Lion, as known, is the king of beasts. Therefore born under the constellation claim the same role among the people. Not all are called to rule the Empire or the world, but the representatives of this sign have all the makings and more chances to become a leader. These are people of Royal dignity, generosity and heroism.


Planet of the Lion (sign of the zodiac born between July 23-August 23) - the Sun, the source of life, giving their children a special inner magic energy. They have the power character and versatile nature. Always keep confidently, independent, good managerial abilities, love to be the center of attention everywhere and always, purposeful, do not give way to test and do not bow your head under the blows of fate. People-lions with dignity are experiencing trouble in your every movement, with pride, the Majesty and dignity. Well the real you aristocrats. Always very high opinion about himself, Leo does all that he considers necessary, even if it's contrary to the rules of society. The government increases its identity. In a managerial position he show himself as best you can, will do their creative forces. Feeling responsible, will do everything to justify the confidence. In General Lions energetic and diligent, but sometimes lazy, and haven't stand monotony, this gives them boredom, from which they feel unhappy. But this is a temporary phenomenon, because people-lions firmly believe in your success and quickly deal with sadness. In addition, they have the remarkable ability to subcontract another boring, uninteresting them, while they themselves do only what brings fame and recognition. Lion in life count only on themselves, in no case does not ask for help from other, knocking other people's advicemay make mistakes, but never regret the experience. He stubbornly climbs to the peak of glory and sooner or later conquers it. People-lions - true friends, fair and strong enemies. But their friends need to be careful, because they can get into the bondage to his friend the lion and become dependent on his excessive spiritual or material generosity. Lions always tend to give a lot, depriving others of the opportunity to offer the same serostim small apartment Leo feels like a cage and he needs large spacious house with a fireplace, a large kitchen and luxury items. He is a very friendly host, taking guests, lion gets great satisfaction. Lions anything and never "Golden mean"that if they do work, they work to exhaustion, and if I walk, all the neighbors or even the whole street know about it. The enemy Lviv - specilist and pride, especially if it is not justified. Learning to dull their desire to rule, taking precedence over its castlepaste and excessive pride, Lions can be a great leaders, bearing his crown decently and with dignity.

The LIONS NEED to PROTECT the HEART AND STRENGTHEN your BACK at all Lions are strong on the nature of health and extraordinary resilience. Resistance to disease they simply phenomenal. However, it is the representatives of this sign is a rare inability soberly to calculate their strength. The process, over which the lion work, often carries it fully, so he can forget about the food, sleep and rest. But the constant voltage of all vital forces can undermine even the most good health. Besides Lions often neglected treatmentm and nedelcovici, in a hurry to leave the bed. The desire too quickly after the disease become on feet leads to the fact that they can once again experience problems with health. The weakest point Lviv - the cardiovascular system. Emotional turmoil and constant overloads affect cardiac activity, at work circulation and as a consequence, anemia, arthritis, gout, phlebitis, nervous depression and breakdowns, bleeding, especially in the retina, the spasms. In addition, they often suffer from angina, ischemia and other diseases of the heart, pain in the back, behind the breastbone, diseases of the gallbladder and neurosis. Over the years, problems with the heart ofm may be exacerbated. Disease in Lviv usually short, but occur in acute form, with a high temperature. They better perceive natural remedies than the pill, so they should be treated with all that is brewing under solnchemoe not to overload the heart and prevent cardiovascular disease, Lions must learn to regulate energy costs, encourage abstinence in habits and avoid excessive Smoking, alcohol consumption and haste. The upper part of the back of lions gets tired faster than other parts of the body. Therefore, they should strengthen their back with the help of simple exercises, in addition, we must learn how to bend and unbend and never to lift weights.

WALNUT MASCOT will RESTORE POWER Trees Lion - cypress (23.07-04.08), poplar (05-13 .08), hazel (14-23 .08) and oak. Walnut, hazel, and any other nut, contributes to a more rapid restoration of power, makes Lviv persistent in unexpected and unpleasant situations. Plants that are best suited to people born under the sign of Leo, dill, fennel, parsley, mint, dandelion, elecampane, Angelica, calendula, burdock, mother-and-stepmother, Roman chamomile, lime flowers, anise, tutsan, celandine, saffron, turmeric, mustard, heliotrope, corn, peas, lentils, immortelle, lavender, sunflowers. Violation of a heart rhythm effective calendula infusion: 2 tsp. calendula pour 2 cups of boiling water, to insist within hours, strain. Take 0.5 Cup 4 times a day after meals. Gout and muscle pain crushed roots and rhizomes of Angelica pour vodka in a ratio of 1:4. Tincture RUB in bad places. When deposits of salt 1 tbsp. crushed rhizomes and roots of elecampane and 1 tablespoon crushed roots of burdock, pour 1 liter of oxen, cook over low heat for 20 minutes, to insist, wrapped, 4 hours, strain, drink and 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day before editcopy to maintain a heart - vulnerable body lions - you need to drink such a tonic tea: 1 tablespoon of the mixture (anise - 15 g, Melissa - 10 g, lime flowers - 10 g, Roman chamomile - 15 g) to fill in 0,5 l of boiled water, to insist. Drink three times a day, 0.5 cups. For success in love and creativity Lions keep house plants that are like the sun and have bright colors. And to maintain emotional and physical tension, purification of energy it is important to have such plants as Gardenia jasinovataja, Japanese Camellia, Mimosa shamefaced, the Chinese rose, geranium, balsam.

