Arnold M. GENSTAT - the author of original methods of restoring health through exercise. The results of application of this system are staggering: it and accelerated bone bonding at various fractures, and raising omitted bodies, and effective help with osteomyelitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, intervertebral hernia, injuries of ligaments, meniscus, scoliosis, etc.
Unfortunately, Arnold M. is no longer with us. But his method of healing lives and help people. About it, its author, its practices and developments will tell successor of Arnold GENSTAT, in the past, his faithful friend and companion and wife, trainer and physiotherapist with 20 years of experience Irina Tapkova-GENSTAT.

Random encounters are no...

- Mrs. Irina, as is known, any meeting in our life are not accidental when and how fate brought You with Arnold M.?
- In 1989 I had postpartum problems, and my coach (I'm a former athlete) led me to Arnold Mikhailovich. So I became his first patient, then associate, and later his wife. You are right: random encounters in life do not happen, so perhaps it pleased the fate and God, that we met and his life became my.
Methodology Arnold Mikhailovich, in my opinion, brilliant and very simple. It systematically, organically enables the body to fight any disease. Through its system of exercises Arnold Greenstate was able to restore seriously injured athletes for months, and in such a physical condition that they showed better than before the injury, results and became world Champions. The same great effect this system in improvement of children, the elderly, the chronically ill and everyone who wants to be healthy.
- Irina Viktorovna, and what is different methods Arnold Ginstata from other health complexes and systems?
- This technique is built on the principle of homeopathy microlagus in macrodata, and any pain.
The whole complex can be divided into three approaches. The first is the exercise of the common actions that affect the entire body. Another group exercises focused on the cardiovascular system. The third approach is prevention and treatment of disorders of the spine. But the main thing that distinguishes this technique is a vibration. All the exercises in one way or another connected with vibration.

The healing vibrations, and breath, "like a dog"

Vibrating movement has long been used in various health procedures. For example, it was used in their practice known Japanese Katsudzo Niches. He developed simple methods of intensive renovation and restoration of the blood vessels by vibrating exercise and contrasting air baths.
- What good give vibration the movement of the human body?
Health effects of vibration in the body versatile. First of all, it normalizes metabolism at the cellular level. Because of movement restrictions and the lack of active muscle cells are not able to break free from toxic products of metabolism. As a consequence, they accumulate in the tissues and organs and poison the body, and this in turn gives impetus to development of various diseases.
As a result of vibration and active muscle contraction cell literally pushes the accumulated waste in the intercellular fluid, where, with the help of the same vibration, is removing them from the organism. Getting rid of the poison, the cells have the ability to acquire necessary for normal life of nutrients and oxygen, restoring thus natural metabolism. Besides improving the function of the digestive tract and liver, increases peristalsis of the bowel.
Beneficial effect of vibration on the walls of blood vessels, thereby increasing their elasticity and removes cholesterol plaques. Aware of the positive impact of vibration on the functioning of the Central nervous system by improving the blood supply to the brain and supply of nerve cells.
With the help of vibration Arnold GENSTAT tried to solve one more global problem of modern civilization is the lack of physical activity. According to his calculations, during one of the classes in his method due to vibration is about 8000 movements, representing two-day norm of physical activity.
The second unique feature of the methodology Arnold Mikhailovich is that all the exercises are done on the background of so-called canine respiratory: frequent breaths open mouth. Watch your breathing dog, or rather not breathe and exhale. This is a frequent shallow breathing in the rhythm of the movements with the active emphasis on the exhale. Breath - involuntary, passive and invisible. During such a breath, the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood, which positively influences the course of oxidation-reduction processes in the body (this expansion vessels of the heart, brain and many more). Such shallow breathing sometimes you can use when you need quickly, before the arrival of the ambulance, to ease the pain in the heart , or migraine.

