"Where's my manhood?" - sounds desperate voice from the commercials. "It prostatitis. Send SMS to No. XXXX - get an instant solution to the problem," immediately at a disappointing diagnosis offer guaranteed help. If not SMS, I invite you to call a certain number, but the promised one is full oftreatment. With various diseases, and men in particular. In absentia. Like that. But to eliminate the consequences of this "improvement" is usually run in a medical institution.


"Fortunately, - commented the doctor-andrologist Scientific-practical center of preventive and clinical medicine HOOD Professor Mykola Boiko, that on the other end of firms stealth in many cases will consult you really physicians. Contrary to all the laws of clinicists, diagnosis - they "unmistakable", from your words, will determine the disease and prescribe treatment, but... absentia, no matter how you convince them about the meeting, a personal medical examination". Of course, this is not a charity event and for? treatment" we have to pay a hefty amount of money, often adjustable appetite who provides such services. Wonder people "hooked" on such a publicity stunt. Buy a cat in a bag, and then instead of the 20-day course of treatment some one disease forced due to its neglect to remove from whole "bouquet", sometimes spending months. - Well, if, for example, is really the person prostatitis, asked Nikolai Ivanovich, then why not use this anonymous? - As prostatitis, like many other disease, explains Professor, is often the result of many causes and has various manifestations similar to other diseases. In addition, untreated prostate can cause infertility and sexual dysfunction. Why treatment actually prostatitis, adenoma, or the inability to start with finding the cause. For example, according to Mykola Boiko, the most popular advertising the drug from prostatic hypertrophy or from male sexual impotence helped nobody to heal completely, but, on the contrary, only complicate diagnosis.


- what problems come to you, the representatives of the stronger sex? ask Nikolai Ivanovich. - Andros - means male, hence, and turn to us with the men, even the most delicate problems. It is the issue of potency, congenital deviation (curvature) of the penis or acquired (Peyronie's disease), the desire to increase or thickening of the penis, etc. To andrologists treat men with erectile dysfunction caused, for example, the use of drugs. Nikolay Boyko said that the issue thickening or lengthening of the penis is not always simple whim men, and often in fact immature body causes discomfort and psychologically, and in intimate otnosheniyah to the Center for help and married couples without children because of infertility in men. If earlier the blame for childlessness was transposed to the woman, but today, says the doctor, confirmed in practice, that the reason in both partners: approximately 40% of infertility husband and the same amount for a wife, 20% is a joint reasons, etc. Surgeons andrologists and perform custom operations popularistic of transsexuals, i.e. replacement of the genital organs. Andrologists, as, indeed, all physicians should be good psychologists, because sometimes after one conversation with the doctor, the patient comes relief. With words of Nikolai Ivanovich, many patients with sexual disorders, seek medical prevent psychological barrier. The patient is ashamed of his diseasehe thought that only happened to him such a disaster, and when in conversation with a specialist learns that people with similar problems, as he is relieved and trust vracham addition, there is a category of patients, treatment which is impossible without psychoanalysts. We are talking about sexual disharmony, i.e. sexual conflict spouses. On methods of treatment used in andrology, in the Centre in particular, they are various and modern: from hormone therapy, surgeries before implantation and aphrodisiacs. Unfortunately, these disease complain men of reproductive age, as they say, in the Prime of life. Reason: bad ecological conditions, contaminated water and air, left its mark and the accident at the Chernobyl NPP. In addition, bad habits: Smoking, drugs, alcohol, and often obviously harmful product - do not have consequences for the stronger sex.


Common disease of modern men, starting with Mature age, is hyperplasia of the prostate. Struggle against it specialists "upstairs" - just kidding, given the location of the bodies, which are treated there, Professor Boyko calls the urology Department. Urologists Scientific-practical centre, in particular the Department of minimally invasive surgery, headed by the candidate of medical Sciences, Professor Andrey Jurachka really work wonders that only a few years ago we could only dream of. Here the patients of both sexes, as preserving the integrity of tissues and organs and the lowest damaging it. For example, the removal of a kidney-affected by a cancer tumor, the woman was performed using a laparoscope through a small opening in the abdomen. On the monitor shows how to use special high-accuracy "scissors" separate the diseased kidney, holding vessels. Then, gently, directly inside a person, a sick body is placed in a special bag and through the hole in the peritoneum output. And quite unique methodology not only for Ukraine, but for many other foreign countries - laser vaporization of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Vaporization, explains the perpetrator of such interventions on prostate Andrey Zhuravchak is burning laser. On the computer screen to see how the tumor like melts and disappears under the influence of the laser. Such surgical intervention is performed with the help of the laser equipment, which is inserted through the urethra. Surgery without blood and no cutting of fabrics, in addition patient not worried about the pain from wounds, and after a few days he can go domaju the Centre will also help get rid of concrements people with urolithiasis. To do this, doctors have a lot of experience and necessary latest equipment, as, for example, to perform percutaneous lithotripsy. Wonderful specialists of the Scientific-practical center of preventive and clinical medicine provide assistance to all who turn to them, to patients from different parts of Ukraine, even without direction of district doctors. The main thing that the person was treated in a timely manner, not risked their health, "klyunuv" on another advertising trick.

Love FIELD-SHANDA, "Health and Dougall".