Prepared bees and beekeepers for adherents of natural health funds

At the Fourth all-Ukrainian Congress of apitherapeutic, held in the spring at the National center of beekeeping and gathered leading experts in the field of Chelopechene and Pasechnikov with years of experience, special attention was given to issues of information distribution among the population and among doctors about health and healing properties of bee products. Indeed, in some cases they exceed the efficacy of pharmaceutical products, effective help in the fight against severe illnesses, promote fast recovery after illness, rejuvenate the body. Soon (17-21 August) on the territory of the National scientific centre "Institute of beekeeping them. P.I. Prokopovich" (G. Kiev, Zabolotnogo street, 19) will be another traditional event - Honey fair, which will gather again beekeepers and manufacturers Wellness bee products, so that everyone could stock up on these tasty and fragrant medication for the entire year. This conversation with the head of the Department of apitherapy National center of beekeeping Alexey Paschenko.

- Alexey Alekseevich, today a great deal of talk about the quality of honey and other bee products. Probably the ones that will be presented at the fair, will meet the highest standards? - Of course, because all the honey and other bee products, will host a special laboratory tests. There will also be a competition for the best honey, which will be determined by the criteria of taste and components qualities. So all visitors to the fair will have a great opportunity to stock up on this med. It will present a wide assortment: white acacia, lime, sunflower, rapeseed, flower, forest, grass and many other varieties. - What other surprises will be at the fair? - At the fair will work permanent consultation point, where you can get professional advice and on the appointment of a variety of health products of beekeeping, and on how their primeneniya still all visitors of the fair will find a surprise. Everyone who wishes will be able to make yourself biological samples relative tolerability of bee venom. After all, as evidenced by the practice of many apitherapeutic, treatment by belogolovaya (Epitaciolandia) today one of the most effective methods in the treatment of many diseases (hypertension, rheumatism, arthritis and arthrosis, thyroid disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, male and female diseases etc). - Alexey Alekseevich, you said that the fair will be presented the wide range of bee products, which is the therapeutic means. Please, tell us about it in more detail. - Except honey, who know and love, probably, all consumers, there are many other very useful for a person beekeeping products. In particular, this Royal jelly. This product is with the master in apitherapy. Being able to regulate the function of almost all body systems. For example, normalize hormone levels, blood pressure, heart activity. And even corrects the immune system. I want to emphasize - it is not about stimulation, which is not always safe, and the optimization and improvement of protective forces. In addition, it helps to get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, strengthen the nervous system, bring vigor. Let me remind you that Royal jelly is a perishable product. It can only be stored in the freezer or in a conserved form. Best natural preservative is honey. In our Department herbal medicine has developed a drug based on these two bee products called Epistemo. It can also be purchased at earmarking Pasechnikov offer consumers tincture bee dead bees (alcoholic tincture on the bodies of dead bees). This liquid improves circulation and relieves inflammation. Therefore, effective for friction with the pain in the joints, spine, varicose disease. Due to the content in it geparina, it has the property to thin the blood. With this purpose it can be used both inside. But in this case, you need to be sure of the quality productise one known in apitherapy drug is tincture wax moth. This is extremely effective product in the treatment of all bronchopulmonary diseases, particularly obstructive bronchitisand bronchial asthma and tuberculosis. In addition, there are data on the effectiveness of tincture wax moth in complex treatment of diabetes mellitus. It stimulates the pancreas, promoting the production of insulin. Wax moth used in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, including angina and postinfarction States - it promotes the resorption of colloid scars on the heart muscle. Let me remind you that all spirit tinctures use rate of 1 drop of 1 year of life. This dose can be taken for 1 time, and can be divided into 2-3 reception. The fair will be presented another unique bee product - bread, which is called the bee bread. I would recommend to take its course in 3-4 weeks at least 2 times a year (autumn and spring) with the purpose of prophylaxis of catarrhal and viral diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases, vitamin deficiency, strengthen the immune system. As ambrosia contains the full set of vitamins, micro - and macroelements. And yet it is rich in enzymes, and lacto - and bifidoflora. Because this product is effective in the treatment of dysbacteriosis and other irregularities in the work of the digestive system. His take on 0,5 tsp 1 times a day - in the morning on an empty stomach. Those who want to improve the health of the liver, improve the work of the gall bladder, can be advised to stock up on bee pollen. This product is especially useful to men, as it contains a male hormone, testosterone, and therefore helps to improve sexual and reproductive function of men. Relatively propolis, you need to have everyone in your home. Alcohol infusion of propolis is a wonderful antiseptic, so it is the first tool for cuts, scratches and various skin lesions. With periodontitis, stomatitis and other diseases mucous membranes of the mouth it is used for rinsing: 25 drops by 0.5 cups of water. Treatment for ulcer disease, gastritis, dysbacteriosis of propolis prepare propolis oil: 20 g of propolis (previously frozen in the freezer and grate) add to 100 g melted quality of butter and keep a water bath, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes to a maximum of dissolution of propolis. Then strain through cheesecloth, pour into a jar and keep in the refrigerator. Take 1 tsp.-1 tbsp 2-3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment 3-4 weeks. Propolis oil can also treat sinusitis and disease ears, laying it on torontoca in the nostrils and ears. At hemorrhoids propolis oil to lubricate the anus is an effective remedy for the problem. At the fair you will be able to purchase high-quality honey drinks. Which is not only delicious, but also useful from the point of view of health. They are produced on the basis of honey and a variety of fruits, juices, herbs (every beekeeper their exclusive recipes). Of course, this is not a complete list of healing gifts prepared for fair visitors bees and beekeepers. So do not take the time and effort to replenish their natural first aid kit and be rewarded for it in good health. And lastly I want to say that the fair will be held in the framework of the social program of support of needy layers of the population of Kyiv and Kyiv region with the support of Kyiv city state administration and city Council. All products of beekeeping, presented at the fair, will be consecrated Orthodox Church and sold at below-market prices.