FATTY FOODS - NOT FOR the LIONS People-lions love delicious and satisfying meal. Most of all they like sweet and fatty foods, but they often have problems with metabolism, skin begins to Shine, it popping pimples is not Royal view! It Lviv very angry. But the diet for them is a real achievement. First of all the Lions recommended food, rich in protein. Lean meat, poultry, chicken, poultry, milk, yoghurt, cheese, eggs and soy give your body Lviv required amount of protein and improve circulation. Mineral salt Lviv - magnesium sulfate. It helps to restore the nervous system, muscles and skeleton, stimulates the digestive and excretory systems. Good sources of magnesium are lemons, rye, almonds, lettuce, apples, plums, figs, peaches, algae, sugar beet, egg yolk, coconut, sunflower seeds, rice, cucumber, blueberry, walnuts, onion, garlic. However, the absorption of magnesium sulfate is deteriorating, with food if the body receives a lot of fat and calcium. The lions also recommended to eat iron-rich spinach, raisins and dates. The most important vitamins C and E, which better be obtained from natural products, not synthetic pills. Vitamin E helps the blood to absorb the required amount of oxygen prevents hypertension. Those contain carrots, broccoli, asparagus, oily fish, sprouted wheat, salad with oil, especially soy, tomatoes, mountain ash red and black. Vitamin C - citrus, rose, black currant, watermelons, strawberries, strawberries, apples, dinits strengthen the hearts of Lions needed potassium. He found in dried fruit, dried apricots, olives, potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, onions and garlic. Also in the menu must be legumes, plums, peas and oranges, removing heart voltage. In addition, the Lions from time to time need a diet that helps cleanse the blood and increase the number of red blood cells. It includes juice, applesauce, fish, caviar, beef liver. Sometimes't hurt and a vegan diet, a mandatory component of which celery. From spices to the Lions useful cloves, star anise, ginger, Basil, tarragon, coriander. But from coffee and strong tea, exciting acting on the heart and nerves, it is better to refuse. Also avoid heavy, fatty foods, confectionery products and red meat. Distributing the daily diet, the main part of the food should be left for dinner, because it is towards evening, the body of a Lion maximally activated and begins to expend energy. Other meals will be sufficient to limit the light Lunches. For example: a slice of rye bread, a little piece of cheese and a small banana, or a large plate of fresh vegetables salad with vegetable oil, 2 slices of cheese, or 2 slices of cheese, one or two slices of pineapple, etc. Dinner may consist of 250 g chicken without skin, baked in the oven in the non-fatty milk together with carrots, onions and tomatoes, a small amount of mashed potatoes, a large portion of any vegetable salad, or 250 g boiled or baked in the oven Turkey, 250 g salad from fresh vegetables.

LITTLE TYRANTS Little lion cub is funny, cheerful and happy child, but only when his stroke "fur" and do the way he wants. Child-lion - the bright representative of fire sign, and since the first days of its existence, he will bring in your life many worries and concerns. Lion cub is a small sovereign, he likes to order, requiring greater attention. If you ignore his whims, he begins loudly "roared", turning into a small domestic tyrant. To raise their Cubs must strictly, but with love. Do not encourage their desire to command and do not satisfy all whims. But never punish them physically, don't humiliate and abuse in the presence of comrades. The dignity of Cubs is very high and parents should not punish, but to explain them, pointing to the wrong behavior. The cubs who do not receive enough care, parental love, suffer from emotional hunger, and he grew up, become unhappy people. Since small years teach the young Lion to the intellectual work. Let it interesting books with pictures, read about outstanding people, fairytale heroes, noble knights and warriors, wise kings, who did much for mankind and they themselves are glorified. Lion from childhood care about everything to do with power. When he grows up, I willingly will read about famous people, sooner will take an interest in politics, power structures. In any company lion Cub want to stand out, to be the best, chief. The little lion is not indifferent to the praise. If you had noticed, be sure to praise, it is to encourage them to earn praise not yet razdeli this sign do not like loneliness, they always look for their friends and they strive to give orders. If there was a conflict with peers, not punish his Lion, better appeal to his sense of justice. Try to convince the child that if today in the game, he was the chief, tomorrow all of his companions. Health in children-Lviv is either very good, or Vice versa - and then they always have temperature and something sick. However, their overall viability quite high. But parents still need to pay attention to heart baby and lower back injuries. Also on the nature of the Lions have quite sensitive Korea-Leo is fond of everything related to sports, theatre, music, cinema, dancing, parents need to develop these abilities. The behavior of the Cubs happen at times strange changes. They grab everything on the fly, active and purposeful, then suddenly their covers insurmountable laziness. Do not scold baby, it's in vain, better play on his vanity. The cub does not like when others had something goes better than him. He will do everything possible to achieve not less success. Adolescence is very difficult for Lion, several times a day he can change the mood. At this age he likes noisy companies, parties. Do not keep it, give enough freedom, he will get his, and a good relationship with your child can be lost. Educate the young lions with patience and love, and who knows, maybe your efforts are not in vain, and the young lion will justify your hopes and expectations, flying high and becoming not only your pride, but with the glory of the country and the people. He is a natural leader!

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.