Myocarditis (myocardiosclerosis) secondary Koronaroliticescoe (myocardiofibrosis secundaria c

Myocarditis (myocardiosclerosis) secondary Koronaroliticescoe (myocardiofibrosis secundaria c- QR

DISEASE OF BODIES OF BLOOD CIRCULATION : - etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms and course of, recognition, prediction and prevention



What is the Myocarditis (myocardiosclerosis) secondary Koronaroliticescoe (myocardiofibrosis secundaria c and how it is treated?


Кровеносная система, сердце, сосуды, кровь

Etiology and pathogenesis Myocarditis (myocardiosclerosis) secondary Koronaroliticescoe (myocardiofibrosis secundaria c

see Arteriosclerosis.

reduced to a slowly developing heart weakness on the grounds of loss of muscle fibers (from violation of their power due to the sclerotic lesions of the heart vessels).


Symptoms and course Myocarditis (myocardiosclerosis) secondary Koronaroliticescoe (myocardiofibrosis secundaria c

The heart is enlarged to the left, and further to the right; the colours in the beginning loud, then the deaf; shortness of breath appears at first only on exertion, then in the form of rare seizures cardiac asthma, and then gradually accept permanent character; sometimes (especially at night) and there is a chain-stokov type of breathing. Systolic arterial blood pressure often raised venous increases as the weakening of the right ventricle. In connection with multiple sclerosis arterioles, feeding intracardially regulatory apparatus, there are all kinds of heart rhythm disorders, receiving persistent; occasionally determined basistaya (double push). Electrocardiogram significantly deformed (negative the T wave, picture blockade end of branches and wiring systems etc) - an indicator of deep anatomical changes in the myocardium (mikroinfarkt). Disorder circulation goes by type of weakening of the left ventricle; and in the end joined deficiency symptoms and right ventricle.

Predictions Myocarditis (myocardiosclerosis) secondary Koronaroliticescoe (myocardiofibrosis secundaria c

Great importance is repeated (dispensary) supervision over the rate of increase of heart failure. The prognosis is unfavorable at electrocardiographic picture, pointing to widespread subendocardialnah fibrosis (blockage of end ramifications wiring system)peremejayutsya the pulse, bisystolic, and if often repeated bouts of cardiac asthma. The prediction is always doubtful after suffering a heart attack, although patients may retain the ability to work for years. Chronic cardiac aneurysm and a significant degree of emphysema limit performance and affect the forecast.

Prevention Myocarditis (myocardiosclerosis) secondary Koronaroliticescoe (myocardiofibrosis secundaria c

You should consider all of the diseases that can occur in parallel and pathogenetic based one from the other (emphysema, obesity, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and others). Timely elimination of intoxication, treatment of obesity and other metabolic disorders, physical culture are the best preventive measures in this case.

Treatment. Because it is not easy to establish the moment of transition reversible changes in the myocardium (type "dystrophy") in roughly stable organic with the weakening of its functions, always need to make greater efforts to strengthen the muscles of the heart careful physical therapy.

Massage to improve peripheral circulation and breathing exercises when not very severe emphysema often benefit.