man - heart hurts, eat Kalina, which to me, for the blood is not suitable, is also sick with grated garlic too far, " it hurts, but after walking is working as expected. Walking trains heart". And still remembered about the bath-house, summer cottage, that stopped drinking coffee and tea, in addition to herbal, together with many colleagues hodinami adheres to the recommendations of Alexander Musaevich relatively separate power supply. Told Nikolai Andreevich and his fellow of the Association of the doctor of Sciences 78-year-old Nicholas Pavlyuchenko, who will join the practice sports and fitness walking, got rid of arrhythmia and high blood pressure. He trains with his wife, which right away was able to move normally after surgery for transplanting artificial knee joint. And still feature the Association, total Nikolai Symonenko, is an extremely positive energy is exchanged between the participants during the training, which "infect" all Alexander Shimko and his wife Lyubov Ivanovna. Each meeting is a surge of positive emotions, and for many, for Nicholas Symonenko in particular, poetic inspiration, once it appeared and the hymn of Association. Group lessons Godunov Alexander Shimko gave Nikolai Andreevich on the creation of the concept of health development in Ukraine, in particular, on compulsory implementation in schools sports and fitness walk. Instead of liberation from physical education Nikolai Symonenko offers all students to engage in sport walk, which will not only teach proper posture, but will instill in them a culture of healthy lifestyle.


Lyudmila tavern, a resident of the red Beam (Lugansk region), knows Alexander Shimko since childhood. First, curiously watched unusual and new method of recovery of older people, which promotes her friend, and after a while, feeling prevent overweight, pain knee arthritis and high blood pressure, she was actively involved in walking and even created a group like enthusiasts in their own city. However, while among Godunov they have some women, but they do it with pleasure, because the progress is obvious. For example, Lyudmila Ivanovna had forgotten their hypertension and arthritis, she is convinced that there is a universal way of healing the joints. It also notes the particular energy, physical and emotional charge from the walk: "After a workout like 7-8 cm off the ground and fly". Training, the friendly staff give her and poetic inspiration, then there is light at the wonderful gentle lyrics Lyudmila Tavern. "We want and we will live qualitatively, " says the woman, " because we see our grandchildren". ...Life for Nina Slobodyanik, she said, is divided into two parts: before the group walking Alexander Shimko and after. Up - this time of constant struggle, with successes and failures, up to the injury, after which Nina Semyonovna on crutches girlfriend brought in for her first training on the walk. From this moment begins a new phase - a time to gather himself and his spirit victories over sickness and in sports competitions. ... Zinoviy Muzychuk from Lviv read about the group Shimko in a newspaper, and then decided to create the same in his hometown. He's in the group trains 66-year-old Nadezhda Zavorotnaya. Health Nadezhda Petrovna exploded in 45 years, when her husband was a first stroke, and she remained practically herself to care for young children and husband. And then there were the second and third stroke... Torn between family with patients confined to bed and work at the power plant where the constant noise of boilers and vibration, Nadezhda Petrovna had worked himself to the point that without pills, droppers and regular "soon" to live could not. Then the woman realized that no medicine will give her the strength and health, if she won't do yourself. Remembered the complexes of physical exercises, which makes it even in his youth, was rocked press, poured cold water and gradually recovered. And when I heard that Zinoviy Muzychuk announced a set of group Godunov method Alexander Shimko, was one of the first. For a year, says Nadezhda Petrovna, as she doesn't go to the injections, pressure squared: 135 85, no pain headache, no response to the changing weather. Of course, some health problems are, but daily physical exercises and 4 times a week workout race walking will help them to win. Even if, sometimes, hardly go for a walk, said a woman who returned from there cheerful.


According to Alexander Shimko, he has two certificates from Nikolai Amosov, in which an outstanding surgeon recognized the advantage for health walk over run. Mykola Amosov, after reading a book about the meaning and mechanism walking, replaced running on a walk. What is its Wellness force? According to Alexander Musaevich, walking improves health, as it would involve all muscles through a compulsory movement of his shoulders, rotation of the pelvis, the amplitude of the arms forward and back, etc. Technique walking is based on the Golden section ratio shop, proportion and harmony, starting the whole body, activating lymph and blood circulation, forced to work all the muscles, organs, but not never strained body, and distribute the load on every muscle and every body equally. Like a football team or a Symphony orchestra. In addition, Jogging provides straightened leg, while bent at the knee of the leg muscles compress all the arteries and veins, broken hemodynamics (especially know that women who have a long time to walk in high heels). So even people who do not feel the strength in the legs, with dizziness and which Shimko lead by the hand, after some time, after school walking, stimulating the lymph and blood circulation, has steadily move without assistance. In addition, there is a powerful emotional effects of exercise by walking. This mood, mutual help, support and affirmation. Group health Godunov in Kiev and in other cities is a kind of hobby clubs. Every person in the past had their achievements, but over time, life threw him out of their train. "Coming to us, " says Alexander Shimko, - people like reborn, gets a second wind and reveal their talents in the song, poems, humoresques, etc.".


First, the plans of Alexander Shimko was only their own health, Preftreatment to that of his wife and the first STB - members (old-fat-aching) group, eventually replaced by the Association of walk. But, restoring health, many former STB wanted to compete in the race walking - first there were competitions in the group, and over time at the level of Ukraine, and today wards pensioners-goduny take home an award for international competitions, European and world Championships among veterans. Here you STB! "One of the first was Elena Chub, - recalls those times of Alexander Musaevich, - I "recruited" to walk even earlier, when she was 73,5 year. By the time she was starting diabetes, arrhythmia, angina. After six months she will be 89 years old, and her assets are only some gold medals from world and European Championships - 23! Nina Slobodyanik, 78-year-old resident of Kyiv, after 3 strokes, 7 fractures, after 2 years of training overcame competitions 3 km. Special pride for me are as Wellness and sports successes my wife Luba. I'm proud of the victories of veterans-Godunov in international competitions, in particular Kiev A. Kushnaryov, a. TISCO, L. Lebedeva, I. Pushkin, which vybrali 28 medals for the last 4 years at the Championships of Europe and world". According to Alexander Musaevich, the last domestic competitions on Khreshchatyk ("Cup coach 2012-2013") showed that several dozens of members of the Association have a high level of real professional Godunov. Member of the Association of Nordic walking can be one, and it is not necessary to be STB, the sooner the better, to race walking need to involve schoolchildren, hanging in the cities and villages of posters and billboards are not politicians or cigarettes, beer, and with kilogrammes walk. Let it hangs and is valid: looking at it, said Alexander Shimko, children begin to do, not drinking, and walking. "People need knowledge about the walk, " said the coach, " and I said them. If someone wants to create a cell in his place, organize. We have already made a video to send to those places where there may soon be reached. Disks will study, and during my visit, we'll just correct knowledge and skills".