This is facilitated by the "summer factors"

Prostatitis (inflammation of prostate cancer), both acute and chronic, represents more than 20% of all diseases of sexual sphere in men. In the period of acute illness accompanied by pain, urination, sexual function, inability to fertilization and other chronic same prostatitis aggravation will occur quite often. This may be enough even small cold, seasonal weakening of the organism, the abuse of alcohol, unrealized erections, strain or fatigue, irregular sexual life, constipation, etc. So it is very important to know the factors contributing to its emergence, and prevention measures that need to resort to prevent problems. On this and the other associated with the disease, in particular as to facilitate progress in the period of exacerbation, tell phytotherapeutist, a nutritionist at inter TV channel, President of the club "Healthy-e" Boris Skachko.


- Boris Glebovich, please tell us about the causes of this, we can say that a male disease. - The main reasons are two. First - sexual infections, the risk of catching that grows usually in summer, particularly during the holiday season. Any sexual infection can enter into the prostate. The fact that women have a very short urethra and through contact with the external environment, the accumulation of bacteria in the urinary bladder. Men in this respect easier because the urethra are longer and it infection harder to get into the body. But during intercourse interchange of bacteria, and to the prostate through the urethra infection can be reached. The second reason. Prostatitis is an autoimmune process. The prostate is protected by a barrier of blood, and not everyone is able to get it. However, such protection is weak, if the blood level of toxins. And this becomes possible when disrupted the kidneys and liver, two major filters in the body. The causes of prostatitis may also include stress, and even caries. The latter due to bacteria, overwhelms the mouth, is a source of intoxication. Stress also affects the liver and kidneys, blocking their work as filters. Thus, the toxins that are in a stressful situation is made even more intense than usual, because the body is accelerated, can penetrate weakened filters and to reach other organs, in particular the prostate. It is therefore very important to monitor the health of your teeth and learn how to react to stressful situations, avoiding strong emotion. And another "summer" factor. In the heat lot of sweat. Therefore, the body is dehydrated, so needs a continuous supply of the liquid in the form of fruit compotes, juices, clean water, etc. But not all men drink enough liquid (2-2,5 l per day). Because of this salt is not excreted and deposited in urinary channels, which affects the prostate.


- Boris Glebovich, when the prostate becomes chronic form? - Chronic prostatitis can develop when pain acute prostatitis and because of the long lasting effects on the body of certain factors. These include the environment, and stresses that cause this problem appears literally out of nowhere. And the reason is that the inflammatory process occurring in the prostate, a minor. Men don't even pay attention to him, and if something notice, "write off" is on fatigue or sleep deprivation. At the same time, aggravation, there appear symptoms of acute prostatitis: back pain, perineum, anus, in the head of the penis when urinating, which becomes frequent, there has also been increased body temperature, deteriorating overall health. - Today the urgency of the problem of prostatitis obvious. Only some of my friends I counted 6 men suffering from this disease... - Yes, unfortunately, today, the incidence of prostate increased significantly. It is believed that every second man after forty already has the disease. And will continue to be the trend towards rejuvenation of the disease. At least because of the fact that the environment is deteriorating, and in food chemistry becomes more and more. In addition, the barrier, which is created by the blood and protects the prostate, permeable for alcoholic beverages. And one thing when our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were drinking vodka and eating while natural and ecologically clean products, and alcohol, penetrating into the prostate, brought there only nutrients are absorbed into the body with food. So the damage can be said, was minimal, and prostatitis, and if developed, in a much older age. Today, young people like to eat a variety of gin and tonics, and this is a chemical cocktail of alcohol, well, about the quality of our prodovolstvie and say no. Therefore, you can imagine that brings to prostate alcohol, taken together with chips, mayonnaise salads, various smoked, i.e. low quality and is clearly harmful products. Therefore, if we really want chips or something harmful, you should at least use them without alcohol. But if you are going to drink, snacks should be natural and high-quality. Otherwise problems can not be avoided, because, chronic prostatitis is almost synonymous with impotence.


