I am 50 years, ultrasound found a cyst in liver size 20 mm, also I have bad digestion. I would like to get expert advice about this. With respect Valentine. , Lviv.

The letter says the Director of the club "Healthy-e" doctor, phytotherapeutist Boris Skachko.

If the cyst single and so located that does not block the gates of the liver, not to impede the flow of blood, lymph, bile, it is not necessary to touch it you just need to observe and every 3 months - six months to conduct ultrasound. Perhaps the reader is inflammation of the liver, and this also contributes to the formation of cysts. Because women and indigestion, you should choose a herbal medicine, which will regulate digestive processes and tighten the liver. If the cyst is formed not so long ago, it can dissolve itself, in fact, a half of the newly formed cysts. If the cyst 3 years ago, there is only a surgeon can help, and if necessary, if the cyst prevents the passage of bile, lymph, etc. will have a Positive impact on the liver and digestive processes taking flax seeds and pumpkin. To use 1 tsp during meals or for 15 minutes before eating, if you probably know that in the gallbladder no stones. Take several times a day alternately: for 2 weeks - some seeds, same as others. As an anti-inflammatory should drink the decoction of oat. Cup oat pour 1 liter of water and cook on low heat for an hour. Can this hot broth pour a handful of dried fruit, which would make the drink even greater benefits. Broth to drink during the day, fruit to eat. Choleretic grass, for example, immortelle, drink should not be, if the cyst caused by problems with biliary system, it will increase. For advice the reader can refer to our club, which also developed phytoformula, effective in many diseases. Telephone ask in the editorial office of "SD".