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Kyiv Valery Petushok 54 years fulfilled his childhood dream - world travel. Together with his wife Natalia (his loyal crew) for 4 years, he crossed the ocean three and eighteen sea on a yacht tender under the name "Lelitka". About his journey Valery Tesanovic wrote the book "journey beyond three oceans", which humorously tells about his adventures, seen species, interesting meetings and discoveries, and also shares its experience on the yacht in extreme conditions. The book can even be called a kind of guide for those who will decide on this trip. Any man-made creation can tell a lot about its author, to reveal the most secret corners of his soul. In the book Valery Tesanovic expounds his philosophy which flow into the heart of the reader deep wisdom, light it good, optimism and desire for unprecedented. Offer to your attention a conversation with this extraordinary man, who in his 72 years conducts active, purposeful life and dreams of a new journeys and discoveries.


- Valery Tesanovic, usually a person at that age, I want peace, comfort, that it is less disturbed. Where do You get all of optimism, energy and aspiration to knowledge, research, i.e. to life? - Everything I do, I'm always very interesting. I like to bring something that is taken, to the end result. Now caught on physics - I youth in love with her. Writing for the third article, the last of the law ampere. It turns out that this law incorrectly interpreted, and this is the Foundation of electrodynamics! So hatch for article clock, write, rewrite. In fact need to articulate our thoughts so that was simple, convincing and clear. For me this is very important and brings huge pleasure. Unfortunately, in its 72 years I chronically short of time. My basic rule - do not perceive themselves seriously. To yourself you need to treat it with humor, as a child, to forgive myself helplessness, the folly, the error. I.e. not to idealize itself. And here's to your health, I'm serious. That has not happened so that the aspirations and desires remain only in dreams, as strength and health. Therefore, the health for me jewel, without which the brightness and curiosity life many would have lost. For example, a year before the beginning of the world tour, I suddenly realized that my health is not so already and good. At this time I was actively involved in business and not given due attention, also quite smoked a lot, often used alcohol. So the first thing I did to restore health, got rid of this habit. Because Smoking is a terrible thing, it takes a person 20-30 years of life. Actually, I wanted to be healthy since childhood, because during the occupation, when there was nothing to eat, have undermined his health. Therefore, starting from the age of 16, I started to run, then fond of winter swimming. I physically cared about health, but did not pay attention to food, so it has not achieved success. Already at the age of 30 I was flashing arrhythmia. That's when I fell into the hands of the book "Fasting for health" YU.S. Nikolaev. And I decided to check myself, if I would starve. "I was supported by two friends, or they me and knocked on it. I then first 12 days have poholodalo. It was awfully hard, because the body intoxicated - I ate meat three times a day, i.e. for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, vegetables almost did not eat, believed that they did not give. And after a month of fasting, when I already went to the usual diet, suddenly felt so disgusted with the meat that was milk vegetarian, adding in a diet of fresh vegetables and fruits. After that, my health started to improve, and 3 months flashing arrhythmia has disappeared by itself. - Valery Tesanovic, I was surprised that Your dream of round-the-world journey has not faded away with time. Indeed, as a rule, putting in long mailbox their dreams, we lose the desire should be the driving force for their implementation, and dreams, unfortunately, remain unrealized. You it never happened... - Not happened since I have dreams there and lightheadedness. I can give you an example. We in the yacht-club, one of my friends yachtsman going in such a journey. Once I asked his wife: "Well, when you go out in the ocean?" She said: "We will not come up until my husband does not give me full cost estimate: how much money to travel and where he'll take it". If my wife demanded of me this estimate, we don't have come out in the circumnavigation. Because the money we were out even in the Canary Islands, as soon as we passed the Mediterranean sea.


- So how did You manage to survive, and to reach the goal in such conditions? - Friends helped, children. Well and Over, of course, was help. Because each of us has a guardian angel. As he is with us sometimes suffers! We have free will, and to stop us or deny he can't. And for the sins and errors punishes. When I comes the bad luck, I turn to the Lord: "For what?" and the understanding of guilt. Then you need to repent, ask forgiveness, the main thing is sincerity. And the problems go away.