- Boris Glebovich, and now about the main thing - the prevention of prostatitis. What recommendations do this, You can give our readers? - Avoid autumn exacerbation, on the prevention need to think in the summer. Let's start with food. First of all - is the use every morning a small piece of fat, which provokes bile, which is very good for the liver. During the day - pumpkin oil, but if a man over 50 something better linseed oil. Are those products that are due to be required in the diet of a person suffering from chronic prostatitis. Pumpkin is a vegetable, which is very well support the prostate. For example, seeds is and choleretic, and soft antihelminthic means, in addition, it regulates the function of the intestine. Therefore, using them, the man gets several bonuses. But they need is dry and not thermally processed, otherwise they lose their favor. Children even with small children it is necessary to accustom to this product. This, above all, will protect against worms which, moreover, that poison the body, and even the first to benefit from used products. I.e. we can say, all the better they get it. And pumpkin them gently removed. Moreover, if such anthelmintic agents as tansy, wormwood or Astragalus, kill the parasites that cause intoxication, toxins into the blood and can reach the prostate; that pumpkin seeds only those worms, and as such, they are eliminated from the body, without causing intoxication. Let's continue the theme of food. In addition to the above, must be administered in the diet of vegetables and fruits, especially now that the season. But they must be thermally processed, live only berries. Vitamins and microelements, contained in them, accumulate in the liver, which is very good for its functioning. As I mentioned above, the importance of prostate normal operation of the filter body. A healthy liver is healthy and prostate. In addition, vegetables and fruits prevent clotting of the blood and full of antioxidants, which also gives them the advantages to this problem. Also for men with chronic prostatitis is important to eat walnuts and hazelnuts. The latter generally under the form remind the prostate, which is probably why nature itself tells about their usefulness for this body. When this problem is the body needs and vitamins a and E in its natural form. You can get them from the oils of rose and sea-buckthorn, pumpkins and carrots. The biggest benefit of these vitamins in that they help prevent the degeneration of cells in malignant. And this is for chronic prostatitis is quite possible, as any chronic disease may progress to the stage of malignancy. What else is important is not to use the prostate plants containing saponines, for example: horsetail, knotweed, mother-and-stepmother, etc. Saponins, standing out through the kidneys, irritate all the urogenital system, and prostate gland in particular, determining the rush to her blood. Therefore, in case of chronic prostatitis there is a strong likelihood that there will be a worsening. Also you should tell about constipation. If men after 40 years is the problem, then, as a rule, he suffers from impotence. Constipation its turn is the source of intoxication, located near the prostate. Therefore, they should not be allowed. But here, men need to be very careful. Such plants as buckthorn, hay, sorrel horse, enhancing peristalsis of the bowel, are also powerful oxidizers and provoke chronic prostatitis. Therefore, to solve the problem of constipation with herbal teas or infusions of these plants should not be. It is best in this situation will help pumpkin oil, it peristalsis will adjust, and prostate not hurt, but, on the contrary, going for it useful.


It is also important to prevent prostate improve blood circulation in pelvic Department. And here men first advice is to wean itself from the bladder emptying standing. This should be done sitting, thus regulates the circulation in the area of prostate gland and improves function. Helpful and special exercises, for example: to be leaning against a wall with her back and spreading his legs slightly wider than shoulders, and squat possible deeper, while the back should be straight and touch the wall to do so at least 2-3 times in one go. As the day approaches should be all you want, i.e. as soon as remembered, so did they. As a sedentary lifestyle to anything good will not, but the stagnation of blood, particularly in the pelvic area, will provide. And that, besides the negative impact on the prostate, provokes occurrence of hemorrhoids, violate metabolism etc. Wonderful to prevention of this problem is swimming, during which improves circulation, and the work of the feet at the same time massaging the prostate. Another way to improve circulation is the basic tension and relaxation of the sciatic muscles, it can be done almost everywhere, even in traffic. In terms of prevention is also very important to monitor the lumbar spine. It is useful to do simple exercises - elementary rotations of the body. You can perform them with straight arms by inertia, turning torso to the left-to the right. Or stand in the pose of a rider (slightly bent at the knees and legs wide apart), tighten the lumbar spine and turn left-right, and the pelvis remains stationary. Thus there is a regulation of the first and second lumbar vertebrae, which is innervation of the prostate, and thus and regulation. Not less important for the prevention of prostatitis are intimate relationships. If husband and wife sleep separately, it threatens to men with chronic prostatitis, and for women with endometriosis, uterine fibromyoma, mastopathy, etc. intercourse prolong youthfulness and serves as a prevention from any illnesses, avoiding stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. But here, too, need to be careful. I mean the enhancement of potency with aphrodisiacs. The fact that they increase the blood flow to the pelvic region. And if they drink a man who leads a healthy lifestyle, normally eats, is not provoked by little things, the liver and kidneys his work well, the blood after taking aphrodisiac will carry to the pelvic only nutrients, and it will only benefit. But if before the use of the product or drug that enhances potency, were chips, mayonnaise, summer sausage dubious quality, alcohol, instead of nutrients, there, in particular in the prostate, get toxins. If men were also hemorrhoids, and he wants to improve their potency using aphrodisiac, here hemorrhoids can say its a categorical "no", because blood flow is possible bleeding. I would also like to say about the importance for the prevention of prostate frequency of urination. In men, emptying the bladder 5 times or more a day, the risk of cancer of the bladder and prostate twice less, than in those that do less than 5 times a day.


