What foods contain omega-3 fatty acids, and what this substance is useful?
With respect Nikolai Yevgenievich.
g Raisins.

The letter says the Professor of the course of dermatovenerology of the Ternopil state medical University Svetlana GALICHINA.

The main source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which also include omega-3, are marine fish and seafood. Such fatty acids there are some plants, nuts, seeds and vegetable oil, which of them receive. So many omega-3-acids contain Northern fish (fish consume algae contain these fatty acid), flax seed oil, oil from the seeds of the currant, from the seeds of the evening primrose, and also of walnut kernels.
The ability to suppress inflammation is one of the basic properties of omega-3-acids. And if almost all skin diseases accompanied by inflammation, these fatty acids are struggling with chronic inflammation, which is the cause of acne. For example, using flax oil can be treated with dry skin. Dry skin is one of the most visible signs of lack of vitamin F. Flaxseed oil contains a large amount of vitamin E (80-95 mg per 100 ml), with its antioxidant properties which vitamin F is not oxidized, maintaining its properties.
Another benefit of omega-3-acids is that they inhibit the basic mechanisms of aging, restoring the synthesis of new collagen and reduce the volume of its destruction. So collagen skin skeleton is gradually recovering, the skin becomes elastic and beautiful views.