or Where powerless medicine, there intervenes the Lord

- I was sick tuberculosisom to twelve years, sharing memories Zinaida Serov. - I have no one, and was not paying attention. But it so happened that survived. All this thanks to those teas that I was a mom. It morning and evening brewed drink from the twigs of Apple trees and cherry. When the tea was prepared in the morning, I added a tablespoon of fat, and when evening, it was not only fat, but a tablespoon of vodka. Me all prophesied that will not survive, but I was able to prove the opposite. Perhaps, then, for the first time realized that the medicine is powerless, and there's another force. The thing is that, where powerless medicine, there intervenes the Lord. If that taught children from the first grade, then we would not have the disease.


To volynyane come to improve their health all over Ukraine. The woman is able to raise the stomach, sets dislocations, may by his own diagnosis, owns therapeutic massages, as well versed in herbal medicine. According to Zinaida, it is their knowledge received not from relatives, it just came by itself. - From the very small to be able to stop the blood, - says Zinaida. - Put the finger to the wound, and the blood would not come. Was able to put in place the joints, for example, if a person sprained leg. Draw it out, turn it around, where it is necessary - and everything was in place. Somewhere in the 13 years I have learned to "shoot down" the high temperature. Us kids in the family was only six, I'm the oldest and was a nurse. One of the youngest temperature, and mom's not around. Take, for myself I will. I get hot, and the sister of the temperature decreases. By the way, this can taste every person. A large mass of a body less able to take the temperature. This has been proven in practice. Then and grandchildren so removed. Thank God, I have never in the hospital was not lying.


The second time Zinaida Ivanovna became seriously ill in twenty-eight years. - Gave birth to a second child, son, " recalls the events of the time the woman. - The birth was very heavy. I broke the pubic bone. He was kept in hospital for two months. Half of the body was completely motionless. From the hospital I was discharged still sleeping. Once I fell asleep, or rather, I had a feeling that I fell asleep. With time I understood that I could not move at all. Then appeared over their house. Next came the dark hallway, and then there is a feeling that the heavens opened. Was there very well: I think anyone who gets there, do not want to go back. Now not afraid of death at all. I have made it clear that came early: nothing ever managed to do. That must go to Church, to fulfill the mission for which I was given life... looked to me Kyiv, Lviv and Volyn specialists. Kept saying chance to stand there. According to Zinaida Ivanovna, only one Lutsk Professor Mudrik offered hope, saying that her chance to get out of bed - one to thousands, but he is.


- Mudrik gave me the number of procedures that are honestly held, and said, "Pray!" Prayed... My life to illness was not very righteous, - says Zinaida Serov. - First background I choreographer: post post - performances, concerts. This profession was, as it seemed, my calling. But, probably, I had to do the other, and the Lord decided that the only way I can stop. According to Zinaida Ivanovna, he awoke from this strange dream, the first thing felt a terrible pain. But the woman believed that all will be well that she would be going. Quite motionless was three months. With time she began to help to get up, put on the floor, and she leaned on the table, defeating the pain, there was some time. Making yourself massages, based on JIU-jitsu. I.e. stimulated individual points that correspond to specific organs. Efforts gave a result, and soon Zinaida stood on his feet. - When I was already able to walk, we came to the doctor dance step in high heels, with a smile on the lips of the woman says. - However, when I came out of medical institutions, took off his shoes to the car and walked barefoot. And I showed that managed that in spite of all pessimistic forecasts start to walk. And to walk normally.


- Universal recipes practically does not exist, - says Zinaida Ivanovna. My massages very effective, and using tactile contact can see what hurts the people. With these skills, Zinaida Serov feet, put his own son who got into an accident: he rode the motorcycle under KAMAZ. He had a brain concussion, numerous fractures. The son did not want to go to the hospital and asked to be taken home. Zinaida Ivanovna called an ambulance only that he had cauterized. A woman and a rare ability to put in place omitted stomach. Knowledgeable in a variety of herbs. Zinaida Ivanovna believes that herbal medicine is very effective for stomach problems, pressure vessels, women's diseases. But the recipes gives carefully, focusing on each person separately. Because he thinks: one good, the other can corrupt.

Irina STEPANYAN, G. Lutsk.