Drinking 2-3 tsp. any of honey a day normalizes metabolism and immunity. Each of varieties of honey - its healing properties. Doctors note that honey has a composition similar to the composition of blood. Particularly useful is the use of glass of water with a spoon of honey. After this drink restored erythrocytes and their composition, allowing them to better carry oxygen. Honey water also helps to improve the work of leukocytes. Honey comb even more useful because it hasn't happened yet no oxidation processes. And in addition, beeswax removes toxins from the body. Ambrosia - product of beekeeping - preserves all the properties of honey and Royal jelly rejuvenates the body at the cellular level. In order to combat parasitic flora in the body, it is necessary to use propolis. There is an opinion: if a person is allergic to honey, it cannot be used in any form. This is not the case. Doctors say that the Allergy is not to honey, and at those plants, of which it is collected.

Prepared Oksana OSTRENKO.