People born under the sign of Capricorn (December 22-January 20)that vary in purpose, thirst for knowledge, ability to work, persistence, perseverance and patience. Of them are great organizers, leaders, they boldly take on the burden of responsibility. Often thanks to her determination and perseverance Capricorns conquer high life peaks.


Capricorn is the strongest and most persistent of all the Zodiac signs, both physically and mentally. This sign directs the planet Saturn, which gives Capricorn caution, practicality, ambition and, oddly enough, shyness. Nothing to make Capricorn to get off the chosen path. Step by step, step by step he is pursuing his goal, showing incredible patience and overcoming all obstacles. Usually Capricorns are divided into two types: those already in adolescence know what they want to achieve in life, others - are constantly fluctuating, when it is necessary to take an important step, learn and grow too slowly and remain dependent on their parents up to 30-40 years. But, fortunately, most of Capricorn belongs to the first type. And if the faults of others over the years can be aggravated, Capricorn on the contrary: with age, they become wiser, softer, kinder... It may seem that in Capricorn no chance of victory, but the older he gets, the more confidently goes on living, and the more opportunities to reach the finish first, and consequently, to the pedestal. Therefore, the second half of life is often more than the first, brings them success and a stable financial position. However, Capricorn at times prevents excessive seriousness, emotional dryness and distrust. Relationships with the opposite sex at the Capricorn because of their excessive shyness and ostentatious coldness not always be successful. Actually Capricorns are quite soft and sensitive. Careful and diligent representatives of this sign are successfully implemented in the architecture, sports, acting, of them are good doctors and engineers. Moreover, they are great leaders. Generally in subordinate positions Capricorns do not stay long, they can be found among the bankers and politicians, managers of industrial and commercial enterprises, they are in charge of various projects that deal with real estate. Born under this sign have a great intuition, which is successfully used in the struggle for its independence and economic security. They love money and fear in old age to become dependent. This fear often makes them hoarders. And in addition, Capricorns are too proud. They need to think about it and not to show his superiority over those who are really smarter and wiser than they are. The main task of the people of this sign is to gradually cut the material roots, attracting them to the ground, and to develop spirituality.


From birth to 7 years Capricorns are very often get sick. But despite this, most of them are long - lived. And all because of the fact that the viability of the Capricorn years is not reduced, but increased, and when their peers, having reached a certain age, I feel, to put it mildly, not very well, and some even confined to a wheelchair, Capricorns are still quite active and energetic. Rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, broken bones, deafness, inflammation of the sebaceous glands, sluggish blood flow, stiffness of joints and orthopedic problems - that's the trouble, from which suffer Capricorns. In addition, this constellation has a direct impact on the functioning of the gallbladder and under unfavorable position of the planets may result in delaying the flow of bile. Possible problems with the stomach, kidneys, headache and mental illness. Diseases Capricorns have also often can be caused by hypothermia and stagnation, therefore they are recommended to dress warmly in a cool, slushy weather and need daily exercise. Capricorn not long tan their skin is aging rapidly under the influence of solar rays. As for the really active cosmetic effects, here will help yeast mask: the clear skin you want to apply this mixture: 30-40 g of fresh yeast, a few drops of olive oil and a few drops of honey. After 15 minutes, wash off the mask with cold water. In order to avoid deposition of calcium in organs and tissues of the body Capricorns need to constantly maintain the acid-alkaline balance. This will contribute drunk in the morning glass of water with 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of honey. But to prevent arthritis possible through frequent use of lemons. Warm baths, reasonable load, long walks in nature - the best tool for relaxation of Capricorn. Also useful are massage courses, in particular the lumbar spine, at least twice a year.


Trees Capricorn - spruce or pine, birch, chestnut and oak. Collected in the spring, young shoots of spruce or pine) are wonderful tonic remedy. In addition, useful for Capricorn will be decoctions and infusions of young bumps. These are used for the destruction of the body and skin rash. For rheumatism and skin diseases effectively baths, pine kidneys: 500 g of raw material to boil in 5 l of water. When lesions of the joints of the fingers rheumatism recommend fingering chestnuts, which need to constantly carry in your pocket. When bronchitise, cough and pneumonia effective decoction of pine tree on milk: 50 g of dry raw materials and pour 500 ml of milk, boil and cook for 20 minutes, then strain, take small SIPS. From pine needles containing large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin infusion is prepared. On day reception for one person take about 50 grams of whole needles of pine trees (spruce, fir) and small portions put them in boiling water, water must be five times more than the needles. Boil for 20 minutes (needles, taken in the spring, boil 40 min), drain. To improve the taste of the infusion can add a little vinegar and sugar. The resulting drink is a drink during the day. Gout and muscle pain 10 g pine buds, pour a glass of boiled water, wrap and infuse it for 2 hours, then drain. Take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day. The tendency to melancholy and depression Capricorn recommend the use of drugs from plants Chinese and Tibetan medicine - Chinese Magnolia vine, Eleutherococcus senticosus, ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, Manchurian aralia. In addition, Capricorns need to pay attention to such plants as cornflower (easy choleretic and diuretic), honeysuckle, Highlander (diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent), blackcurrants, oregano, lemon balm. Also useful extracts of the leaves of foxberry, elderberry flowers and Wellness teas from the sea-buckthorn berries and leaves of currant. When running eczema effective broth burdock root: 15 g root pour a glass of water, boil for 10 min; take 1 tablespoon 4 times a day before meals. For external treatment to take 4-5 tablespoons of chopped root in a bucket of water, boil, wait until cool. In warm broth wet sheet folded in four, twist and wrap it in 1,5-2 hours. To do such a procedure should once a day, better at night, during 6 days, then 1 day - break. Duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks.