- Valery Tesanovic, tell us a little about my trip... - Journey on the yacht is a dance. When the yacht is under sail, it seemed to be dancing with every wave. - So, as You wrote in his book: "This dance - as our Ukrainian hopak something playful and tender, irresponsible and outrageous. ... Hopak under sail, salty as the ocean waves. Who has ever tasted what it is, till the end of life will seek to do his encore... - Yes, exactly. And the boat is an art that you learn all your life. It gives me great pleasure. The more that I'm in love with the ocean. This is my element, native element. And You very well write in the book: "White sails. Feel the drops of the ocean spray on her cheek. Everyone has his figurative representation of happiness. I have exactly that... no matter How far it was to the beach, never feel helpless grain of sand, lost in the endless expanse. Never, even in heavy storms, do not perceive the ocean power of the enemy, which must be resisted. "That's mine!" - I think, going to the deck of his "Lelaki"stubbornly vicenzaviale on the waves in the middle of a blue infinity..." And not be scared at the most critical moments of the journey? - The most dangerous of all the senses is fear, it can cause various difficulties, to cause the death of people. So here the most important thing is peace of mind and tranquility. Because if there is fear of death, it is better to travel and not to go. The main thing is not to fear death. Once, when we went from New Caledonia to Australia, we have a broken wheel. God, as the wife was frightened, yacht twists and pours the waves. I said to her, Natalya, what are you afraid of, our fate is determined in the sky. If destined to die here, well, will perish in the ocean. If not, then get out of this place, only it must be addressed. Wife immediately calmed down, and we, thank God, got away. - Valery Tesanovic, and after world You were travelling? - Were. Went to Turkey, on the Black sea. But, you see, I was in love with the Black sea, but after I saw the tropical water, colorful corals, amazing underwater world, it has lost for me the quality, novelty, which was earlier. Have a dream again to go on a long journey, but the wife does not want, she was tired, and to leave her alone for a long time I have no right. After all, my wife is my destiny this is my happiness, my love. The most important thing in family relations between husband and wife, to coincide morality. Then there will be understanding, then there will be love.


- Valery Tesanovic reading Your book, you can feel how much You love Ukraine, as You proud that Ukrainians. All travel "Lelitka" carried on your wings of the Ukrainian flag. You even took a national costumes that are worn sometimes at the meeting with the likes of You, yachtsmen of travelers. Why such love for the native land, since You were born and raised in the USSR, and then, as you know, this love, to put it mildly, was not welcomed? - I was born in Donetsk, but in 1944 parents moved to live in Kiev. When I was 6 years old, we went to relax in the village Parking, near Kiev. There the peasants were talking on the collective farm language: I already knew that there is Russian language, and there is a collective farm. And I asked my father why farmers do not speak Russian, and I spoke not only of him, " he told me this: "These people speak the Ukrainian language, as they are Ukrainians. We live in Ukraine, it is the language of the Ukrainian people, the language of those people who we are fed. You have to know this language". After that I quickly passed into Ukrainian, and immediately changed its attitude towards us peasants ' I have never forgotten. My father then said, "You know, you can communicate in Ukrainian, Jewish, Russian - anywhere, but to live on the Ukrainian land and not know the Ukrainian language is simply rudeness". And the rejection of the Communist party came to me, when my father told me about the famine of 1933. He then lived in Kiev and studied in road-transport College. In the spring of them students, were sent to the village to work the land. There he saw a mass grave where the bodies of people just shot in the hole, he saw how the people were starving to death right in the face... And when I was 17-18 years, he said, "Valera, that you in this party never came, that you will never was a Communist, as on their hands so much human blood is terror." This is were my installation from the father.