Lifelong disability is not a death sentence

- Irina Viktorovna, please provide examples of healing people by the method of Arnold M..
- Once in a car accident a man severed hand. After treatment in two months began osteomyelitis (an inflammatory lesion of the bone and bone marrow). Bones began to rot, developed a fistula. To Arnold Mikhailovich a man came in critical condition: forearm as a log, extensive edema. The case was very complicated. However, after 2 months of individual sessions fistula closed, edema passed, muscle is increased. The man was healthy. He wrung out from the wall and from the floor, maintains full load.
And such cases in the practice of Arnold M. were very many. Injured athletes, dancers, ordinary people, whom the doctors ' verdict permanent disabilities - they all owe the author of unique methods of their full life.
My roommate, which is 69 years old, going to my classes for three years. Prior to that, she had many health problems with the spine, with pressure, pancreas, arthrosis of the hip joint... Now it has reached such results that gives odds are much younger than himself.
I work now with one woman with osteoporosis and hip fractures. The doctors told her for 8 weeks not to make any movements of the leg and three months not to step on it. When we started classes, muscle she had already atropinovij, leg got swollen, had a blue color, be it a woman could not. Besides her varicose veins, trophic ulcers. As a result of studying the plague was delayed, has longer legs to swell. In the beginning, of course, was worsening. But this is a predictable process, because with the exercises increased circulation, and as muscles atrophied, it was not sufficient pumping blood. Subsequently, however, the muscles began to climb, and we began to increase the load. Now she's standing at the foot.
Another one of my 68-year-old ladies from Odessa was a fracture of the spine. She had to have surgery, and very difficult, because the situation was made more difficult by the presence of osteoporosis. The woman refused surgery, and I began to work with her. On the 27th day of school she got up, and we are now working with her already in a vertical position.
Another example: a woman with damaged knee cap. Doctors insisted on surgery, but she had heard a lot about the methods of Ginstata and decided to try it myself. Previously consulted with me. I said I can't make any guarantees, but it's worth it, because this is not a case of emergency when should immediately go under the knife, there is still time. The woman agreed. After 2 months the pain is gone, and after 4 she felt healthy. During this time he built up all the muscles, even younger...

What are the roots and seeds such

Generally an example for me in life is my father, who taught me to live in constant motion. He is 76, and every day he or floats, or walks several kilometers. When unfavorable weather - he and his wife do the exercises by the method of Arnold M. or engaged on a stationary bike. He has no day goes by without intense movements. He lived a full, active life, continues to work, he is often invited abroad as an outstanding specialist in his field.
Some people will say that this activity and health is a gift from nature. But, believe me, by nature given almost anyone. However, only work on yourself allows you to preserve your health to old age and extend active longevity.
We should distinguish between the everyday hustle and bustle and the right movements are different things. People usually make a lot of repetitive movements, never strained certain muscles and not using others. Only the right, purposeful movements can give a positive result for improvement.
Being engaged by the method Arnold Ginstata, we are moving with minimum expenditure of energy, and yet the strengthening of muscles is incredibly fast. And coordination of movements produced such that it will not break even with fatigue. Why? Yes, because the whole body is balanced and muscles, these natural pump, shaking the blood, carry it to all corners of the body.
Moreover, the method is aimed at light work of the spine, without overstress of the vertebrae. By the way, the height of a man, as you know, in old age decreases the so-called "VScan"(??) the vertebrae. In the system of Granata, you will be able not only to prevent this, but grow a few inches. For example, Arnold M. in his youth had an increase of 171 cm, and at 62 - 172,5 see

Healthy parents for healthy children

- Mrs. Iryna, You have experience in rehabilitation of children with the help of this technique?
- Yes, of course. One mother brought in last year's eight-year-old girl suffering from constant headaches. No survey could not figure out the reason of such state of the child. Nothing helped. As soon as we gave her the coordination of movements (by the way, the coordination of movements is a disease), headache pain began to subside and in a week the child about her forgotten.
Even one girl had an inflammation of the knee joint. She could not do the basic exercises, although I was doing eurhythmics. Before the child brought to me, she was treated for about 3 months, but to no avail. We worked for 2 months, the pain is gone and she even began to participate in competitions on art gymnastics.
Noticed that children who are engaged in the system of Ginstata, increased concentration, develops ability is long and tirelessly to study the lessons or any other matter.
There are also positive results of the application of this technique and infertility. At Arnold M. there were five cases of women, despite the merciless verdict of doctors, were able to become mothers. Infertility may be due to a sedentary lifestyle - is hormonal failure, different stagnation. The studies help to activate all the organs, to establish hormonal functioning, and the whole body begins to work harmoniously. In my practice, too, have spouses that after 6 years of fruitless attempts to get pregnant, work out in just 2 months, already waiting for the child.
Should finally understand that children's health depends on the health of the parents before they gave birth. So if you want to have a strong, healthy children, do not be lazy to do them.

