In my five year old daughter cough. Give expectorants, but the cough has not diminished. What is the reason? Yours faithfully, Tatiana. , Myronivka, Kyiv region

The letter says the Director of the club "Healthy-e" doctor, phytotherapeutist Boris Skachko.

If the child has cough and sputum not depart, then, of course, expectorants will not help him. They must first submit mucolytics, contributing to the depression of sputum. And then to resort to expectorant means that its output. In particular, well razrezajut sputum broth marshmallow root, and the infusion of the seeds of flax. A decoction of the root. One teaspoon crushed root pour 200 ml of water and cook on low heat for 5-7 minutes leave to cool. Drink 30-50 ml between meals 5-6 times a day. The infusion of seeds of flax. 1 tablespoon of the seeds, pour 200 ml of cold water. Within an hour periodically shake. Drink 20-30 ml during the day. The receiving these drugs should be stopped 2 hours of sleep, not to provoke the night, the passage of secretions.