- Valery Tesanovic, in its 72 You have a kind of healthy, active men. How do You do it? - Well, here is the whole complex. The first condition is a positive mind, sound morality, based on love. If love is in our morality, it allows to receive bright, positive mentality. Without this man will never be healthy. The second condition is the food. And here an important indicator is the blood pH. It shows the acidity in the blood, which can be neutral, acidic or alkaline. Because what is acidic blood? Always sour our urine, because the kidney is removed from the body poison - but it is mostly acid. If acid metabolism is too much, the blood becomes sour. Consequently, the useful bacteria and microorganisms, working in harmony with our body, poisoned and begin to produce toxins. In addition, there is an accumulation of salts in the joints, because of this, developing arthritis and other diseases. When acidic blood there and osteoporosis when thins bone. Why is this happening? The body suffers from acid and starts oschelachiwati blood from bones leaches calcium, neutralizing acid. About the acidic pH of the blood written a lot of books, but the reason why acidic blood, almost no one opens. And the reason is really very simple - it is excessive protein diet. When the diet excess protein and lack of carbohydrates, the metabolism in the body becomes acidic in nature. I.e. cause acidosis, acidic blood, is using excessive amounts of protein. In our wife ration main dish salad. And in it the main ingredients are raw vegetables. For example, in winter it consists of grated raw beets, carrots, celery, you can add worn horse-radish, onion, garlic and Apple, etc. It is raw vegetables oscilacija blood. Big plate of salad, dressed with vegetable oil, salt (less)is our main food. And it is added, for example, cereal and cheese (smaller plate). And it is better not to mix protein with carbohydrates. Once we eat porridge, and the other with cheese, for example, Dutch or cheese. From animal products consumed raw fat. Because fat is a Cossack food. Fat clogs the vessels cholesterol. In General try to do without meat, but sometimes my wife persuades - but this once a week or less. Eat fish, boiled or red, salt personally. The third condition is the active way of life. The human body needs a constant motion. In order to work properly, the immune system, through the liver should be sufficient blood. I already used the morning to run about 4 km. But here it is important to know that running is from a heart attack to heart attack. The thing is that while running the most important thing is the breath. You need to breath was short and exhale possible long. In addition, breathe only a nose. I, for example, we have already trained, my breath is one step, exhale - seven. First, of course, it's difficult to control, but over time already and do not notice. After such a run, I do not feel fatigue, heart, on the contrary, singing, thank you. If a person can not run for some reason, I want to retell the advice of a doctor, who heard on the radio when I was 16 years old. He advised: to avoid problems with heartm, as well as to normalize their work, to choose the street, steeply rising, and every day to go up on it with maximum speed, but so that was out of breath by the nose. If not enough, you need to go slower or you can stay and relax. I since the childhood had a weak heart, so I decided to check this for yourself. Chose the street Tarasovsky, he reached for her, but after a few steps began shortness of breath is not enough breath. In one word, I climbed this mountain, the old grandfather. However, this training was so effective that somewhere within six months of such my climbing I ran up on Andreevsky Spusk and absolutely freely breathing through the nose. Before I usually poured cold water. It should be noted that such a douche is a special procedure, after which need a good warm-up exercise. For Jogging I dress a little warmer, a good sweat. But after running I take a warm shower. Sweating due to physical exercise is a very effective means of purification of the body, it is much more effective than a sauna. Sweat, acting on a body in the sauna is almost distilled water. And look at his shirt after running or after a hard work - it needs to be well washed. Reasonable exercise is useful and necessary, but only if that person has not too clogged with cholesterol vessels. Hypertension that occur for this reason, is not a disease, but a necessary reaction of the body that increases the pressure to adequately support the circulation. Pills, herbs and other measures causes the body to reduce the pressure, but this decreases blood flow, especially blood supply in the brain, which can cause a stroke. I know cases when people reduce blood pressure it is physical activity. But, unfortunately, the consequences were severe - rose cerebral circulation. As for me, the only combat hypertension is the cleansing of the blood vessels. I know only one such reliable means - fasting or starvation for the sake of health", as it was called in the book Professor Nikolaev. I'm starving for more than 40 years. Every year, at least 10 days, and usually 14. There was even such that and 18 have survived. My personal experience proves that fasting is not only cleanses the blood vessels, but generally it is useful for the organism. Always after him feel a surge of strength and energy so grateful my body reacts to the next starvation. The pressure I 120/70, pulse - 55. I.e. I clean vessels and I can make myself exercise. But fasting has its own rules that cannot be broken. Fasting is not only the absence of food, it is also mandatory cleaning procedures: enema, water procedures. Besides, during the hunger strike should actively move. For example, I am 5-10 km on foot every day. You also need to do physical exercises - not to feel sorry for yourself. It is best to at least the first time to starve under medical supervision. But we had to find a doctor who would have experience of starvation. Such "incurable" diseasesas arthritis, asthma and many other very well treated by fasting and water treatments. This already speaks for itself. In addition to running, should be separate exercises for the spine and joints. My wife, for example, do yoga, but give yourself such restricted load, after which nothing hurts. I can afford to be engaged in scientific work, as every morning about 10 minutes standing on his head. After this exercise, the head works wonderfully. Well, who can't do yoga, that is such a good device as a Board of Evminova. Also I like swimming, Cycling is a great thing for joints, hip Department. The fourth condition is treatment. Because without the disease, unfortunately, will not do. We usually like? Only ill - immediately run to the doctor, who in his turn appoints pills, injections, etc.