"And if exacerbation of chronic prostatitis still unable to avoid, what measures should be taken to mitigate its course? - An exacerbation of the prostate, but this is often not an isolated problem, which may be accompanied cystitis, cystopyelitis, pyelonephritis, the best anti-inflammatory drugs, the leaves of the bilberry or bearberry. They have a wonderful antibiotic properties. Recipe: 1 tbsp. L. leaves (listed plants) pour 200-400 ml of boiling water, keep on a water bath 30 minutes, drain hot. If there is a tendency to constipation, you have to wait until completely cool, strain and then to use. Take 50-70 ml 4-5 times a day, last admission for 3 hours before bedtime. Possible mild diuretic effect. The course of treatment is 10-12 days. If there is a need for antibiotic use, as this is important in case when exacerbation of chronic - not just a reaction to the bacteria, and there's always been a bacterium, for the destruction of which need a more powerful effect, the decoction of leaves enhance the therapeutic effect of antibiotics and harmful microorganism will be directed double blow. Therapeutic effect can also be enhanced by eating juices cherries, sweet cherries, cranberries. Cherry is useful as a separate dish, instead of dessert. It is better to grind in a blender and drink 2-3 hours before or after meals - regulation of the function of the intestines, is eliminated dysbacteriosis. Also enhance the action of cranberry and bearberry serum. You can add the juice of parsley, parsnip, celery. For example, on 1 l of serum 20-30 ml of juice. To drink during the day. To improve the taste, you can add sugar, honey or juice cherries. Serum is as the basis of activation of the system, the green juice is an optional component, so it is better to begin with a smaller dose, and then to his senses to increase it. But the main thing here is not to overdo it, so as not to cause further aggravation. Food during the treatment should be vegetarian, eggs to eat occasionally, dairy products, you can leave. It is also very important to fiber. This may be the same useful for prostate pumpkin. It may or bake or cook from her porridge, or prepare "borsch": choose from a pumpkin pulp, put inside the vegetables, add a little water and put in the oven. Fiber is very useful for bowel, besides, she, as a sorbent, collects and removes toxins. Aggravation should not forget about exercise, improves blood circulation in the small pelvis. In addition, you need to keep your feet warm. Meridian of the kidneys goes on foot, and if there is hypothermia, there is a problem with the kidneys and prostate. Accordingly, through the feet can positively affect these organs. To do this it is useful to walk barefoot. You can also gather up a small stone and heat them in the oven, not much, pour in some drawer and walk over it for some time, for example, when watching TV. Those men who have permanently cold feet, in order for them to heat, you can take a cotton socks, to moisten with water and put on top of them thick wool socks and hide legs under the blanket. And finally, advice on how to check the activity of prostatitis. The prostate is located under the bladder, if it is inflamed, swollen and cross urinary tract decreases, i.e. the stream of urine is weak. In the complex treatment of chronic prostatitis can be entered and copyright herbal remedies. In chronic prostatitis on the background of urinary tract infections recommended "health Formula № 8", and disorders of the digestive tract and liver - "health Formula № 1".

Interview was conducted by Alla GRISHILO.