The cysts in the liver drink juice... burdock

I was 65 years, ultrasound found a cyst in the liver (120 mm and many small cysts. In October a large cyst I was operated on. Advise how to get rid of small cysts without surgery. With respect Claudius. Kr. Ohne Odesa region

The letter says the doctor, phytotherapeutist Vyacheslav VARNAVSKIY.

Cysts of the liver is a cavity filled with fluid. Cysts of the liver is divided into congenital (true) and acquired (false). Congenital cysts from the inside lined with epithelial; acquired layer of fibrous connective tissue. To the true cysts include the so-called solitary cysts, polycystic liver and cystadenoma. Polycystic liver is congenital. The contents of cysts of the liver is a transparent or light brown transparent liquid with blood or bile. Women cysts of the liver occurs more frequently than men, and mainly manifested in the period between 30 and 50 years of life. Now about the treatment of cysts of the liver. To begin with, that the operative treatment of liver cysts justified only in extreme cases: suppuration, rupture, hemorrhage. When a large cysts, causing compression of internal organs, perform the liver resection with cyst. But in recent years operations are quite rare, because even with gigantic cysts (more than 20 cm in diameter) can be effective application of sclerosing therapy under the control of ultrasonic research. To operate should cysts, resulting from the contamination of the body of parasites (Echinococcus, alveolar and others). If the cyst is small, not suppurate, does not compress nerves, blood vessels, lymph ducts, the internal structure of the body or nearby, such cysts must fight folk remedies. The cyst should decrease or even disappear. Following are the examples of the most effective ways of removing cysts of the liver by means of traditional medicine from my experience, in particular the combination of reception juice of the herb and burdock. To collect celandine better, as soon as it first flowers in may. The plant is to crush and through a meat grinder. Press 1 litre of juice through several layers of gauze. Put in refrigerator for a week to settle. Transparent upper part of the drain. In the remainder of the lower part of juice pour vodka to 1 L. Taken in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before the delivery, lemons in half 0.5 cups of broth hips, can and water. To start treatment with 10 drops, adding every day 1 drop, and to increase the dose to 20 drops. Take the medicine in this volume 10 days, then reduce the dose to 1 drop and bring to the initial 10 drops. 10 drops to drink another 10 days. Then make a break for 10 days and repeat the course. The herb is good to connect Kalin. Pour 12 tbsp. berries 1.5 l of boiling water and leave for 2 hours. Enjoy a brew viburnum within two days between meals. After reception of the juice of the herb to go to receive juice mug. It is prepared from the leaves and (or) the roots of burdock, having passed through a meat grinder and wring through cheesecloth. Store in the refrigerator. Drinking the juice just before meal for 1 spoon of It bitter. Taking 10 days, then take a 10-day break, and opiate days drinking, etc. This treatment is especially recommended for those who have suffered various kinds of hepatitis. You must drink 0.5 liter of juice. A break of one month. To repeat the same course. In the end, drink 1 liter of juice. The leaves of burdock is better to collect at the beginning of the lunar month, from early morning until noon, and to dig the roots, on the contrary, in the second half of the day, towards the sunset, a week before the new moon. In the future, to avoid problems with the liver, should annually for the prevention of drink (preferably in may) the juice of the leaves of the burdock.

Because the streets are already late autumn, celandine juice and juice burdock can be purchased through the online store or pharmacy network.

The letter says the Director of the club "Healthy-e" doctor, phytotherapeutist Boris Skachko . In autumn-winter period to eliminate cysts in the liver, you can use pharmacy chelidonii. One coffee spoon of raw materials, pour a glass of boiled water, then on the stove 2 minutes After cooling down the drain. Drink 2-3 tbsp. for 10-15 minutes before eating 4-5 times a day. After a month reader to do a 2 week break. Every three weeks, it is desirable to have blood taken for analysis to monitor white blood cells.