People are-Capricorns are quite indifferent to delicacies. Their digestive problems is not due to excessive use of incompatible software, but rather, the diversity of the diet. Although the daily menu Capricorn should be enough protein, allowing the body to counter the tendency to reduce the temperature of the body and stimulate the production of antibodies, yet fatty meats they need to avoid. It is better to take protein from lean meat, yogurt, cheese, eggs and lentils. Chocolate and mayonnaise also undesirable in the diet of the representatives of this sign, especially if it is the birthday of them falls on the first decade (December 22-January 1). The main cellular salt Capricorn - calcium phosphate. At deficiency of this salt protein does not accumulate in the body and is eliminated via the kidneys. As a result - there are diseases of the kidneys, rheumatism, acid disorders, skin rashes, boils. The source of calcium phosphate are such productsas asparagus, lentils, beans, celery, almonds, cucumbers, barley, egg yolk, lean meats, strawberries, figs, raspberries, plums, oranges, lemons, dandelion leaves, corn, peas, nuts, potatoes, oats, rice, etc. Also calcium phosphate lot in cabbage: white, red, kohlrabi, Brussels. But if the cabbage be subjected to heat treatment: boiled, stewed, fried, and energy value of this substance is reduced. In addition, Capricorns must be administered in the diet of fish, cheese, a variety of fruits and vegetables (vegetables are best eaten raw). From fruits and berries the most useful - sweet cherry, cherry, strawberry, BlackBerry, plum. But sharp, spicy sauce, horseradish, mustard, ketchup Capricorns are not recommended. The type of physical Constitution Capricorn has in General a sluggish metabolism, contributing to the accumulation of salts. Therefore, nutrition strategy should be aimed at improving the digestion and absorption of nutrients entering the body with food. For those born under this sign shows separate power supply (not to mix proteins, fats and carbohydrates). Special attention should be paid calcium exchange, because the bone Capricorn primarily suffer from violations of the currency. Useful to use crushed egg shell - it contains all the elements necessary to supply the bone tissue in easily digestible form. To refresh your body and activate sluggish circulation, Capricorn will be useful to use before lunch a bit of red or white wine. Also People are-Capricorns should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, but it should be only boiled or mineral. In addition, useful Jasmine tea with honey.


At times it seems that kids Capricorns already were born grown so sensible of their actions. They seriously and systematically learn the surrounding world. Congenital the seriousness often prevents them to relax, makes them constantly tense. Therefore, the most important thing that parents must do, is to teach them to relax, laugh, to make them warm and cheerful atmosphere. Even very young Capricorns are already responsible and very conscientious, they differ quite a large force of will and purpose. Such a child is not going to act up at the table and spread mashed potatoes on the tablecloth, but if he is unwilling, nothing will be able to convince him. Quite often in babies-Capricorns are gastric diseases, and often they occur in the nervous system. Frequent accidents, especially need to be careful on the stairs. Also born under this sign should be concerned about the joints and knees. Therefore, parents need to explain to the kid that daily exercise is vital. Sometimes kids are-Capricorns are developing more slowly than other children, and that frightens parents. Should not this be focusing on. Capricorns are moving through life's small but systematic steps, sooner or later success. Never compare your child with other, don't say that someone better than him, and do not display before him the virtues and merits of his peers. In the best case, the child will upset hearing this, and at worst it may neurosis or an inferiority complex. Remember: your baby is hardworking, diligent and ambitious. Capricorns easier for other children used to school orders, caring about their reputation. Student-Capricorn usually diligent, though sometimes not everyone learns at once. It is important not to rush it. Capricorn childhood are very practical, he knows what he is capable of, and what is not, and never will jump over your head. Perseverance helps him not to proceed with the business when all other already retreated. Capricorn understands very well that the work is a virtue that will surely be rewarded. These children at an early age tend to earn money and not always opposed to find a possibility to collect money. There are two ways to spoil the relationship with the child-Capricorn: or to hint at his incompetence, or disrespectful behavior with him. Therefore, praise your child for his achievements - and he will try to achieve even more. But make sure that the baby did not take on too much, otherwise life will become just hopeless. Children need to play and entertainment. Criticism Capricorn perceives painful, but very constructive: I will try to consider all comments and corrected. In addition, these children are prone to pessimism, because all at once I see the negative. That they have such a form of self-defense: Capricorn think that, knowing all the danger, they will be able to avoid it. Help the child to get rid of such a pessimistic Outlook on life. Teach him not to lose heart at any unpleasant situations and always keep a sense of humor because laughter is the best "cure" all disorders.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.