- Valery Tesanovic, in the book You say that almost never use pills. And in the case of ailments treated by fasting and water... - The way it is. Disease is the result of the painful condition of the body, accumulation of toxins in it. Medications usually take only the pain, and the reason is not treated. Unfortunately, our medicine is focused only on the treatment of the consequences of disease and does not pay attention to a cause. The human body is a very wise and has a powerful samoistselenie properties. Therefore, we must first bring the body of painful conditions, i.e., to eliminate the cause of the disease, and then to let him have a healing mechanisms. Unfortunately, the medicine, which was aimed at the revival of these properties of the organism, crossed out and not used. It Austro-German area of medicine in the mid to late NINETEENTH century, the so-called "fisiatria", or "watertreatment". I have a book of the most talented representatives of this medicine - Kyiv doctor Witold Kaminsky "One health", where these things above, and apply them in your life. Kaminsky lived in Bucha near Kiev in the early twentieth century and was treated more of my grandfather. The main aim and the means of Witold Boleslavovich - improvement of the human body's natural method. "One health" - figuratively calls it plain water, which in the right hands creating miracles. Once I broke his shoulder and recovered thanks to the compresses. Simply wet the cloth in the water 16 degrees and applied to a painful joint, wore a sweater and went to bed. Now, when I was photographing in the middle of the night, this cloth had, to put it mildly, not very pleasant smell. And all because of the fact that the water was out toxins and other dirt. So I cured and grandson, who was a Baker cyst on the knee joint. Using only one water, without pills, injections, surgery... I am not a doctor, but thanks to my advice many friends and relatives got rid of a brand of "incurable" diseases. For example, overcome rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease, obliterating endarteritis, seronegative spondylarthritis, arthritis of the shoulder and hip joints. Wonderful and quickly cured and acute inflammatory diseases with high temperature. In particular, influenza, pneumonia, tinea could I personally cured overnight.


- Valery Tesanovic, finally: what would You wish our readers? - I want to Express their wishes words from my book: "There is, I think a lot of sense that life with its complicated ways and heavy confrontations sometimes compared with a stormy sea to break through life's storms and hurricanes is not less difficult and dangerous. Counting all the earth heights is of a conditional zero mark the sea level. Who went under sail, truly knows: this uncompromising defines your own height, and human nature. To be at this level is difficult and not everyone can fly." So, first of all I wish the readers of the "Health and Dougall" to have the strength to reach this level and keep it. Because what years are only wisdom. Old age is just a state of mind. While she is young and you are young, full of aspirations and dreams. Stay young at heart, and then life will seem like a tale filled with adventure and bright surprises, and even then in the 90 years of energy in the body will have to boil, and his eyes will glow baby Shine aspiration to cognition of the world and themselves. So, with young soul forward to implement their dreams!

Prepared Alla GRISHILO. "Health and Dougall", №36 for 2012