Rejuvenation without plastics

- Irina Viktorovna, having personal experience of applying such methods, if You have added to it something new?
- Methods of Arnold M. - this is the main thing on it keeps all. But I'm not getting anywhere, always something to explore, learn. So put exercises for eyes and face - which is particularly liked by women.
Realizing that during exercises by the method of Arnold M. there is intense circulation, I thought: why not redirect to the eye? Because the development of age of cataract and glaucoma, according to doctors usually caused by stagnation in the organ of vision. Therefore started to work in this direction. And there are already positive results.
For example, I was approached by a woman 68 years of age with cataracts. We already for a year with her work. I can't say that the vision she had fully recovered. But recently when she went to the optometrist to change lenses points (for 10 years, and they played it), it was found that the sight of her is the same as 10 years ago. As you know, when developing cataracts, sight is getting worse, and here a year of classes, most likely, it even improved.
Also, I do exercises for the face. With age we age, the skin loses its elasticity, face droops. But it also has a muscle. For example, I had sunken cheeks, and I myself, as you can see, "pumped". (Mrs. Irina really lovely rounded cheeks. - Auth.). And to those people who come to me and begin to tell, what their age-related diseases, I say: "Age is just a number in the passport, close it and forget. And if you want to be healthy - it will be!"
Where weak muscles, weak bones. Thin muscle - thin bones. It is a physiological process, but bone mass can be spent not so fast. Good muscle will feed the bone and its thinning will be much slower. In the past I was a tennis player, and my right hand was a half times thicker than the left. When I stopped to do, it was like the left. So this proves that the stronger the muscles, the stronger the bone. In principle is based on this and the process of merging all the bones. Muscle starts to work, develops and strengthens bone. That's the way the muscles of the face.
In conclusion I want to say that most people, unfortunately, begin to engage themselves and their health only after the injured or sick, or after other problems. But as they say, under the rolling stone gathers no moss. Well-known saying: it is better to prevent than to treat, is relevant today as never before. The methodology that was given mankind Arnold GENSTAT, fits all: and healthy and the sick, and adults and children. It is easy to use and does not require much effort and time. So I advise you not to wait until the cancer will hiss, and start working on your health right now, not only will this save you from disease and prolong youth and give longevity.

The basic rules of application of system of exercises of Ginstata

• Study this method desirable in stages, that is, it is not necessary to master all the elements at once.
• Carefully pick up the dosage loads, gradually bringing them up to standards.
• Lesson duration is usually must be 45-60 minutes three times a week, because for one session recruited two-day rate movements necessary for recovery.
• Training is built on the principle of homeopathy: microlagus in macrodata. Movement on this technique, performed much faster than, for example, during normal charging or fitness. Apply the so-called impulse movement - at an accelerated rate, for example, running in place at maximum speed.
• During exercise breathing should be "like a dog", often through the mouth, with a focus on the breath, which is performed with every movement.
• The last meal should be not later than 1.5 hours before class. Immediately after training - is not worth it.
• Monitoring and load level is carried out by pulse. After loading it must necessarily increase: young people with a healthy heartm to 170 beats per minute, and in people with a sick heartm and the elderly - to 120 BPM, otherwise there will be a training effect. After 1-2 minutes of rest after exercise (in a pose Kucher) pulse rate should be reduced: the first - to 120 BPM, the second - to the values that were at rest to load. The less time spent on the rehabilitation of heart rate, the better the training effect.
• Usually after 10 lessons there is a clear improvement. First of all restored cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

