Tuning in to a healthy diet, people consume fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, meats, low-fat varieties, whole grains, etc. But this list is not complete without a product such as honey. Honey is an absolutely unique product, not only delicious but also very useful, thanks rich chemical composition. Almost everyone will say that will treat cold honey. Because honey contains volatile and enzymes, are actively fighting against pathogenic bacteria. So honey you need to eat a healthy person. Early manifestations of any disease honey inhibits the development of infections, inflammations. Penetrating into the organism, honey gently, gradually, step by step, will neutralize any "damage". It is best to use it, rastvoriv 1 spoon in a glass of water - so it's faster absorption, informing every cell vitamins, proteins, healthy sugar. An important discovery was made by scientists: it turns out, honey dissolved like breast milk. For a child up to the year there is nothing more gracious than breast milk, which not only provides energy for development, but also protects against all diseases. And honey absorbed by the human body to 98-99%. Already in the first days of the use of honey is seen improvement of health, normal process of digestion, increases organism resistance to the harmful environmental factors. Because honey cleanses the intestines from toxins and products of decomposition, is easy to go the extra weight. In addition, the pressure is reduced, because honey cleans and blood vessels, removing cholesterol plaques. A simple rule (to eat before dinner spoon of honey) will help to reduce the caloric content of up to 200 kcal.

Prepared Oksana OSTRENKO.