What will happen beyond your anxiety.
The great victory is the victory over their negative thinking.
You must believe in yourself, even when you doubt the whole world.
To make a mistake and realize it - this is wisdom. Realize the mistake and not hide it - that is honest.
Never too late to take a tumble.
Who did not understand his past is forced to go through it again.
Soul of every person is happy when he does good to the other.
Don't be afraid to say goodbye to the fact that not make you happy.
When your dreams will be stronger than your fears - they begin to come to pass.
You can be an option, a reason, a priority, but you should never become an option.
Don't give up. You can't see the whole picture, which draws God.
Lack of sleep is not a problem. The problem is, when you don't know why I Wake up in the morning.
Is just what you're doing. You can talk anything.
The problem of the modern world is that smart people are full of doubts, and the stupid filled with confidence.
All the answers are within you. You know more than is written in the books. But to remember this - you need to read books, to look at yourself, listen and trust ourselves.
Any mistake in the past forgivable, if in the present you do everything for it not to be repeated.
Always have something to say, just because we are afraid of the reaction to these words.
Take your time to chase away the moments of solitude. Perhaps this is the greatest gift
The universe - to save you for a while just unnecessary to allow you to be yourself.
Man can overcome anything if only believes that this makes sense.
You think too much about how to find the right person, and not enough about how to become the right person.
Better to stay a pleasant memory than to be annoying presence.
Free your mind from thoughts.
Let the Heart to calm down.
Calmly watch the turmoil of the world.
Watch how everything falls into place.
Too late to go back to all the right start, but it's not too late to strive forward to properly finish.
Learn to say "thank you" to the one that was left behind. It certainly taught us something important.
To live as you want, is not egoism. Egoism is when others must think and live as you wish.
Make a step, and the road will appear by itself.
Vozvishine their words, not the voice. Flowers grow from rain and not from the thunder.
In no event it is impossible to chastise those who struggled, but made a mistake.
If you realized how powerful your thoughts, you'd never thought negatively.
If your soul has remained one ever blooming branch, for it is always sit singing bird.
Whoever fills palm.
Who gives fills the heart.
It would be much easier if people outwardly looked like the looks of their soul.
Deep river not say that it threw the stone; and also people. If a person resents from insult, it's not a river but a puddle.
The world gives way to the one who knows where he is going.