The exercises featured Arnold ginstata for self-development

In the prone position.
1. Lying on his stomach, his hands under his chin, 50 times to move the buttocks left-right (a few degrees) to the rhythm of short breaths (breath "like a dog").
2. Lying on his stomach, his hands under her chin, raising a direct right leg 5-10 cm (maximum) from the floor 10 times. The same repeat with the left foot. As the development of this exercise runtime can be extended up to 5 minutes to do Everything without significant effort and not to lead to pain. When it occurs, the number of movements should be reduced. All movements to run for a short breath.
3. Lying on your back, knees bent at 90 degrees, feet on the floor, shoulder-width apart, hands lie along the body or head. Raise your pelvis to a height of 5-10 cm from the floor. Repeat several times at a fast pace, i.e. vibrating. Gradually the time of exercise can be increased to 30-40 seconds.
4. Lying on his back, legs straight, heels together, the whole body strained and tense, as a string. To raise and lower pelvis, without touching the buttocks sex, pulse rhythm. Duration - 30 seconds.
5. Lying on your back, legs bent at the knees at a 90 degree angle, his hands under his head, the muscles of the body tense. To detach the head and shoulder Department for 3-5 cm from the floor with a short breath at every rise. Lowering her shoulders down, the muscles of the abdomen is easy to relax. Repeat several times in the pulse beat. Duration - 30 seconds.
6. Get on your knees, hands to rest against the floor, hands and feet hip-width apart, back relaxed a little and bend down. Vibration whole body due to light curls in sharp elbows and their rectification. The rhythm - being. Run time is 1-2 minutes During each movement to do a short breath.
When you have finished this exercise, you can sit in the position Kucera (sit on a chair or on the floor, to relax fully sweet head on his chest and close your eyes). Suddenly get up is prohibited.
In the standing position.
7. Vibration. Legs shoulder-width apart, arms along the body. Bending (1-2 cm) and straightening the legs, making vibrates the entire body. Heel in any case not off the floor. As far as the exercise the number of movements can bring to 100-160 times per minute. Make sure that the bearing straight. The duration of the exercise is 5 minutes During each movement down - short breath. Breath - unauthorized when lifted.
8. Running in place. The normal pace. Running smooth like horse-Ambler, i.e. the right hand and right leg move simultaneously. Hands up and down along the body, shoulders slightly turn in a horizontal plane - is the effect of self-massage of a backbone. Toes slightly off the floor, heel sex is not affected. It is desirable when lowering legs straighten the knee, which gives the effect of "kangaroo" or "fleas", that is running with minimum effort. Breathe "like a dog": on every movement - exhale and inhale - spontaneous. The duration of running gradually bring to 5 min and than to 10.
During rehabilitation after illness should start with 30 seconds of Jogging in place 2-3 times a day, gradually increasing the duration of up to 30 minutes it is necessary to watch, that while running the gap feet from the floor was minimal, because the higher you go the hips, the more power consumption and faster occurs fatigue. Knees bent minimal, and stop lands based on the toe, which increases the load on the ankle joints. Therefore in the beginning of classes in the ankle can receive the soreness will gradually in the process of adaptation to the cross-country loads ligaments.
9. Intensive running in place - movement are the same as in the previous exercise, but at the maximum rate, on the verge of individual options and with a large margin of fingers from the floor. First to flee to 5 seconds, slowly running to reach 30. After running, you need to check the pulse.
A trained person on average he usually is to increase to 180 to 200 beats/min 2 min of rest should re-check the pulse: OK he should be reduced to 120 beats/min If people are not yet sufficiently trained, the heart rate should not exceed 160 beats/min
It should be noted that such indicators of the pulse can allow only trained young athletes, resort to methods Arnold Ginstata to recover from injuries. During class middle-aged people, as a rule, datenerhebung and has in some degree sclerosis heart arteries, according to the canons of sports physiology and medicine, to allow such intensity exercise because coronary vessels in them has lost elasticity and poorly increase in response to stress, lack of oxygen and can develop hypoxia of the myocardium with the threat of a heart attack.
Therefore, GENSTAT offers elderly or frail people to see that the pulse does not exceed 120 beats per minute. This is a very important recommendation, in fact, a rule of "safety" during exercises by the method of A. Ginstata.
10. Breathing exercise, which allows to achieve effect "dog breath. Legs shoulder-width apart, hands on his chest, elbows divorced. The beginning of the movement: just sit on the elastic leg and return shoulders right (short breath). Then go up to the original position and turn left shoulders (short breath). Never turn. Exhale with every movement. Run - up to 1 min.
With emphasis on hands in different positions.
11. "Panel" - emphasis on hands, face down. Direct hands, legs, too straight and stretched. Pulse movement through the efforts of hand - raising and lowering of the pelvis (3-5 cm), like push-UPS on the floor. Breathe "like a dog". To perform up to 30 seconds.
12. Similar to the previous exercise, but face up. Movement reminds tossing body up. To perform up to 30 seconds.
13. Standing face to the wall, legs shoulder-width apart on their toes, on step away from the wall. Springy (vibration) the emphasis in the wall with his hands, without bending the knees. There are different variants of execution: for example, first reliance on the entire surface of the palm, then to all the fingers, then three fingers into two and fists. Between the movements during removal from the wall, you can do clapping his hands: first sharply to clap once, then two, three, etc. is up to six times; finally, to make 100 lung springy movements based on the fingers. Breathe "like a dog".
In the sitting position.
14. Sitting on a hard surface, back straight, feet on the floor, shoulder-width apart, hands relaxed lie on the thighs. Due springy movements of the legs and torso, as well as reductions in the gluteal muscles often jump on the hard surface of the seat. Run for 1 minute to Breathe "like a dog".
After each exercise (in a standing position, with emphasis on hands and sitting) should do 1 min of rest in the attitude of the coachman.

The article used materials from the almanac "FIS: Zolotaya library of health "Arnold GENSTAT: Move correctly and be healthy".

Talked Alla GRISHILO.