As you know, many diseases are treated with heat. It can be applied using a variety of physiotherapeutic apparatus. But lately very popular natural materials. It is believed that their effect on the body somewhat "softer" and fizjologiczne. These are the qualities of ordinary sand, if it is heated to a certain temperature. Noticeable that this method of treatment is old as the world.

Psammotherapy (from the Greek word "psammo", which means sand), well-known since the time of Ancient Egypt. Even then treated many diseases, just... burying person in the sand. Now such a sand bath practice in the resort hospitals. Using the hot sand used to treat many of the diseases of musculoskeletal system: scoliosis, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism. Helps psammotherapy and in the treatment of neurological diseases: neuritis, radiculitis, neuralgia. Treat hot sand and inflammatory diseases of ovaries and uterus. All known method of the grandmother incandescent sand followed by driving a handful in the handkerchief, and the application of such a "heater" the bridge of the nose suffering from a cold.


The thing is that the sand has a property quickly accumulate heat and slowly to give it away, thus longer keeping its warming effect.
To ensure high thermal conductivity in the sand sand baths use a certain fraction - no more than 2-3 mm It is evenly distributed across all parts of the body and has not only thermal, but also the mechanical effect, eliminating pain and spastic syndrome. Its effects treatment sand can be compared with mud or hot air baths.

Moreover, the sand is very gigroskopichen - instantly absorbs sweat appearing on the skin. That is why the sandy applications to cause no overheating or injury. Hot sand activates the metabolism, increases blood and lymph circulation, improves blood supply of tissues and organs. The result disappear swelling and pain, inflammatory processes.
Has psammotherapy and cosmetic act of losing weight. However, not intensive - 1.5 kg for two weeks.

And even sand contains a lot of potassium, calcium and magnesium, which is slightly alkaline in its structure, so when people buried in sand, sweating, skin produces carbon dioxide film that enhances transport oxygen throughout the body, normalize metabolism.
Psammotherapy helps normalize the functioning of the kidneys and stimulates nitrogen metabolism and oxidative processes in the body, and has an analgesic effect.


In medical institutions sessions psammotherapy carried out in special tanks with electric heating, filled with fine sand.
If you can't attend specialized procedures arenation, in the summer, you can indulge in a treatment at the seaside or on the banks of rivers, lakes.

And though it is not so difficult, not many will take up this matter, only some want to pamper yourself. The course of medical sand baths should be not less than 15 sessions through the day. Before taking treatments and body, and sand should be dry. The temperature of air not below 17-20 degrees and the temperature of the sand is 40-60. To the sand had time to warm up on a beach it is necessary to come in the second half of the day.

Dig in the sand pit of about 1 meter wide and about 2 meters in length. In the area of the head provide shade (the umbrella tent). Lie on your back, your head leave on the surface, and the helper will let you sprinkled hot sand. Hands and feet covered thin sand blanket - 5-6 cm thick, the abdomen and the region of the heart free from sand.

To avoid heat stroke on the forehead put soaked in cool water of the handkerchief, and under the head with a towel. The total time of admission procedures should not exceed 30 minutes After the session rinse with lukewarm water and sit in the shade of a half hour. To replenish the lost moisture, drink water. You can then continue the rest - to sunbathe and swim.
In case of deterioration of health during the reception procedure, you must stop and put a cool compress on the area of the heart.


Before (in Ukr. - prior) how to start treatment with sand, you have to consult a doctor. And will help us doctor-physiotherapist Ternopil University hospital Svetlana Kalaigan.

- Treatment of sand, like any other thermal procedure has enough contraindications, - says Svetlana samvelovna. In some cases, hot sand may cause exacerbation of existing disease or cause related, so the method arenation shown in some cases. Using the heated sand cannot be "removed" a sharp, sudden pain. In this case, the heat is absolutely contraindicated, as it may cause serious complications. It is impossible to conduct heat therapies for patients with infectious diseases, those suffering from hypertension, epilepsy, those with the tumor processes, including cancer.

Patients with insufficient blood circulation and bleeding conditions also in this list, and even patients with active forms of tuberculosisand, with the expressed atherosclerosis, urological diseases of the heart. In addition, the procedure prohibited to women during menstruation and 2-3 days before the beginning of the menstrual cycle. In General such procedures are carried out only in remission of the disease, and in General in the conduct of sand baths there are many nuances and subtleties. Therefore, to ensure that the treatment benefit, you need to get a detailed consultation of a specialist.

Prepared Larysa LUKASHUK.

, Ternopil.